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2004/08/25 16:44:00 jim
Released 3.11.3; added post-processing for WId args
in KWinModule signals; fixed enum in tdehtml_part (for
KDE >= 3.3); updated version numbers
2004/08/16 17:57:00 jim
Updated to KDE3.3.0beta2; minor fixes for earlier
KDE versions using sip4; fixed KUniqueApplication
(was missing); added tdeutils module (tdespell2 missing
from beta2); docs; removed event %ConvertToSubClassCode
from tdeparts - was causing problems; other fixes;
snapshot released
2003/11/22 12:19:00 jim
Fixed -c switch (was always True); install
pythonize.h in Python incl dir
2003/11/20 21:11:00 jim
Fixed -v, -i switches; fixed -L
2003/10/13 14:32:00 jim
added version methods for KDE, PyKDE; revised
all docs; added class ref docs and viewer;
revised; bug fixes; libpythonize
threading fixed (can now have kicker reload
multiple applets)
2003/9/4 13:05:00 jim
PyKDE-3.8-rc; finished up pykpanelapplet fix
from yesterday; removed qxembed from tdeui-kde*.sip
2003/9/3 23:20:00 jim
No release; removed circular ref between
libpykpanelapplet and libtdeuicmodule; adjusted
kpanelapplet.sip, pykpanelapplet.h and
to implement; moved nullGUIItem to top of
tdemessagebox.sip; considering removing qxembed.sip
2003/9/1 10:52:00 jim
No release; Revised handling of global.sip and
kzip.sip for Python 2.3 in
2003/8/31 18:37:00 jim
No release; Revised generation of rm's in
pytdepanelapplet Makefile install target to use wild
cards instead of one per lib link; finished applet
installer handling of existing .desktop files;
improved installer validation; updated docs.
2003/8/30 23:05:00 jim
PyKDE-3.8rc1; finished panel applet support and
installer; revised docs;
2003/8/25 11:33:00 jim
No release; %ConvertToSubClassCode for
KParts::Event subclasses
2003/8/24 11:32:00 jim
No release. added pythonize, pykpanelapplet
libs to enable panel applets; revised
for same; lowered version on KService copy ctor
to 3.1.0 for Mdk 9.1 compatibility
2003/8/20 23:52:00 jim
No release. cleaned up operator addition (no
docs for those yet); add ConvertToSubClassCode
for all TQObject subclasses; deleted obsolete
2003/8/14 11:17:00 jim
No release; added -u switch to allow disable of
strict version checking (sip and PyTQt snapshot
version names may be out of sync)
2003/8/13 15:07:00 jim
PyKDE-3.8-4 bug fixes (also -2 and -3); new
(no root, SMP, version checks) now builds with
KDE3.1.3 and/or TQt3.2.0; hack for Python 2.3
2003/8/6 15:23:00 jim
PyKDE-3.7-1 changes for sip 3.6/3.7 compatibility;
drop KDE2 support; upgrade through KDE 3.1.3;
revised - -ltqt-mt and -c defaults. added -c-
2003/4/8 22:12:00 jim
PyKDE-3.5-2 bug fixes to (PYTQT_VERSION
converted to string, kdeDir fixed); TQList instances
versioned out/replaced by TQPtrList for KDE >= 3.0.0;
changed 'python' invocation to 'sys.executable' in
examples and postproc calls; changed
error msg to point to PyKDE list instead of Phil
2003/3/27 12:34:00 jim
PyKDE-3.5-1 Upgrade through KDE 3.1.1, removed and README.pyuic; complete rebuild
using new version of presip; changed license to
2002/8/21 11:03:00 jim
PyKDE-3.3.2-3: Upgrade to KDE 3.0.3; added and README.pyuic
2002/8/10 09:33:00 jim
PyKDE-3.3.2-2: fix TQt versioning change
2002/8/9 13:00:00 jim
PyKDE-3.3.2-1: handle TQt versioning change in
TQt 3.0.5 (; add '-I usr/X11R6/include'
in sip/kde30.tdecore.sip
2002/8/8 13:10:00 jim
Cleaned up top-level sip files for all versions;
fixed bug with TDEIconThemeDir (never released);
cleaned up docs (released as 3.3.2)
2002/7/22 13:29:00 jim
(PyKDE-3.3.2 pre release)
Added -z option to; fixed missing
'/TransferThis/' in all TDEListViewItem ctors;
(not released)
2002/7/19 10:07:00 jim
PyKDE-3.3.2 pre release: fixed KLineEditDlg bug; fixed
TQValueList bug in MappedTypes (sipMapNewToSelf);
ugraded to sip/PyTQt3.3.2; build system switched
to PyTQt system (t/qmake, concat cpp);sip-in files
revised, changed to '.sip' in sip/kde* directories;
added %PrePythonCode for lib loading as req'd (not
2002/5/15 22:51:00 jim
PyKDE-3.2.4: namechange back to PyKDE; versioning
to KDE3.0.0; dropped KDE3.0beta2 support; upgraded
to sip 3.2.4;build system completely revised;docs
revised; kapp variable dropped from tdecore; other
fixes for gcc2.96 compatiblility
2002/3/11 11:01:00 jim
3.0beta1: versioning to KDE3.0beta2; mapped types
for TDESharedPtr descendants; KParts modified - now
works; TDETrader added; support for long long added;
created PyKDE2generic and revised build system;
new examples; removed inaccessible member classes;
added tdesu (all), tdeprint (>= 2.2.0), tdefx (3.0);
code cleanup for mapped types, member code, added
virtual code; general cleanup
2002/2/13 09:15:00 jim
3.0alpha6: versioning to KDE2.2.2; repaired SLOT
assignment code in KStdAction, TDEAction,K*Action,
TDEAccelMenu, TDEToolBar, and TDEGlobalAccel with
2002/2/11 13:50:00 jim
3.0alpha5: versioning to KDE2.2.1; fixed bug in
TDECmdLineArgs.init1 (Henrik Motakef) Modified
examples/ so TDEAboutData is used instead
of TDEMainWindow.helpMenu (3.0alpha5 was not
2002/2/7 14:25:00 jim
3.0alpha4: changed postproc to run from $PYTHONINTERP from
configure; removed unnecessary links to libdcop (from
tdebindings) -- only libDCOP is req'd (bug reports from
Henrik Motakef)
2001/11/25 13:19:00 jim
3.0alpha3:versioning to KDE2.2.0 (new classes/methods);
dropped TDESocket::initSockaddr (deprecated); KURLComboItem
to struct (no longer mapped type);
2001/11/19 22:12:00 jim
3.0alpha2:Added tdeparts, tdehtml, kjs, tdespell; converted some
structs from mapped types to classes; revised all docs; revised
autoconf to look for top level KDE include dir; added some
missing classes and methods;bugs fixed;versioning to KDE2.1.2
(minor changes); added add'l doc text;ready for release
Initial release