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<!DOCTYPE html>
noVNC Example: Automatically connect on page load.
Copyright (C) 2011 Joel Martin
Licensed under LGPL-3 (see LICENSE.txt)
Connect parameters are provided in query string:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="include/base.css" title="plain">
<script type='text/javascript'
<script src="include/vnc.js"></script>
<body style="margin: 0px;">
<div id="noVNC_screen">
<div id="noVNC_status_bar" class="noVNC_status_bar" style="margin-top: 0px;">
<table border=0 width="100%"><tr>
<td><div id="noVNC_status">Loading</div></td>
<td width="1%"><div id="noVNC_buttons">
<input type=button value="Send CtrlAltDel"
<canvas id="noVNC_canvas" width="640px" height="20px">
Canvas not supported.
/*jslint white: false */
/*global window, $, Util, RFB, */
"use strict";
var rfb;
function passwordRequired(rfb) {
var msg;
msg = '<form onsubmit="return setPassword();"';
msg += ' style="margin-bottom: 0px">';
msg += 'Password Required: ';
msg += '<input type=password size=10 id="password_input" class="noVNC_status">';
msg += '<\/form>';
$D('noVNC_status_bar').setAttribute("class", "noVNC_status_warn");
$D('noVNC_status').innerHTML = msg;
function setPassword() {
return false;
function sendCtrlAltDel() {
return false;
function updateState(rfb, state, oldstate, msg) {
var s, sb, cad, level;
s = $D('noVNC_status');
sb = $D('noVNC_status_bar');
cad = $D('sendCtrlAltDelButton');
switch (state) {
case 'failed': level = "error"; break;
case 'fatal': level = "error"; break;
case 'normal': level = "normal"; break;
case 'disconnected': level = "normal"; break;
case 'loaded': level = "normal"; break;
default: level = "warn"; break;
if (state === "normal") { cad.disabled = false; }
else { cad.disabled = true; }
if (typeof(msg) !== 'undefined') {
sb.setAttribute("class", "noVNC_status_" + level);
s.innerHTML = msg;
window.onload = function () {
var host, port, password, path, token;
$D('sendCtrlAltDelButton').style.display = "inline";
$D('sendCtrlAltDelButton').onclick = sendCtrlAltDel;
document.title = unescape(WebUtil.getQueryVar('title', 'noVNC'));
// By default, use the host and port of server that served this file
host = WebUtil.getQueryVar('host', window.location.hostname);
port = WebUtil.getQueryVar('port', window.location.port);
// If a token variable is passed in, set the parameter in a cookie.
// This is used by nova-novncproxy.
token = WebUtil.getQueryVar('token', null);
if (token) {
WebUtil.createCookie('token', token, 1)
password = WebUtil.getQueryVar('password', '');
path = WebUtil.getQueryVar('path', 'websockify');
if ((!host) || (!port)) {
"Must specify host and port in URL");
rfb = new RFB({'target': $D('noVNC_canvas'),
'encrypt': WebUtil.getQueryVar('encrypt',
(window.location.protocol === "https:")),
'true_color': WebUtil.getQueryVar('true_color', true),
'local_cursor': WebUtil.getQueryVar('cursor', true),
'shared': WebUtil.getQueryVar('shared', true),
'view_only': WebUtil.getQueryVar('view_only', false),
'updateState': updateState,
'onPasswordRequired': passwordRequired});
rfb.connect(host, port, password, path);