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noVNC is Copyright (C) 2011 Joel Martin <>
Some portions of noVNC are copyright to their individual authors.
Please refer to the individual source files and/or to the noVNC commit
noVNC is licensed under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
version 3 with the following exceptions (all LGPL-3 compatible):
include/input.js : LGPL-2 or any later version
include/base64.js : Dual GPL-2 or LGPL-2.1
include/des.js : Various BSD style licenses
include/jsunzip.js : zlib/libpng license
include/web-socket-js/ : New BSD license. Source code at
include/Orbitron* : SIL Open Font License 1.1
(Copyright 2009 Matt McInerney)
images/ : Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
The license texts are included at:
docs/LICENSE.LGPL-3 and
Or alternatively the license texts may be found here: and