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2004-06-17 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: simple ~/.x11vncrc config file support, -rc, -norc
2004-06-12 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -clear_mods, -clear_keys, and -storepasswd,
* add RFB_SERVER_IP RFB_SERVER_PORT to -accept env.
2004-06-07 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* libvncserver/cursor.c, rfb/rfb.h: fix cursor trails
* */ stop automake nagging
* libvncclient/*, client_examples/*: streamline API, SDLvncviewer added
* examples/, libvncclient/, test/: moved tests to test/
2004-06-05 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: rearrange file for easier maintenance
* add RFB_CLIENT_COUNT to -accept and -gone commands
2004-05-27 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -viewpasswd, viewonly passwds.
* some typos in
* libvncserver: fix view-only plain passwd and view-only CutText
2004-05-25 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* moved the library into libvncserver/
* moved x11vnc into x11vnc/
2004-05-21 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -gone, -passwdfile, -o logfile; add view-only to -accept
2004-05-08 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: add -accept some-command/xmessage/popup
2004-05-05 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: mouse button -> keystrokes and keystroke -> mouse button
mappings in -buttonmap and -remap
* shm OS blacklist revert to -onetile
2004-04-28 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -auth, more -cursorpos and -nofb work
2004-04-19 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: -cursorpos, -sigpipe
2004-04-13 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc: do not send selection unless all clients
are in RFB_NORMAL state.
* increase rfbMaxClientWait when threaded to avoid
ReadExact() timeouts for some viewers.
2004-04-08 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc options -blackout, -xinerama, -xwarppointer
* modify to pick up -lXinerama
* extend -remap to take mapping list.
* check cargs result for unused args.
2004-03-22 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* fix cargs.c (hopefully for the last time):
arguments were not correctly purged
2004-03-15 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* fix libvncserver-config to again return a linker when
called with --link
2004-03-10 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc options -vncconnect, -connect, -remap,
-debug_pointer, and -debug_keyboard
* support reverse connections, vncconnect(1), etc.
* expt. with user supplied keysym remapping.
* debug output option for pointer and keyboard.
2004-02-29 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* fixed warning of valgrind for regiontest
2004-02-19 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc options -nosel -noprimary -visual.
* add clipboard/selection handling.
* add visual option (mostly for testing and workarounds).
* improve shm cleanup on failures.
2004-02-04 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* Make examples (at least a few) compileable with g++,
as pointed out by Juan Jose Costello
2004-01-30 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* Thanks to Paul Fox from Bright Star Engineering,
a few more memory leaks were fixed.
2004-01-29 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* Honour the check for libz and libjpeg again.
2004-01-21 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* do not send unneccessary updates when drawing a cursor
* ignore SIGPIPE; it is handled by EPIPE
* add an example how to use rfbDoCopyRect
* add experimental progressive updating (off by default)
2004-01-19 Karl Runge <>
* handle mouse button number mismatch
* improved pointer input handling during drags, etc.
* somewhat faster copy_tiles() -> copy_tiles()
* x11vnc options -buttonmap -old_pointer -old_copytile
2004-01-16 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* compile fix for cygwin
2004-01-09 Karl Runge <>
* x11vnc options -allow, -localhost, -nodragging, -input_skip
* minimize memory usage under -nofb
2003-12-08 Karl Runge <>
* add check for XKEYBOARD extension in
* support XBell events (disable: "-nobell"), "-nofb" in x11vnc
2003-11-07 Karl Runge <>
* support "-inetd", "-noshm", "-flipbyteorder" in x11vnc
2003-10-26 Johannes E. Schindelin <>
* released Version 0.6
2003-09-11 Mark McLoughlin <>
*, */, aclocal.m4,,, configure,
depcomp, install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs,
Removed auto-generated files from CVS.
2003-09-11 Mark McLoughlin <>
* rdr/Exception.h, rdr/FdInStream.cxx, rdr/FdInStream.h,
rdr/FdOutStream.cxx, rdr/FdOutStream.h, rdr/FixedMemOutStream.h,
rdr/InStream.cxx, rdr/InStream.h, rdr/MemInStream.h,
rdr/MemOutStream.h, rdr/NullOutStream.cxx, rdr/NullOutStream.h,
rdr/OutStream.h, rdr/ZlibInStream.cxx, rdr/ZlibInStream.h,
rdr/ZlibOutStream.cxx, rdr/ZlibOutStream.h, rdr/types.h,
zrle.cxx, zrleDecode.h, zrleEncode.h: remove original
C++ ZRLE implementation. Its been ported to C.
* NEWS: copy the existing ChangeLog to here and make
this a more detailed ChangeLog.