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#include <rfb/rfb.h>
/* this is now the default */
typedef struct vncConsole {
/* width and height in cells (=characters) */
int width, height;
/* current position */
int x,y;
/* characters */
char *screenBuffer;
/* attributes: colours. If NULL, default to gray on black, else
for each cell an unsigned char holds foreColour|(backColour<<4) */
char *attributeBuffer;
/* if this is set, the screen doesn't scroll. */
rfbBool wrapBottomToTop;
/* height and width of one character */
int cWidth, cHeight;
/* offset of characters */
int xhot,yhot;
/* colour */
unsigned char foreColour,backColour;
int8_t cx1,cy1,cx2,cy2;
/* input buffer */
char *inputBuffer;
int inputCount;
int inputSize;
long selectTimeOut;
rfbBool doEcho; /* if reading input, do output directly? */
/* selection */
char *selection;
/* mouse */
rfbBool wasRightButtonDown;
rfbBool currentlyMarking;
int markStart,markEnd;
/* should text cursor be drawn? (an underscore at current position) */
rfbBool cursorActive;
rfbBool cursorIsDrawn;
rfbBool dontDrawCursor; /* for example, while scrolling */
rfbFontDataPtr font;
rfbScreenInfoPtr screen;
} vncConsole, *vncConsolePtr;
vncConsolePtr vcGetConsole(int *argc,char **argv,
int width,int height,rfbFontDataPtr font,
rfbBool withAttributes);
vncConsolePtr vcGetConsole(int argc,char **argv,
int width,int height,rfbFontDataPtr font);
void vcDrawCursor(vncConsolePtr c);
void vcHideCursor(vncConsolePtr c);
void vcCheckCoordinates(vncConsolePtr c);
void vcPutChar(vncConsolePtr c,unsigned char ch);
void vcPrint(vncConsolePtr c,unsigned char* str);
void vcPrintF(vncConsolePtr c,char* format,...);
void vcPutCharColour(vncConsolePtr c,unsigned char ch,
unsigned char foreColour,unsigned char backColour);
void vcPrintColour(vncConsolePtr c,unsigned char* str,
unsigned char foreColour,unsigned char backColour);
void vcPrintFColour(vncConsolePtr c,unsigned char foreColour,
unsigned char backColour,char* format,...);
char vcGetCh(vncConsolePtr c);
char vcGetChar(vncConsolePtr c); /* blocking */
char *vcGetString(vncConsolePtr c,char *buffer,int maxLen);
void vcKbdAddEventProc(rfbBool down,rfbKeySym keySym,rfbClientPtr cl);
void vcPtrAddEventProc(int buttonMask,int x,int y,rfbClientPtr cl);
void vcSetXCutTextProc(char* str,int len, struct _rfbClientRec* cl);
void vcToggleMarkCell(vncConsolePtr c,int pos);
void vcUnmark(vncConsolePtr c);
void vcProcessEvents(vncConsolePtr c);
/* before using this function, hide the cursor */
void vcScroll(vncConsolePtr c,int lineCount);