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Slávek Banko f3f392caec
Merge tag 'LibVNCServer-0.9.12'
4 years ago
default8x16.h rfb: add header guard for default8x16 4 years ago
keysym.h Fix some typos (found by codespell) 8 years ago
rfb.h Merge tag 'LibVNCServer-0.9.12' 4 years ago
rfbclient.h Merge tag 'LibVNCServer-0.9.12' 4 years ago
rfbconfig.h.cmakein Allow to use global LZO library instead of miniLZO 4 years ago
rfbproto.h Merge tag 'LibVNCServer-0.9.12' 4 years ago
rfbregion.h Set proper file permissions for source files. 12 years ago