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2009/06/16 9:31:54 phil
Released as v3.18.1.
2009/06/10 14:35:18 phil
Fixed the handwritten code for all TQDomDocument.setContent() overloads which
was using deprecated (and now removed) sipBuildResult() format characters.
2009/06/09 15:39:16 phil
Fixed a build problem that affected Python v2.5 and earlier.
2009/06/05 9:39:03 phil
Released as v3.18.
2009/06/03 10:07:29 phil
Removed some compiler warning messages.
2009/03/23 15:57:05 phil
Reverted the changes that removed the use of sipSelfWasArg in handwritten code.
2009/03/09 21:54:34 phil
Tweaked so that Python3 can run just enough of it to display an
error message.
2009/03/04 12:20:03 phil
Fixed a regression in emitting Python signals to TQt signals.
2009/02/25 21:42:47 phil
Handwritten code changes for the removal of the sipProtectVirt_*() methods.
2009/02/15 11:17:21 phil
Fixed a build problem with the GPL version.
2009/02/14 16:59:38 phil
Refactored the signla/slot support.
2009/02/14 14:35:40 phil
Safety checking of latest signal/slot refactoring.
2009/02/13 19:27:31 phil
Safety commit of the PyTQt3-specific meta-type and super-type (just stubs at the
2009/02/13 17:03:47 phil
Use the %Plugin directive to enable PyTQt3 signal support.
2009/02/02 10:54:57 phil
More changes to the TQObject.sender() support.
2009/02/01 17:09:17 phil
Updated the TQObject::sender() support in response to sip changes.
2009/01/29 18:22:48 phil
Moved the last of the type parsing from sip.
2009/01/28 22:55:51 phil
The type parsing now uses sipResolveTypedef().
2009/01/28 12:44:28 phil
Added the type parsing support from the sip module as PyTQt4 no longer uses it.
2009/01/18 17:56:59 phil
Replaced sipFindConnection() with sipFindSlot().
2009/01/13 22:22:26 phil
Replaced sipFreeConnection() with sipFreeSipslot().
2009/01/12 22:42:00 phil
Changes required by recent changes to the TQt support API.
2008/12/17 17:24:12 phil
Compatibility changes needed for SIP v4.8.
2008/12/17 16:30:55 phil
Merged the v3.17 maintenance branch into the trunk.
2008/11/24 22:31:33 phil
Made some char* in handwritten code const needed by SIP v4.8.
2008/11/17 14:01:59 phil
Released as v3.17.6.
2008/11/13 17:04:33 phil
Fixed a compilation bug in the TQMemArray handwritten type convertor code that
affects MSVC .NET.
2008/11/08 11:52:26 phil
Released as v3.17.5.
2008/11/01 19:22:31 phil
Updated the NEWS file.
2008/10/14 10:53:17 phil
Added the /Constrained/ enum annotations required by the latest SIP.
2008/10/11 13:58:59 phil
Updated to eliminate deprecation messages from Python v2.6.
2008/07/25 22:12:44 phil
Added support for TQRegion.rects() from a patch by Hans-Peter Jansen.
2008/06/28 19:09:35 phil
Added the missing TQWidget.stackUnder() slot.
2007/12/06 14:27:50 phil
Operator related changes needed for SIP v4.7.2 and later.
Released as v3.17.4.
2007/07/30 16:51:02 phil
Released as v3.17.3.
2007/07/01 16:08:55 phil
Acquire the GIL before freeing a signal/slot connection.
2007/06/13 17:33:55 phil
Removed #includes of SIP generated files that, strictly speaking, were internal
and no longer generated.
2007/06/05 9:37:59 phil
Fix for an overflow bug in TQImage from Ulli.
2007/05/14 15:00:02 phil
Updated example from Pete Jansen.
2007/04/25 12:28:47 phil
Updated the NEWS file.
2007/04/25 12:25:19 phil
Released as v3.17.2.
2007/04/21 14:13:36 phil
Backed out the recent change to remove the /ReleaseGIL/ from
TQApplication.postEvent() as it turns out it avoids a potential deadlock.
2007/04/10 16:13:51 phil
Released as v3.17.1.
2007/04/02 15:27:03 phil
Updated the NEWS file.
SIP v4.6 is now required.
The TQLayoutItem sub-class code no longer handles TQLayout and leaves it to the
TQObject sub-class code to deal with.
2007/02/20 10:58:40 phil
Removed the unneeded /ReleaseGIL/ from TQApplication::postEvent().
Removed the GIL manipulation in TQCustomEvent (in particular in the traverse
2007/01/27 16:02:18 phil
Removed knowledge of the optional parts of the TQt support API so that it is no
longer necessary to update PyTQt when new optional parts are added.
2007/01/27 15:37:47 phil
Updated the TQt support API for the latest SIP.
2007/01/21 16:29:15 phil
Implemented sipTQtFindConnection() so that lambda slots can be handled by the
cyclic garbage collector.
2007/01/17 16:58:32 phil
Updated the copyright notices.
2006/11/30 20:58:48 phil
Fixed bug in TQApplication ctor handwritten code that caused a crash if a
TQApplication was created a second time with no arguments.
2006/11/04 22:08:33 phil
Released as v3.17.
2006/10/27 17:13:44 phil
Updated the news file.
2006/10/21 14:10:23 phil
Switched the internal build system to TQt v3.3.7.
2006/10/06 17:44:27 phil
Synched with the latest TQScintilla1 API.
2006/09/09 17:59:52 phil
Added QextScintilla.setFont().
The internal build system now uses -j2.
2006/09/02 13:35:03 phil
Removed the use of -c in the internal build systems invocation of
as it causes problems for GCC v4.
2006/08/17 9:36:39 phil
Added the missing TQListView.setSelectionAnchor().
2006/07/30 17:16:35 phil
Updated for the latest TQScintilla v1 snapshot.
2006/07/19 23:30:28 phil
Some tweaks for Windows64 support based on patches from Gerard.
2006/07/16 12:38:36 phil
Adapted the handwritten code for Python v2.5.
2006/07/08 19:25:44 phil
Added QextScintilla.isCallTipActive().
2006/07/03 19:40:22 phil
Added pyqt_config_args to
Fixed TQTextEdit.setAutoFormatting().
2006/07/02 14:28:05 phil
Added setWrapVisualFlags(), WrapMode::WrapCharacter, WrapVisualFlag to
2006/07/01 18:57:30 phil
Added cancelList(), firstVisibleLine(), isListActive(), showUserList(),
textHeight() and userListActivated() to QextScintilla.
2006/06/28 22:12:57 phil
QextScintilla.foldAll() can now optionally fold all child fold points.
Added autoCompleteFromAll() and setAutoCompletionStartCharacters() to
Added AcsAll as an auto-completion source.
2006/06/25 21:52:03 phil
Added defaultColor() and setDefaultColor() to QextScintillaLexer.
Added color() and setColor() to QextScintilla.
Renamed eraseColor() and setEraseColor() to paper() and setPaper() in
2006/06/25 16:21:32 phil
Added defaultPaper() and setDefaultPaper() to QextScintillaLexer.
Added eraseColor() and setEraseColor() to QextScintilla.
2006/06/22 19:29:38 phil
The mkfeatures helper is now always built without debugging. now states that the -u flag on Windows needs a debug version of
2006/06/20 15:57:55 phil
Latest TQScintilla updates.
2006/06/19 21:00:47 phil
Synced with the latest TQScintilla snapshot - including the significantly
changed Ruby lexer.
2006/06/19 15:55:42 phil
Solaris warnings fixes from Ulli.
2006/06/18 23:51:34 phil
Sync with the latest TQScintilla changes: highlighted identifiers and decorators
in the Python lexer.
2006/06/18 16:40:31 phil
Updated for the latest TQScintilla snapshot.
2006/05/17 8:39:39 phil
Removed some inaccessable methods from TQCString.
2006/05/11 19:04:27 phil
Another fix for TQt v3.1 in qnamespace.sip.
2006/04/28 20:47:46 phil
Replaced long long with PY_LONG_LONG for MSVC 6.
2006/04/07 23:29:54 phil
Tidy ups to the internal build system.
2006/04/06 12:26:09 phil
Fixed TQt::MacintoshVersion for TQt v3.0.x and v3.1.x.
2006/04/05 12:11:43 phil
Removed all functions that were hidden by overloads with the same Python
signature (ie. both of them).
2006/03/30 8:09:58 phil
Added TQStringList::operator+=(const TQString &).
2006/03/29 11:38:21 phil
Added the missing TQImage.bitBlt() function.
2006/03/24 23:54:13 phil
Released as v3.16.
2006/03/23 21:34:09 phil
Added a missing /Transfer/ from TQGLWidget().
2006/03/20 21:00:58 phil
Removed the "Filter" functions from the documentation.
2006/03/20 20:59:23 phil
Removed the "Filter" versions of the TQFileDialog static methods as they aren't
necessary after all (just not obvious how to use them properly).
2006/03/14 22:45:09 phil
pyuic now specifies the Latin1 encoding when the -embed flag is used.
2006/03/13 11:55:09 phil
Build system changes so that PyTQt builds on MacOS properly.
2006/03/11 19:16:56 phil
Removed some leftovers from when PyTQt3 and 4 shared a single PyTQt3
no longer searches PATH for the TQt bin directory.
2006/03/11 15:15:15 phil
Fixed build problem with TQt v1.x.
2006/03/10 22:37:30 phil
Updates for TQt v3.3.6.
2006/03/04 16:06:40 phil
Documentation updates.
Applied the same transfer rule to TQPopupMenu.exec() as is applied to
Added getOpenFileNameFilter(), getSaveFileNameFilter() and
getOpenFileNamesFilter() to TQFileDialog that return a tuple of the selected
files and the current filter.
2006/02/26 13:56:28 phil
Added support for signed char to the TQt API.
2006/02/21 15:22:08 phil
Changed the signal/slot handling so that unsigned int and unsigned short are
implemented as long objects rather than integer objects.
2006/02/19 16:43:48 phil
Updates to the internal TQt API.
2006/02/18 21:05:56 phil
Added new stubs in the TQt support API (not used by PyTQt3).
2006/02/14 19:16:05 phil
The destroyed() signal can now be received by a Python slot.
2006/02/13 20:02:22 phil
Fixed a typo in
2006/02/13 0:24:55 phil
Updated the handwritten code to use the current SIP API.
2006/02/12 1:14:11 phil
Removed all calls sipForceConvertTo*().
Removed all uses of newly deprecated calls.
2006/01/26 16:40:38 phil
Changed the signal/slot support required by the latest SIP changes.
2006/01/16 18:58:26 phil
2006/01/10 19:13:07 phil
Fixed a typo in the last change.
2006/01/10 18:20:02 phil
Fixed the sipForceConvertToTransfer_*() calls.
2005/12/30 14:30:08 phil
More changes to handwritten code that should be handling sipSelfWasArg.
2005/12/28 19:35:10 phil
Updated all handwritten convertor code for the latest SIP changes.
2005/12/24 17:02:31 phil
Changes required by the introduction of sipSelfWasArg in the SIP snapshot.
2005/12/22 16:22:48 phil
Really fixed the TQApplication argc bug this time.
2005/12/19 17:43:42 phil
Changes to the build system for the latest SIP snapshot.
2005/12/18 11:00:06 phil
Stripped the TQt4 specific stuff from
2005/12/18 10:06:25 phil
Updated the internal build system not to include the .svn directory in
2005/12/17 19:43:36 phil
Changes to the internal build system for the CVS to SVN transfer.
2005/12/07 00:54:04 phil
Added a missing #include from qstring.sip in PyTQt3.
2005/12/04 18:41:31 phil
Fixed the handling of horizontal and vertical stretch in TQSizePolicy.
2005/11/29 13:06:37 phil
Fixed a long standing bug with TQApplication ctors that only showed itself with
2005/11/24 17:45:09 phil
Added the missing /ReleaseGIL/ to TQThread.exit().
2005/11/24 17:22:31 phil
Changes required for the modified mapped type template syntax.
2005/11/20 18:41:02 phil
The HTML documentation is now maintained manually rather than being
2005/11/17 18:24:48 phil
Fixed bug in pyuic related to TQKeySequence.
2005/11/12 10:29:13 phil
Added the missing ctor to TQApplication.
2005/11/10 21:10:46 phil
Removed the /TransferThis/ annotations from the TQTableItem (and sub-classes)
ctors. The TQt documentation is wrong.
2005/11/09 18:00:47 phil
Fixed the GIL bug in qInstallMsgHandler().
2005/11/01 22:08:32 phil
Implemented the PyTQt3 changes for the new TQt support API.
2005/10/26 14:34:57 phil
Modified the TQString buffer interface to be reentrant and to try and use the
default Python codec.
2005/10/23 16:02:47 phil
TQObject.sender() now supports Python signals.
2005/10/22 22:38:54 phil
Implemented the buffer interface for TQString.
2005/10/19 13:38:24 phil
Improved the fix to TQClipboard.setData().
2005/10/16 16:09:29 phil
Used mapped type templates in PyTQt3 where possible.
2005/10/13 18:52:02 phil
Fixed the handling of TQClipboard.setMimeType() and a related memory leak.
2005/10/12 21:11:15 phil
Fixed bug in when the TQt bin directory isn't on the path.
Fixed compilation problem with TQAxBase handwritten code and MinGW.
Added the * and *= operators to TQString.
Removed some TQString methods that were passing or returning arrays.
2005/10/11 21:13:48 phil
Added /Numeric/ to the TQString + operator. The improved behaviour (being able
to write s = "foo" + TQString("bar")) should now work in both PyTQt3 and 4.
2005/10/07 18:15:37 phil
Changed the PyTQt3 TQString behaviour with long and ulong to match PyTQt4.
2005/09/22 20:18:39 phil
Updated the build system now that all TQt specific configuration data has been
removed from sipconfig.
2005/09/10 21:33:59 phil
Fixed bug in when reporting an incorrect SIP version.
2005/09/08 20:16:33 phil
Updated the universal slot support to fit with the latest SIP snapshot.
Changed the way universal slots are implemented so they get destroyed when the
corresponding transmitter gets destroyed.
2005/09/07 20:53:52 phil
Removed support for SIP v3 in
Minor pyuic fix taken from uic v3.3.5.
Added the missing MacintoshVersion enum.
Added the -f flag to configure to use any existing features file (by default it
is recreated).
2005/09/06 20:33:43 phil
Removed support for SIP v3 from
Added the new TQt support code taken out of SIP.
2005/08/30 17:31:05 phil
Released as v3.15.
2005/08/17 22:30:17 phil
Replaced all the (now deprecated) sipTransfer() calls in handwritten code.
2005/08/10 22:10:29 phil
Synced with the latest TQScintilla.
Updated the documentation.
2005/07/26 11:08:23 phil
Synced with the current TQScintilla.
2005/07/25 18:24:29 phil
Added the sipTransfer() to TQDialog.exec_loop().
2005/07/24 20:16:51 phil
Synced with the latest TQScintilla.
Added the registerWeakActiveObject() and revokeActiveObject() utility
functions to TQAxBase.
2005/07/10 09:46:49 phil
Added %ConvertSubClassCode to TQLayoutItem.
2005/07/09 17:55:30 phil
Sync'ed with the latest TQScintilla changes.
2005/07/06 18:20:26 phil
Fixed the bug in TQObject's type conversion graph.
Added the QextScintillaLexerPOV class.
Fixed so that it properly enables support for the latest
2005/07/05 21:04:26 phil
Added the extra flag to QextScintilla.findFirst().
2005/07/04 19:17:38 phil
Synced with the latest version of TQScintilla.
2005/07/03 16:58:21 phil
Added support for TQAxBase now that SIP has better support for abstract
2005/06/30 15:38:41 phil
Reimplemented all the %ConvertToSubClassCode for TQObjects so that it returns
the most specific type that it can, even if it doesn't recognise the exact
2005/06/19 13:49:51 phil
Hopefully fixed TQImage() for colours with unsigned 32 bit values.
2005/06/10 16:45:00 phil
Fixed the return value of TQMenuData.insertSeparator().
2005/05/20 17:25:45 phil
Fixed a problem where the readBlock() and readLine() methods of TQIODevice were
wrongly expecting a tuple result from a Python reimplementation.
2005/05/04 18:41:49 phil
Fixed pyuic bug where a required TQIconSet ctor wasn't being generated.
2005/04/17 09:04:01 phil
Documented the limitations with super.
Fixed the example bugs tiggered by SIP doing some more rigourous
2005/04/15 13:31:55 phil
Added missing Py_DECREF() from TQObject.queryList() %MethodCode.
2005/04/14 18:17:58 phil
Implemented the TQString '+' operator.
2005/04/09 15:35:48 phil
When None is passed as a TQString (or TQByteArray or TQCString) then it is now
converted to NULL rather than a null TQString.
2005/04/04 15:59:27 phil
Fixed a problem with the internal build system caused by the new SIP garbage
collector directives.
2005/04/02 23:10:46 phil
Fixed the TQCustomEvent %GCClear code.
2005/04/02 22:28:50 phil
Added the new %GCTraverseCode and %GCClearCode to TQCustomEvent.
Now requires SIP v4.3.
2005/04/02 09:53:27 phil
Replaced the new /NoConvertor/ annotation with /Constrained/.
2005/03/25 20:18:32 phil
Accel and AccelOverride should now result in TQKeyEvent instances rather than
TQEvent instances.
Added missing private dtors.
2005/03/25 14:24:45 phil
Fixed bug in when reporting incorrect SIP versions.
2005/03/11 19:18:46 phil
Fixed qInstallMsgHandler() for SIP v3.
2005/03/10 18:55:52 phil
Fixed TQPixmapCache.insert().
2005/03/06 10:09:06 phil
Released as v3.14.1.
2005/02/26 11:22:18 phil
Fixed problem with relative path arguments to
2005/02/25 17:46:51 phil
Added the missing /ReleaseGIL/ annotations from the static TQFileDialog methods.
Fixed TQObject.queryList() (for SIP v4 only).
2005/02/19 15:23:42 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerLua class.
Released as 3.14.
2005/02/18 19:01:46 phil
Fixed the example so that it drags local filenames properly and the
folderSelected() signal works the same way as the C++ version.
Added the example from Hans-Peter Jansen.
Updated the TQAxObject and TQAxWidget documentation.
Added qInstallMsgHandler().
Added the missing classes from the qtext subclass convertor code.
2005/02/13 10:47:50 phil
Updated the documentation on TQFilePreview.
Fixed a bug in pyuic related to TQDataBrowser.del().
2005/02/11 22:54:02 phil
Updated the NEWS file and the documentation.
2005/02/11 17:19:19 phil
Fixed broken TQObject.inherits() and TQObject.isA() (for SIP v4 only).
Changes in version numbers for TQt v2.3.10.
Removed the "Extracting ..." message from pyuic as it isn't always true.
2005/02/06 14:39:57 phil
Release the GIL on calling TQApplication.enter_loop().
2005/01/29 10:15:48 phil
Synced pyuic with TQt v3.3.4.
2005/01/22 18:13:35 phil
PyTQt now requires SIP v4.2 or later.
2005/01/22 11:54:13 phil
Fixed bug in pyuic where it wasn't importing TQDataView when it should.
2005/01/21 17:29:52 phil
Added a missing /Transfer/ from TQScrollView.setCornerWidget().
Synced with the current TQScintilla snapshot.
2005/01/17 13:04:46 phil
Fixed a bug in the internal build system.
2005/01/16 13:06:16 phil
Fixed bugs related to most implementations of readBlock() and readLine().
2005/01/14 23:30:27 phil
Removed the out of date README.Linux file.
2005/01/14 17:36:52 phil
Backed out the changes to TQListBox now that SIP (again) has strict enum
Fixed enum related bugs in the example.
Updated the copyright notices.
Added support for Ulli's VendorID package.
Updated the documentation on application deployment.
Added support for debug builds to the internal build system.
2005/01/09 14:02:11 phil
Fixed TQListBox so that setRowMode() and setColumnMode() work properly with the
newly relaxed enum type checking in SIP 4.
2004/12/29 18:54:44 phil
Added missing const to TQDataTable.setDateFormat().
2004/12/26 12:32:59 phil
Added support for the QextScintillaLexerRuby class.
2004/12/24 17:54:25 phil
Removed the -g flag from the help as the corresponding sip flag is
now deprecated.
Hopefully fixed conversions from Python unicode objects to TQStrings where
Python uses longs to represent a character.
Allow for spaces in the path to the SIP binary.
2004/12/23 22:44:18 phil
Updated the documentation regarding application deployment.
2004/12/19 19:29:04 phil
Added the option to build static modules to the internal build system.
2004/12/10 19:03:18 phil
Fixed a pyuic bug triggered by the new enum handling in SIP v4.2.
2004/12/10 18:07:52 phil
Fixed debug builds on Windows.
2004/12/05 14:53:42 phil
Fixed pyuic bug (introduced in 3.13) that broke support for TQAxWidget based
2004/12/03 19:00:06 phil
Added a missing /TransferThis/ to TQSyntaxHighlighter.
2004/10/31 16:33:07 phil
Sync'd to the current TQScintilla snapshot.
2004/10/17 19:27:08 phil
Minor change to the documentation.
2004/10/02 11:51:27 phil
A couple of bug fixes for the example.
2004/10/01 23:09:30 phil
Changed the SIP tag of the educational version.
Added the webbrowser example to the distribution.
Minor fix for the webbrowser example.
2004/09/21 14:17:09 phil
Fixed a bug in pyuic2.
Released as v3.13.
2004/09/21 11:14:48 phil
Updated the NEWS file.
2004/09/15 12:40:09 phil
Added the TQMetaObject and TQMetaProperty classes.
Added the TQObject.metaObject() method.
2004/09/12 11:41:49 phil
Added support for the QextScintillaLexerBash class.
2004/09/10 22:38:09 phil
Removed redundant implementations of TQSqlRecord.field().
Replaced whrandom with random in all examples.
2004/08/25 15:29:20 phil
Added explicit support for TQScintilla to pyuic.
2004/08/22 15:51:05 phil
Added support for what will become TQScintilla v1.4.
2004/08/20 11:07:56 phil
Brought the documentation up to date.
Added support for TQUuid.
2004/08/19 10:32:31 phil
Pushed out support of TQAxObject to SIP v4.2.
Added /ReleaseGIL/ to any TQApplication and TQThread method that might cause
events to be dispatched.
2004/08/15 23:34:28 phil
Updated pyuic from TQt 3.3.3.
pyuic now never uses the SLOT() macro in case the connection is to a method of
a Python custom widget.
2004/08/04 18:05:25 phil
Added the comparison operators between TQChar and TQChar and char.
2004/08/04 14:06:41 phil
Implemented all the TQDataStream << and >> operators for classes.
2004/08/03 22:19:59 phil
Build system fix for when TQWindowsXPStyle is a plugin.
2004/07/19 18:41:53 phil
Fixed a bug in the example.
2004/07/08 08:40:54 phil
Minor internal changes.
2004/06/27 08:43:19 phil
Added a missing /TransferThis/ from one of the TQPushButton ctors.
2004/05/26 22:15:40 phil
Added another missing /ReleaseGIL/ to TQApplication.
2004/05/25 17:05:27 phil
Fixed bug in TQArray for old versions of TQt.
Fixed TQAssistantClient bug in for old versions of TQt.
Fixed TQSocket bug for old versions of TQt.
Released as v3.12.
2004/05/25 13:55:07 phil
Added missing /ReleaseGIL/ to TQThread.
2004/05/25 11:26:37 phil
Internal build system changes.
2004/05/18 18:33:03 phil
Added the example (which will have to wait until SIP v4.1 before
it works).
Added missing /ReleaseGIL/ to TQWaitCondition, TQMutex and TQMutexLocker.
2004/05/15 14:18:24 phil
Fixed bug that accidentally disabled the qtsql module for the free edition.
Disabled the qtaxcontainer module until SIP v4.1.
2004/05/09 11:19:26 phil
Minor pyuic3 changes to support TQAxWidget.
Marked the qtaxcontainer classes as experimental.
2004/05/04 16:01:57 phil
qwindowdefs.sip for all platforms is now included in the commercial package.
Changed the SIP3 dependency to v3.10.2.
TQValueList<TQIconDragItem> is now dependent on the TQt_ICONVIEW feature.
pyuic and pylupdate will now build on the Enterprise Edition even if the qtxml
module has been disabled.
Compiler error messages during configuration are suppressed if possible, but
can be seen with the new -w flag. now explicitly checks TQAssistantClient rather than assume it is
present in the Enterprise Edition.
The qtaxcontainer module now builds on Windows.
2004/05/02 00:38:16 phil
Sync with the latest TQScintilla snapshot.
2004/05/01 17:10:57 phil
Fixed more minor build problems.
The commercial version now has identical code on all platforms.
2004/04/30 21:50:33 phil
Fixed an internal build problem.
Implemented TQValueList<TQVariant> as a mapped type. (Done in the previous
commit but I forgot to mention it.)
2004/04/25 22:09:09 phil
Added the qtaxcontainer module - doesn't work yet, but shouldn't break
2004/04/24 08:43:22 phil
Update the documentation to say that TQt v3.3.2 is supported.
2004/04/18 15:45:12 phil
Changed the build system to deal with the evaluation version of PyTQt.
2004/04/13 18:24:04 phil
TQAssistantClient is disabled for the Professional Edition because it requires
code from the Enterprise Edition (only seems to affect Windows though).
2004/04/12 14:49:33 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerPerl class to the qtext module.
2004/04/04 17:01:11 phil
Minor fixes to the example.
Sync'ed with the current TQScintilla snapshot.
2004/03/30 18:22:25 phil
Fixed a bug where the destruction of TQTab instances wasn't noticed.
2004/03/28 15:16:50 phil
Updated to the latest TQScintilla snapshot.
2004/03/27 18:26:02 phil
Updated for the latest changes to TQScintilla.
2004/03/21 21:09:25 phil
Changed the message when testing for plugins to be the right
Updated the TQScintilla support for v1.3.
2004/03/11 19:05:38 phil
Changed the SIP v3 dependency to v3.10.1.
Released as v3.11.
2004/03/11 01:22:12 phil
Minor changes to the internal build system.
2004/03/10 18:29:30 phil
Brought the documentation up to date.
Minor internal build system changes.
The build system now disables style classes built as plugins.
Changed the handwritten code to use the SIP generated feature #defines rather
than the unreliable (in the case of plugins) TQt ones.
2004/02/26 18:56:39 phil
Updated the documentation to say that PyTQt has been tested against TQt v3.3.1.
Updated the internal build system to exploit distcc.
Fixed bug in the conversion from Python lists to TQMemArrays.
2004/02/15 22:34:39 phil
Fixed the example's handling of multiple views.
2004/02/11 19:24:10 phil
Fixed the old build system for TQt v3.3.0.
2004/02/07 17:38:52 phil
Fixed a couple of bugs in pyuic3 and added the spacer.ui form to verify it.
2004/02/02 22:27:48 phil
Updated pyuic from TQt v3.3.0.
2004/02/01 14:38:18 phil
Added the TQLocale class from TQt v3.3.0.
Updated all existing classes for TQt v3.3.0.
Added the missing += operators for TQString.
Added the missing TQSocketDevice class.
2004/01/31 23:09:45 phil
Added the missing /Transfer/ from TQMimeSourceFactory.setData() and
Added the missing /TransferBack/ from TQMimeSourceFactory.takeDefaultFactory().
Added the missing /Factory/ from createEditor() in TQTableItem and sub-classes.
Added the missing /Factory/ in TQTextCodec.makeDecoder(),
TQTextCodec.makeEncoder() and TQTextEdit.createPopupMenu().
Added TQt v3.3.0 support to the build system.
PyTQt now builds against TQt v3.3.0.
2004/01/29 19:19:36 phil
Minor change to the internal build system.
Added README.AIX from Ulli Berning.
2004/01/27 08:34:21 phil
Reverted the accidental change to TQTextEdit.find().
Fixed a couple of markup problems in the documentation.
Added the missing TQHttp, TQFtp and TQLocalFs to the appropriate
2004/01/21 18:34:02 phil
Added some fixes for TQtopia v1.6 from Mickey Lauer.
2004/01/16 20:53:09 phil
Released as v3.10.
2004/01/15 20:04:11 phil
Changed to check that SIP was built with TQt support enabled as
early as possible.
2004/01/15 19:27:58 phil
Added a check for the SIP version number in
Fixed pyuic3 not to use iostream and avoid warning messages with MSVC.
2004/01/04 18:52:29 phil
Minor updates to the build system.
2004/01/03 23:57:31 phil
Updated the copyright notices.
Changed pyuic3 to only #include zlib.h for TQt versions before 3.1.0.
Documented pyqtconfig.
2004/01/02 18:41:01 phil
Minor changes to the build system.
Repaired the completely broken pyqtconfig module.
2003/12/26 23:34:47 phil
Changes to the build system based on patches from Ulrich Berning.
2003/12/26 19:32:31 phil
Added the missing TQFtp class.
2003/12/26 19:31:23 phil
Added the missing TQHttp, TQHttpHeader, TQHttpRequestHeader, TQHttpResponseHeader,
TQLocalFs classes.
2003/12/21 17:28:16 phil
Documented sip.voidptr.asstring().
2003/12/21 16:07:00 phil
Fixed a bug when automatically converting to a TQKeySequence.
2003/12/06 20:21:54 phil
Fixed a bug in the old build system for Windows.
Brought the documentation up to date.
Released as v3.9.
2003/12/04 19:35:28 phil
Updated the README for the new build system.
2003/12/02 00:00:35 phil
Slight change to handwritten code forced by the change to sipParseResult().
2003/11/23 17:04:10 phil
Removed tqInstallPathSysconf() on Windows.
2003/11/22 20:54:01 phil
Windows related changes to the new build system.
2003/11/22 00:50:23 phil
Portability fixes for TQt v2 and TQtopia.
2003/11/21 23:06:14 phil
More changes to the new build system. Tested with SIP v4 and TQt Professional
on Linux and SIP v3 and Python v1.5.2 on Linux.
2003/11/21 07:32:01 phil
SCons is now completely removed from the new build system. PyTQt will now build
with SIP v3 and SIP v4 on Linux.
2003/11/15 11:20:17 phil
More changes to the new build system.
2003/11/13 19:41:35 phil
More changes to the new build system. PyTQt now builds against the Professional
2003/11/13 13:12:47 phil
New build system changes. PyTQt now builds correctly on Linux for SIP v3 and SIP
2003/11/12 22:22:50 phil
Added more of the new build system.
Fixed a bug in pyuic3 handling of encoded strings (thanks to Joerg Kaercher).
Added the TQImageIO class.
2003/11/05 20:33:43 phil
Added TQListViewItemIterator.
Added the TQDockArea << and >> operators.
Started on the new build system.
2003/10/27 23:23:07 phil
Removed more handwritten code now that SIP fully supports pointers and
references to base types.
Fixed a GIL problem with the TQCanvasItem sub-class conversion code.
2003/10/26 22:53:03 phil
Added the missing TQSettings.readBoolEntry().
Removed lots of non-virtual %MethodCode now that SIP automatically handles
returning multiple arguments.
2003/10/24 08:34:44 phil
Added /ReleaseGIL/ wherever looked sensible.
2003/10/23 18:27:30 phil
Used %Build rather than the deprecated %Makefile.
Used %ModuleHeaderCode and %TypeHeaderCode rather than the deprecated
Used %ModuleCode and %TypeCode rather than the deprecated %C++Code.
2003/10/22 18:40:32 phil
Added %ConvertToSubClassCode for TQTableItem and TQCanvasItem.
Added the missing qtui module documentation.
Refactored the internal and external build systems so that the .sip files are
arranged in a hierarchy and are installed.
Added the -v flag to to specify where the .sip are installed to.
2003/10/21 16:40:12 phil
Fix to for the Mac.
2003/10/21 13:39:18 phil
Fixed Windows warning message from qmemarray.sip handwritten code.
Fixed internal to generate Mac packages properly.
2003/10/20 18:50:07 phil
More MacOS/X related changes.
Compiler warnings are now enabled when building with SIP v4.
PyTQt builds with no warnings with SIP v4.
2003/10/19 19:47:35 phil
Documentation updates.
Removed the tests for missing functions in early versions of TQt for MacOS/X.
Updates to the build system for MacOS/X.
2003/10/16 15:50:38 phil
Replaced the use of __cmp__ in TQString because it doesn't work with SIP v4 if
the argument isn't of the same type - it's just the way new-style classes work.
Removed the TQString.__cmp__() unit test as the implementation no longer uses
handwritten code.
2003/10/15 18:19:07 phil
Added the "-r" flag to to build with tracing enabled.
Rewrote all the unit tests to work with PyTQt generated with SIP v4.
2003/10/11 21:57:20 phil
Brought the documentation up to date.
Changed handwritten code for the changes to sipCallMethod(), sipParseResult()
and sipBadCatcherResult().
2003/10/08 15:04:46 phil
Fixed the internal build system (again).
2003/10/07 19:33:13 phil
Fixed TQIODevice handwritten code which looked very broken.
Checked all virtual abstract functions that need handwritten code.
Added /TransferBack/ for function return values where needed.
Added the missing tqInstallPath(), tqInstallPathDocs(), tqInstallPathHeaders(),
tqInstallPathLibs(), tqInstallPathBins(), tqInstallPathPlugins(),
tqInstallPathData(), tqInstallPathTranslations(), tqInstallPathSysconf().
Made sure all handwritten code uses functions that are part of the SIP v4 API.
2003/10/04 16:14:45 phil
Changed how sipClassName() is used now that it returns a new reference.
2003/10/04 11:16:21 phil
Migrated the remaining %MemberCode to %MethodCode.
Changed the TQApplication dtor code slightly to keep the public SIP API simple.
(It means that disowning a top level widget now adds the extra reference, but
this shouldn't make a difference.)
2003/10/02 22:54:43 phil
Fixed problem with build system that was preventing snapshots being generated
after the addition of %MethodCode.
Fixed TQSpinBox.mapTextToValue() to take zero parameters.
Converted most of %MemberCode to %MethodCode (ie. the easy ones).
2003/10/01 14:00:15 phil
Converted all ctor %MemberCode to %MethodCode.
2003/09/23 19:33:07 phil
Converted all Python special methods and operators from %MemberCode to
Fixed bug in build system that disabled thread support.
2003/09/19 15:30:09 phil
Changes to the build system for SIP v4's new build system.
2003/09/19 00:28:39 phil
Fixed converting Python wide Unicode strings to TQString for TQt v2. (Actually
done with an earlier change but I forgot to mention it.)
Updated the documentation on application deployment to reflect the changes to
the build system.
The documentation is now a single HTML file with a TOC.
More changes to the build system. Tested with tmake and Windows.
2003/09/18 13:47:07 phil
More changes to the build system after initial testing.
2003/09/17 18:28:40 phil
Re-factored to use the sipconfig module. Only tested on Linux with
TQt v3.2.1 Enterprise and Python v2.3.
2003/09/06 13:35:02 phil
TQWMatrix fixes from Torsten Marek.
Added the undocumented "*" operators to TQWMatrix.
Updated the educational version to v3.2.0.
Released as v3.8.1.
2003/08/24 18:43:40 phil
Updated the tutorials so that they have a consistent coding style and don't use
"import *".
Updated the documentation to say that TQt v3.2.1 is supported.
2003/08/17 12:25:57 phil
Fixed TQPrinter.winPageSize() for TQt versions before v3.
Released as v3.8.
2003/08/17 10:02:11 phil
Fixed problem with TQRect | and & operators.
2003/08/16 21:14:09 phil
Fixed the code generated by pyuic3 when the -x and -subimpl flags are both
Brought the documentation up to date.
2003/08/13 17:50:14 phil
The == and != operators have been implemented for TQBrush, TQColor, TQDomNode,
TQFont, TQImage, TQKeySequence, TQPalette, TQPen and TQRegExp.
The +, +=, -, -=, *, *=, /, /=, ==, != and __nonzero__() operators have been
implemented for TQSize.
The ==, != and TQString() operators have been implemented for TQUrl.
The &, &=, |, |=, ==, !=, __contains__() and __nonzero__() operators have been
implemented for TQRect.
The |, |=, +, +=, &, &=, -, -=, ^, ^=, ==, !=, __contains__() and __nonzero__()
operators have been implemented for TQRegion.
The ==, != and *= operators have been added to TQWMatrix.
The __len__(), __contains__(), == and != operators have been implemented for
The comparison operators and __nonzero__() have been implemented for TQDate,
TQDateTime and TQTime.
Added some consts to the TQString operators.
Added the TQDate, TQDateTime, TQDir, TQRect, TQRegion, TQSize and TQTime unit tests.
Added the master unit test runner.
2003/08/12 20:34:29 phil
Fixed memory leak in TQStringList * operator.
Added the TQPoint operators (thanks to Torsten Marek).
Added the TQPoint unit test.
2003/08/12 15:31:24 phil
Fixed deprecated use of iostream.h in pyuic3.
Updated the TQScintilla support.
2003/08/11 18:52:45 phil
Fixed version problem with TQToolBox.
2003/08/01 09:42:10 phil
Added the missing TQt.ButtonState.MetaButton.
Added support for the [], in, len and comparison operators to TQString (thanks
to Torsten Marek).
Added the test script.
2003/07/25 23:38:36 phil
Refined the pyuic3 changes - because KWrite is crap.
2003/07/25 23:36:11 phil
Added the menus.ui test form.
Some pyuic3 format changes from Detlev.
2003/07/25 12:13:44 phil
Updated pyuic for TQt v3.2.0.
2003/07/24 17:20:59 phil
Added TQSplashScreen, TQSqlSelectCursor and TQToolBox for TQt v3.2.0.
Fix to error message.
2003/07/24 10:52:38 phil
Minor license handling changes.
Fixed memory leak in TQStringList[] when using slices.
Added the -k flag to to create static modules.
Updated README.MacOSX from Willard Myers.
Updated all existing classes for TQt v3.2.0.
2003/07/05 10:31:55 phil
Fixed problem with include directories when using tmake.
Released as v3.7.
2003/07/05 09:59:37 phil
Provisional release of v3.7.
2003/07/03 16:17:55 phil
pyuic3 now says what it is extracting on stderr rather than stdout.
2003/07/01 14:18:37 phil
Brought the documentation up to date.
Added README.MacOSX (thanks to Bill Myers).
Added lots of new examples from Jorge Arroyo.
2003/06/30 09:23:25 phil
Changed all handwritten code to use the new 'L' format character where
Implemented __setitem__(), __delitem__(), __add__(), __iadd__(), __mul__(),
__imul__(), __eq__() and __ne__() for TQStringList.
Added the internal TQStringList unit tests.
2003/06/22 11:26:32 phil
%DtorCode has been renamed %VirtualCode.
2003/06/21 11:37:58 phil
Fixed the internal build process to deal with the new %DtorCode.
2003/06/19 23:53:49 phil
More changes to TQCustomEvent which shouldn't now leak memory under any
2003/06/19 16:31:57 phil now returns a Python object without increasing it's reference
The TQEvent dtor is now virtual so that the Python wrapper object gets garbage
collected when TQt deletes the event when it's passed to
2003/06/10 14:51:23 phil
(Hopefully) fixed pyuic3 compile bug under Windows.
Added the example from Jorge Arroyo.
2003/06/08 12:25:08 phil
Lots of build tidy ups from Hans-Peter Jansen.
2003/06/06 12:59:26 phil
pylupdate now recognises the __tr() and __trUtf8() methods generated by pyuic.
Added some missing /Transfer/ flags from TQMenuData.
Updated the example so that it matches the latest TQt version.
2003/05/31 12:19:22 phil
Changed the build system to generate .in files which are then patched so that
the patched files stay around to aid debugging.
Removed unneeded directories from INCLUDEPATH in .pro files.
2003/05/30 17:52:06 phil
Don't generate the internal __tr() and __trUtf8() methods if the user passes
their own function name.
2003/05/30 17:47:57 phil
Added the and examples from Jorge Arroyo. improvement in detecting executable programs.
Changed pyuic3 to generate calls to tqApp.translate() rather than
Documented the issues related to translations.
2003/05/23 22:03:05 phil
Fixed some bugs and inefficiencies in the example so that it no
longer segfaults on exit when a sprite has been created.
Added bits(), scanLine(), jumpTable() and colorTable() to TQImage.
2003/05/22 21:50:05 phil
Added the TQWindowsXPStyle class. (Thanks to Ulrich Berning.)
2003/05/20 10:36:10 phil
Added QextScintilla.modificationAttempted().
2003/05/18 20:59:53 phil
Added QextScintillaBase.SCN_MODIFYATTEMPTRO.
Fixed pyuic3's broken handling of the -x flag.
Fixed pyuic3's broken generation of embedded images.
Fixed TQImage ctor to use an internal colour table instead of an external one
that was garbage collected too soon.
2003/05/13 09:50:54 phil
Added the TQSignalMapper class (thanks to Gordon Tyler).
2003/05/12 10:00:59 phil
Added toShort(), toUShort(), toInt(), toUInt(), toLong(), toULong(), toFloat()
and toDouble() to TQCString and TQString.
2003/05/11 10:26:44 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerHTML class.
2003/05/07 21:07:04 phil
Changed the handling of version numbers so that we assume the latest SIP tags
if we find a TQScintilla snapshot.
2003/05/07 16:53:05 phil
Updated the documentation to explicitly mention the problems of using lambda
expressions as slots.
Added the QextScintillaLexerSQL class.
Changed to support TQScintilla version control.
2003/05/04 09:57:19 phil
Fixed silly typo in
2003/05/03 14:50:03 phil
Removed some dead code from
The qt module was ignoring the release/debug option and the debug version of
the Python library wasn't being searched for.
Added the unittest tests for pyuic.
Fixed the last pyuic3 bugs related to embedded images.
Added the -test flag to pyuic3 to support fully automated unittest tests.
2003/04/26 15:24:45 phil
Released as v3.6.
2003/04/26 14:36:12 phil
Fixed tmake related breakages introduced with SIP v4 support in .pro files.
2003/04/26 13:58:00 phil
Fixed bug in concatanating source files.
2003/04/23 14:53:00 phil
Changed to the C++ style operators where possible.
2003/04/22 16:05:10 phil
Adjusted handwritten code for Python slots so that it will be compatible with
SIP v3 and v4.
TQStringList.__getitem__ will now handle extended slices.
2003/04/18 22:17:26 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2003/04/16 11:42:45 phil
Fixed for when SIP v4 is used.
Python v2.3 is now required if SIP v4 is being used.
Changed to deal with the changed support of SIP_PYOBJECT.
2003/04/13 15:42:08 phil
Temporarily made some handrwritten code dependent on SIP v3 while debugging
SIP v4.
Fix to pylupdate from Detlev.
Fix to pyuic3 related to pixmaps.
2003/04/07 11:52:33 phil
TQCommonStyle is now always included (to fit with TQt v3), but it should still be
configured properly for the Zaurus.
2003/04/04 14:24:00 phil
Fixed typo in qpixmap.sip where some TQt v3 methods had been added to the TQt v2
Fixed some pyuic3 problems with embedded and external images.
2003/04/04 10:32:45 phil
SIP v4 related fixes to %VirtualCode.
Fixed some sipParseArgs() format bugs in qtxml handwritten code.
Added missing /TransferThis/ from TQTableItem (and derived classes) ctors.
Added other missing transfer flags from some TQTable methods.
2003/04/01 20:44:55 phil
Added support for the educational version.
Don't delete the .lib and .exp files as part of the installation on Windows.
Added the -j, -r and -t flags to based on patches from Hans-Peter
Changed all sipNames to the new style.
2003/03/31 23:39:02 phil
Made sure Python.h is included before stdio.h for LFS support under Solaris.
Removed all uses of %ExportedHeaderCode for compatibility with SIP v4.
Implemented the %VirtualCode that is to be used with SIP v4.
Fixed some bugs in existing %VirtualCode.
Removed TQTextEdit.getFormat() and TQTextEdit.getParagraphFormat() as they are
undocumented and marked as "don't use".
2003/03/26 22:21:58 phil
Slightly changed the implementation of TQObject.sender() to maintain
compatibility with SIP v4.
The build process no longer checks for sipTQt.h as it isn't in SIP v4.
Added a missing #include in qnetwork.sip that only showed up with SIP v4.
2003/03/25 17:52:22 phil
Work around the problem that qmake doesn't like targets called "qt". (For
SIP v4.)
2003/03/21 00:20:19 phil
Reverted the "fix" for libqassistantclient on HP-UX, and wait to see if anybody
pyuic now includes the PyTQt version number in the generated output.
Fixed TQPixmap handling bug in pyuic.
2003/03/16 16:24:24 phil
Tracked latest TQScintilla changes.
Fixed an internal build problem with the documentation.
2003/03/15 23:42:55 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
Brought the documentation up to date.
2003/03/14 19:49:44 phil
Added the missing %ConvertToSubClass code for the qtext module.
2003/03/13 12:59:44 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2003/03/09 18:37:13 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2003/03/06 10:35:32 phil
Tracked latest TQScintilla changes.
Fixes for the example from Ken Godee.
Further improvements to the build system's parsing of the Python version
Fixes to the TQt class and pyuic to deal with the use of the internal
2003/03/03 18:03:41 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2003/02/27 16:21:33 phil
Updates for TQt v3.2.1.
Build system changes for alpha and beta versions of Python.
2003/02/26 23:40:22 phil
Tracked latest TQScintilla changes.
2003/02/26 19:31:26 phil
Tracked latest TQScintilla changes.
Fixed TQListBox.eventFilter().
Added the qtui module.
Added /Factory/ to everywhere it seems to be needed.
Fixed Python 1.5.2 problems in the build system.
Updated the example for TQt3 (thanks to Selim Tuvi).
Fixed a bug in pyuic3 related to pixmaps in TQListViewItems.
Fixed a bug in the example.
PYTQT_VERSION is now the version encoded as a hexadecimal value.
Added PYTQT_VERSION_STR as the ASCII version (unless it is a snapshot).
2003/01/25 15:39:58 phil
Fixed bug in TQPointArray.putPoints().
The sub-class convertors are now declared as static as SIP now puts them in the
main module code.
Changed the way that the TQAssistantClient library is linked in to work around
problems linking static and shared libraries under HP-UX.
Fixed TQSpinBox.eventFilter().
2003/01/20 10:24:19 phil
Applied Lars Heete's patch for TQString for when Python is built with wide
Unicode support.
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2003/01/14 09:55:52 phil
Added the version number to the %Module directives for SIP v4.
2003/01/11 15:15:49 phil
pyuic3 will look in the directory containing the .ui file for any .ui.h file.
2003/01/06 09:35:29 phil
pyuic3 now properly extracts embedded slot code that takes arguments.
Improved the layout of the pyuic3 generated code slightly.
2003/01/04 19:45:03 phil
Updated the copyright notices for 2003.
implemented as wrapped functions.
PYQT_BUILD is now a string.
2003/01/02 16:00:47 phil
Fixed a bug in the build process for sip v3.
2002/12/28 17:34:17 phil
Changed the build system to cope with the changes that will be needed for
SIP v4.
2002/12/25 10:48:22 phil
Added the and examples from Oleksandr Yakovlyev.
Added support for PEP 263 in the code generated by pyuic3.
Tracked latest TQScintilla changes.
Implemented the TQTextStream << TQMainWindow and TQTextStream >> TQMainWindow
2002/12/20 18:51:37 phil
Added the example from Oleksandr Yakovlyev.
2002/12/20 18:46:10 phil
TQString.startsWith() was introduced in TQt v2.2.0 and not TQt v3.0.0.
Added the updated example from Oleksandr Yakovlyev.
2002/12/17 15:33:12 phil
pyuic3 will now extract Python code (tagged with "Python:") from the comments
in a .ui file and copy it to the generated output.
2002/12/17 13:20:37 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes, including the new QextScintillaPrinter
2002/12/13 18:27:26 phil
Change the build system to ensure that SIP .h files in the location specified
by the -s flag are used in preference to any others in the standard Python
Added the TQtopia TQCopEnvelope class.
2002/12/11 13:50:58 phil
Ensure that generated Makefiles have a later timestamp than the project file.
Released as v3.5.
2002/12/10 23:12:00 phil
Build change where FORCE wasn't being handled properly now that it is version
Brought the NEWS file up to date.
2002/12/10 14:21:09 phil
Changes related to TQt v3.1.1.
Made TQtopia v1.5.0 the baseline version.
Added the AppLnk, AppLnkSet, Config, DateFormat, DocLnk, DocLnkSet,
FileManager, FileSelector, FileSelectorItem, FontDatabase, Global, MenuButton,
TQDawg, TQPtrList<AppLnk>, TQPtrList<DocLnk> and Resource TQtopia classes.
Added TQArray<int> for TQt 1.x and TQt 2.x.
2002/12/09 10:40:54 phil
Minor changes for building under TQt/E.
2002/12/08 17:56:27 phil
Worked around the TQt Windows bug in TQSemaphore += and -= so that the example now works properly with affected versions of TQt.
2002/12/05 17:28:24 phil
Added the script to create the test database for the SQL examples for
PostgreSQL (thanks to Kenneth Godee).
pyuic3 and pylupdate3 changes so that they compile against the TQt Professional
Brought the documentation up to date.
Build system change for TQt v3.0.x and FORCE in Makefiles.
2002/11/29 10:59:32 phil
Fixed bugs in pyuic3 related to menus and embedded images.
Implemented TQMenuItem.setText(), even though it is an internal class, because
it is used in code generated by pyuic3.
2002/11/26 12:50:45 phil
eric is now no longer part of the distribution.
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
Removed the automatic test for -fno-exceptions and added the -f flag to the
build system so that it can be explicitly set.
Fixed a pyuic3 indentation bug.
2002/11/22 22:43:29 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2002/11/22 10:15:46 phil
Fixed a couple of bugs in pyuic3's handling of embedded images.
2002/11/21 18:57:34 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2002/11/18 19:36:53 phil
The missing Windows TQEventLoop methods should be added to TQt v3.1.1.
Fixed generation of TQString::null in pyuic3.
Tracked latest TQScintilla changes.
2002/11/14 22:44:42 phil
Fixed problems compiling against TQt v3.0.x introduced with the support for TQt
2002/11/14 22:32:14 phil
Minor build changes for Windows.
Removed the TQEventLoop methods that seem to be missing under Windows.
TQGLColormap was actually introduced in TQt v3.0 rather than TQt v3.1.
2002/11/13 20:23:43 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2002/11/11 11:59:24 phil
Added the missing TQDockWindow.drawFrame() and TQGLWidget.reparent() methods.
The build system will now recognise TQt v3.1.0.
Added the TQAssistantClient, TQEventLoop, TQGLColormap, TQIconFactory,
TQIMComposeEvent, TQMutexLocker and TQSyntaxHighlighter TQt 3.1.0 classes.
TQListView.sort() is now virtual for TQt3.
Fixed a bug in the example for both TQt2 and TQt3.
Updated pyuic from TQt 3.1.0.
Added the tqCompress and tqUncompress TQt 3.1.0 functions.
2002/11/06 23:56:57 phil
Fixed TQWidgetStack.addWidget().
2002/11/05 15:08:21 phil
Addition of new licenses to the internal build system.
2002/11/03 20:15:36 phil
Tracked the latest version of TQScintilla, including updating to Scintilla
2002/10/25 19:00:47 phil
Updated the example.
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2002/10/24 08:55:46 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2002/10/22 21:28:20 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2002/10/21 21:25:52 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
2002/10/20 22:28:46 phil
Tracked the latest changes to TQScintilla.
Added the missing TQMainWindow.lineUpDockWindows().
2002/10/19 18:43:13 phil
Tracked the latest changes to TQScintilla.
2002/10/18 17:30:24 phil
More build system changes to fix directory names containing spaces.
Added the QextScintillaLexerCPP, QextScintillaLexerCSharp,
QextScintillaLexerIDL, QextScintillaLexerJava and QextScintillaLexerJavaScript
Added support for TQt v3.0.6.
2002/10/12 23:45:52 phil
Tracked the latest TQScintilla changes.
TQStringList.__getitem__() now handles slices and negative indices properly.
2002/10/11 14:11:53 phil
Fixed the build system where the Python directory path contains spaces.
Another go at fixing the internal build system so that it generates .sip files
for the GPL version that support both X11 and TQt/E.
Updated the TQScintilla bindings.
2002/10/06 21:21:05 phil
Fixed a silly internal build system bug preventing the qwindowdefs_qws.sip from
being included in the GPL version.
2002/10/06 16:04:31 phil
Tracked the latest changes to QextScintilla including the addition of
QextScintillaLexer and QextScintillaLexerPython.
2002/10/05 15:03:01 phil
Fixed the internal build system to make sure TQt/Embedded support isn't stripped
out of the GPL version.
2002/10/05 13:36:58 phil
Changed the internal build system so that internal development versions are
marked as such.
The user build system now handles conflicting licenses.
pyuic and pylupdate should now build using the professional edition of TQt3.
Added support for margins and markers to QextScintilla.
2002/10/03 10:42:28 phil
Synchronised to the latest TQScintilla snapshot.
2002/10/01 17:38:18 phil
Fixed the i18n example script.
Changed the qtext module build for TQScintilla under Windows.
2002/09/30 15:32:53 phil
Added the QextScintillaBase.SendScintilla() overload.
2002/09/28 08:57:26 phil
Further separated out the Windows .sip files.
Added QextScintillaBase.Colourise().
Fixed the problem with TQTextEdit.find().
2002/09/22 00:39:05 phil
Added eric's missing file to CVS.
2002/09/22 00:37:14 phil
Fixed the internal build system to copy eric's pixmaps directory properly.
2002/09/21 17:58:08 phil
Updated eric to v2.1.4 (plus a later patch).
The internal build system now strips down the .sip files for the non-commercial
2002/09/18 08:36:18 phil
Added the qtext module containing support for TQScintilla.
2002/09/13 07:20:57 phil
Fixed TQFontDatabase.families() for TQt3.
2002/09/10 12:55:34 phil
Minor documentation changes.
Released as v3.4.
2002/09/08 21:38:49 phil
Added the missing lib/
2002/09/08 21:37:30 phil
Added the wtypes.h file to the definitions of MSG and POINT.
2002/09/08 12:20:10 phil
The user now has to explicitly accept any non-GPL license.
2002/09/07 20:50:13 phil
Added TQApplication.winEventFilter(), TQWidget.winEvent(), MSG and POINT under
2002/09/06 17:48:11 phil
Added the new licenses and changed the internal build process to support them.
Updated the NEWS file.
2002/09/02 12:05:21 phil
Added a comment to the Signal/Slot documentation about slot reference counts.
Added the example from Sadi Kose.
Added the example from Hans-Peter Jansen.
More license related hooks.
2002/08/27 19:09:22 phil
Added the canvas example from Sadi Kose.
Split qwindowdefs.sip into generic and platform specific variants.
Changed the internal build system to support different platforms.
Added a delay to the build system before running make to avoid potential
timestamp problems.
2002/08/17 00:48:22 phil
Added Detlev's i18n example.
Added the latest version of eric from Detlev.
Added Fredrik Juhlin's patch to the build system to support debug builds.
2002/08/12 14:06:56 phil
Added helpviewer as a standalone application.
2002/08/11 20:41:33 phil
Added the pylupdate program from Detlev.
2002/08/10 20:01:47 phil
Fixed problems with and TQObject.trUtf8().
Brought the NEWS file up to date.
2002/08/06 19:45:26 phil
Build system fixes for Python 1.5.2.
2002/08/05 18:02:08 phil
More eric changes from Detelev.
2002/07/29 20:54:56 phil
Another eric update from Detlev, including the help browser.
2002/07/29 14:16:11 phil
Added TQTextEdit.WrapPolicy.AtWhiteSpace as it isn't clear if this is deprecated
or not. (The header file says one thing, the documentation says the opposite.)
2002/07/26 13:54:48 phil
Fix a problem with the build system if OpenGL wasn't installed.
2002/07/22 21:40:15 phil
Added @BL_INCLUDEPATH@ to the project files for pyuic2 and pyuic3.
Eric's .py files are now compiled by the build system.
2002/07/21 23:14:03 phil
Added Detlev's latest patches for eric, including the new qtunittest. Updated
the documentation and build system accordingly.
2002/07/20 18:30:07 phil
Added "opengl" to the qtgl project file template.
Changed the build system so that it uses "opengl" when necessary.
2002/07/12 13:04:44 phil
Fixed a problem detecting the TQt version in the build system.
Released as 3.3.2.
2002/07/12 10:20:20 phil
More internal build system changes.
2002/07/11 23:09:40 phil
Internal build system changes.
2002/07/11 12:07:40 phil
Added missing /TransferThis/ to all relevant TQListBoxText and TQListBoxPixmap
2002/07/09 22:07:10 phil
Added support for TQt 3.0.5.
Released as 3.3.1.
2002/07/07 19:20:54 phil
More eric patches from Detlev.
Windows fixes for the build system.
Released as 3.3.
2002/07/06 13:35:41 phil
More eric patches from Detlev.
Updated SQL examples from Hans-Peter.
Fixed a bug in pyuic3 when extracting Python slot code when the slot had an
2002/07/05 21:56:20 phil
Backed out the change in the order of attempts to convert Python objects to
TQStrings so it is now Unicode objects before string objects.
2002/07/05 17:59:16 phil
Fixed a few indentation issues with the dirview examples.
Fixed the same bug in every mapped type based on the TQValueList template.
2002/07/05 08:54:46 phil
More eric patches from Detlev.
TQSqlRecordInfo is now implemented as a Python list of TQSqlFieldInfo instances.
The build system now ignores qmake if present when building for TQt 1.x and 2.x.
2002/07/04 10:08:24 phil
Still another attempt at a portable features generator.
2002/07/04 10:02:04 phil
Another attempt to make the C++ program that generates the feature flags more
2002/07/03 17:43:43 phil
Build system changes for Windows.
Released as 3.3rc3.
2002/07/02 22:13:50 phil
Fix a Python warning in
2002/07/02 18:34:32 phil
Changes to the build system for the qtpe module.
2002/07/02 14:55:45 phil
More eric patches from Detlev.
Added the missing and TQString.localeAwareCompare() overloads.
Changed the build system in line with the way SIP now handles features.
2002/06/30 16:24:16 phil
Minor changes to build system messages.
Removed support for the -r flag in the build system as tmake handles -fno-rtti.
Added the -e flag to the build system to explicitly specify the location of the
SIP header files (usually used when cross compiling).
More eric patches from Detlev.
Fixed TQDataBrowser.setSqlCursor().
2002/06/29 18:57:01 phil
The build system now determines the TQt version by parsing qglobal.h rather than
running a program (which is no good when cross compiling).
The sipTQtFeatures.h file is only generated by the build system is it doesn't
already exist (again to help cross compiling).
Updated the SQL examples.
Fixed an SQL related bug in pyuic3.
Added %MemberCode to TQDataTable.setSqlCursor() to transfer ownership of the
cursor if the autoDelete flag is set.
2002/06/29 13:09:51 phil
The build system now installs eric for TQt3.
More eric patches from Detlev.
2002/06/28 22:45:22 phil
More fixes.
Changed the build system so that project files are restored to their original
Added the -c flag to the build system to concatenate a module's C++ files prior
to compilation. Compiling PyTQt on my 750MHz PIII now takes 10 minutes. (Thanks
to Jim Bublitz and Ricardo Cardenes.)
2002/06/28 12:45:25 phil
Added the missing qtpemod.sip.
Added the missing /TransferThis/ to the obsolete TQToolBar ctor.
Added the missing %MemberCode for TQStyle.getButtonShift(),
TQStyle.scrollBarMetrics() and Qstyle.tabbarMetrics().
More eric patches from Detlev Offenbach.
Added Hans-Peter Jansen's SQL examples.
Fixed a bug in the build system where the path to tmake was explicitly
Added the -r flag to the build system to explicitly enable -fno-rtti.
Released as 3.3rc2.
2002/06/23 19:44:58 phil
Added support for the evaluation version of TQt to the build system.
Applied more eric patches from Detlev Offenbach.
SQL related fixes for pyuic for TQt3.
2002/06/22 14:29:05 phil
Applied a couple of eric patches from Detlev Offenbach.
Released as 3.3rc1.
2002/06/22 00:53:57 phil
The documentation is now up to date.
Added notes about the limitations on custom editor widgets to the
TQSqlPropertyMap documentation.
The default installation directory for pyuic under UNIX/Linux is now
/usr/local/bin rather than where the Python executable is installed.
Fixed a bug with the build system under Windows.
Fixed a problem with TQVariant where a numeric value would be recognised as a
Added the -i flag to to allow the directory containing the TQt header
files to be explicitly specified.
2002/06/20 21:33:34 phil
Fixed bug in TQDataTable that stopped in working properly.
2002/06/20 18:52:31 phil
Added the example script from Hans-Peter Jansen.
Added Christian Bird's notes about his pyuic patch.
Changes to the build system to support TQt/Embedded.
Changes to the build system to handle the lack of site-packages under Windows
before Python v2.2.
2002/06/19 17:43:26 phil
Minor changes to eric so that it seems to work under TQt3.
2002/06/19 17:29:06 phil
Applied Christian Bird's patch to pyuic for TQt3 to extract slot code written in
2002/06/19 17:14:00 phil
Added the missing qtsqlmod.sip.
2002/06/19 07:56:07 phil
Added the missing /Transfer/ from TQCanvasPixmapArray.setImage(),
TQDataTable.installEditorFactory(), TQDataTable.installPropertyMap() and
Added Hans-Peter Jansen's,, and example scripts.
Added the missing qxmlmod.sip.
2002/06/16 23:15:17 phil
Minor build system changes as a result of moving SIP to its new build system.
2002/06/16 15:17:01 phil
Changes to the new build system so that it works under Windows.
Removed all vestiges of the old build system.
2002/06/14 16:35:41 phil
The new build process now works with Python v1.5.x.
2002/06/14 08:46:36 phil
Changes needed to the build system to support tmake.
The compiled Python scripts will now be installed properly if qmake is used.
2002/06/13 18:05:24 phil
More minor build changes related to process for generating automatic snapshots.
2002/06/13 17:48:28 phil
Minor build changes.
2002/06/13 16:16:19 phil
Added the missing TQFontMetrics.boundingRect() variant and TQFontMetrics.size().
Removed the incorrect /TransferBack/ from TQTabBar.removeTab().
The new build system has been tested on Python v2.2/qmake/Linux.
2002/06/04 23:33:33 phil
Remove the last of the BlackAdder related files.
Fixed the .spec file.
More updates related to the new build system.
2002/06/04 23:26:00 phil
Lots of tidying up of redundant files for the new build system.
Set the release number to v3.2.4 to align with the last official release.
2002/06/04 23:04:40 phil
Initial import of PyTQt to the Riverbank Computing repository.
2002/06/01 11:08:36 phil
Correction to signature of TQDir.rename().
TQValueList<TQPixmap> is now fully implemented as a mapping to a Python list of
TQPixmap instances.
Added the missing TQDoubleValidator.setBottom(), TQDoubleValidator.setDecimals(),
TQDoubleValidator.setTop, TQIntValidator.setBottom() and TQIntValidator.setTop().
2002/05/21 14:40:56 phil
Added the missing /Transfer/ to TQClipboard.setData().
Fixed a pyuic3 bug that generates an extra ')' when using the -subimpl flag.
2002/05/17 19:04:33 phil
Minor documentation changes.
Released as v3.2.4.
2002/05/16 15:28:17 phil
Removed MacOS X support from the build process - until SIP v4.
2002/05/15 17:11:34 phil
Modules are now created as simple .so files, ie. without any release number.
The obsolete TQMainWindow.setToolBarsMovable() was replaced with
2002/05/15 11:31:23 phil
Fixed a bug in TQInputDialog.getText() for TQt3.
2002/05/11 17:38:20 phil
Documentation changes for the latest release.
Released as v3.2.2.
2002/05/09 00:19:11 phil
Fixed TQPrinter ctor for TQt3.
2002/05/07 21:17:32 phil
Added information about "--without-x" to the MacOS installation notes.
Put the -module flag back in for MacOS.
Fixed a bug in pyuic3 where TQPixmaps needed to be explicitly converted to
2002/05/05 13:42:46 phil
Added a version that supports the MacOS evaluation version to the list of
"common" source packages.
Released as v3.2.1.
2002/05/03 22:35:24 phil
Removed -module from LDFLAGS as it seemed to make things worse on MacOS.
Released as v3.2.
2002/05/01 22:49:37 phil
Updated the documentation regarding support for void *.
2002/04/30 07:52:35 phil
configure will now search fro TQt v3.0.4.
Changes required for TQt v3.0.4.
Another minor bug fix related to X11 support and TQt/E.
2002/04/29 18:10:04 phil
Added README.Linux describing the broken TQt packages in Mandrake and Debian.
2002/04/29 10:17:47 phil
configure doesn't search for X11 for TQt/E.
Added the TQPEMenuBar and TQPEToolBar classes.
2002/04/27 14:19:22 phil
Removed the bug description at the top of the example now that it
is fixed.
Changed %ConvertToSubClassCode for TQObject to conform to the latest SIP.
Replaced calls to sipMapCppToSelf() with sipMapCppToSelfSubClass() where
2002/04/22 22:56:31 phil
Changed the Windows installation instructions to put things in site-packages.
Fixed the missing TQT_THREAD_SUPPORT when building sip_helper on Windows.
Added -module to all LDFLAGS.
2002/04/21 19:08:25 phil
TQCustomEvent now expects a PyObject * as its data.
2002/04/20 22:43:13 phil
Convert instances of the internal class TQTableHeader to TQHeader.
Fixed a bug in pyuic for TQt3 relating to the format of slot signatures.
2002/04/20 16:02:00 phil
Added missing /Transfer/ to TQTable.setCellWidget() and TQTable.setItem().
2002/04/18 23:17:07 phil
Disabled TQFont.dirty(), TQClipboard.ownsClipboard(), TQClipboard.ownsSelection()
and tqAppName() for MacOS.
2002/04/18 12:10:42 phil
Updated the NEWS file regarding MacOS X support. now defines PYTQT_VERSION as the PyTQt release as a string.
configure no longer fails if X11 couldn't be found (for MacOS X).
2002/04/17 19:10:15 phil
Added support for MacOS X (untested).
2002/04/17 09:00:35 phil
Added the missing /TransferThis/ options from all TQCanvasItem ctors.
Fixed TQCanvasItem.setCanvas() to handle acquiring and losing a parent canvas.
2002/04/16 14:17:44 phil
Removed all the /ReleaseLock/ options.
SIP_UNBLOCK_THREADS to all handwritten code.
Thread support is only enabled if it is also enabled in Python.
Added /CreatesThread/ and /NewThread/ to TQThread.
2002/04/14 18:07:56 phil
Reinstated PyTQtDisownTopLevelWidgets() because it solves the problem where we
can't guarantee that the order in which tqApp and the top level widgets will be
Changed -MT to -MD for Windows (thanks to Paul Felix).
2002/04/06 17:38:53 phil
Added the %ConvertToSubClassCode for TQObject and all its sub-classes.
Added the missing TQToolTip.setEnabled() and TQToolTip.enabled() methods.
Fixed the build process so that the naming of the TQtopia package is more
consistent with other packages.
2002/03/30 00:50:10 phil
Make sure the ChangeLog is distributed and that autom4te.cache isn't.
Merged the different versions of TQEvent.Type.
Fixed a bug in TQStringList.__getitem__().
2002/03/22 10:52:29 phil
Released as v3.1.
Slight change to the build process so make sure that Windows Makefiles always
use the very latest TQt library.
2002/03/22 10:40:21 phil
configure will now use qt-mt in preference to qt if it finds both.
Removed from the distribution until it is finished.
Added /Transfer/ to TQThread.postEvent().
Added /ReleaseLock/ to TQThread.postEvent(), which might not be required but
shouldn't do any harm.
2002/03/20 15:58:33 phil
configure now handles TQt v3.0.3.
Integration of uic changes in TQt v3.0.3.
Applied Rene Hogendoorn's latest patch for slot signatures for pyuic3.
2002/03/19 00:19:32 phil
Removed the rebuild-src and rebuild-doc targets as they are no longer
Documentation changes prior to the release of v3.1.
2002/03/17 17:37:38 phil
Removed the import of GLUT from the example.
2002/03/12 19:31:13 phil
Added the missing build instructions for the qtgl module in INSTALL.win32.
Upgraded to autoconf-2.53 and automake-1.6.
Fixed a couple of pyuic3 bugs related to SQL forms (thanks to Rene Hogendoom).
2002/03/09 18:15:48 phil
Various build changes for Windows.
Fixed a bug in TQDomDocument.setContent().
Fixed the qtxml module so that it doesn't get a DLL load failure on Windows.
2002/03/04 17:18:31 phil
A couple of changes to eric to reflect the new module structure.
Fixed TQThread for TQt v2.
Fixed TQTable.setNumRows() in pyuic for TQt v3.
2002/02/25 16:26:19 phil
Some enum definitions have been rationalised now that SIP supports individual
values having different versions.
2002/02/24 14:59:43 phil
Went through everything adding /ReleaseLock/ to methods that might block.
2002/02/24 01:36:06 phil
configure now searches for TQt v3.0.2.
Added TQLineEdit.setPasswordChar() and TQLineEdit.passwordChar() for TQt v3.0.2
but left them commented out at they are marked as incompatible add ons.
Updated pyuic3 from the changes in TQt v3.0.2.
Added thread support, ie. TQApplication.lock(), TQApplication.unlock(),
TQApplication.locked(), TQApplication.tryLock() and the TQMutex, TQSemaphore,
TQThread and TQWaitCondition classes.
Re-did all of the special methods following the SIP changes.
2002/02/15 14:45:33 phil
Added the missing TQPixmap.grabWidget().
2002/02/14 14:18:35 phil
Fixed bug in pyuic fro TQt v3 related to "black" and "white".
2002/02/08 15:51:02 phil
Updated the documentation for the 3.1 pre-releases.
The tr() methods now honour TQT_NO_TRANSLATION.
2002/02/08 11:54:11 phil
More work on the new build system.
Fixed a bug in eric for PyTQt v3.
Fixed a couple of TQTable related bugs in pyuic for TQt v3.
Fixed a TQToolBar related bug in pyuic for TQt v3.
Fixed bugs with TQSqlCursor.
2002/01/28 13:42:24 phil
Fixed bug relating to escaping double quotes in pyuic for TQt v2.x.
2002/01/28 11:09:08 phil
Removed the Zaurus README.
Changes to configure now that the sip library is a Python module.
Added the start of an alternative build system driven by Python and using qmake
or tmake.
2002/01/09 11:47:32 phil
Put version control into the qtpe module and changed the build system so that
it uses a version compatible with both TQtopia and the Zaurus v1.02 ROMs.
Updated README.Zaurus.
Removed the qtpe module from the documentation until SIP is changed to be
tolerant of missing version information.
2002/01/08 20:17:11 phil
Removed PyTQtDisownTopLevelWidgets() from the TQApplication and TQPEApplication
dtors because the TQt widget mapper doesn't delete the widgets in the map.
2002/01/05 13:16:45 phil
Added the warning about using flash devices as swap on the Zaurus.
Added the missing TQActionGroup.add() and TQActionGroup.addSeparator() methods.
Implemented enough additional features for the Large configuration of TQt/E.
2002/01/04 23:32:42 phil
Added the dragdrop example from Issac Trotts.
2002/01/04 15:41:11 phil
Added the Zaurus information.
Minor updates to READMEs etc.
2002/01/03 00:41:26 phil
The build script now copes when tmake and/or sgmltools is missing.
Added support to the build system for TQPE.
Added the qtpe module.
Added the TQPEApplication class (not yet working).
Changed the build system so that there is only one instance of the helper code
and it is more a part of the build system rather than being so closely tied in
which SIP.
configure now allows the directory where the Python modules are to be installed
to be specified.
2001/12/27 12:28:07 phil
Fixed all TQt3 writeBlock() methods.
Changes required by the latest SIP.
Support for TQt/Embedded on the Sharp Zaurus.
Removed the TQDragResponseEvent internal class.
Added the missing TQImageTextKeyLang class.
Added the missing TQImage.dotsPerMeterX(), TQImage.dotsPerMeterY(),
TQImage.setDotsPerMeterX(), TQImage.setDotsPerMeterY(), TQImage.offset(),
TQImage.setOffset(), TQImage.textList(), TQImage.textLanguages(),
TQImage.textKeys(), TQImage.text() and TQImage.setText() methods.
Added the TQValueList<TQImageTextLangKey> mapped type.
2001/12/09 11:38:47 phil
configure now looks for TQt v3.0.1.
The build system now handles TQt v3.0.1.
.sip file changes needed by TQt v3.0.1.
Updated pyuic3 from TQt v3.0.1.
2001/12/06 11:03:29 phil
Fixed more pyuic3 bugs.
Fixed the ownership bug in all TQCheckListItem ctors.
2001/12/04 10:40:56 phil
Fixed bugs in TQSocket.readLine() and TQSocket.readBlock().
2001/12/01 18:37:31 phil
Fixed TQWidget.reparent().
Removed the TQDateTimeEditBase internal class.
Bug fixes for pyuic3.
configure now allows the location of zlib to be specified.
Used AC_HELP_STRING throughout acinclude.m4.
2001/11/25 18:27:27 phil
Minor fixes for pyuic3.
2001/11/17 14:48:19 phil
Added the missing tqInitNetworkProtocols() function to the qtnetwork module.
Added the missing TQRect.contains() variant.
Changed TQByteArray, TQCString and TQString %ConvertToTypeCode to convert None
objects to empty instances.
Changed TQFileInfoList, TQKeySequence, TQPtrList<TQNetworkOperation>, TQMemArray<int>,
TQObjectList, TQPair<int,int>, TQPtrList<TQNetworkOperation>,
TQPtrList<TQWindowsMime>, TQStrList, TQValueList<TQUrlInfo>, TQValueList<int> and
TQWidgetList %ConvertToTypeCode to handle None objects.
Fixes to the .spec file.
Fixed ownership issues with TQWidget.reparent().
2001/11/11 19:01:27 phil
configure will search for TQt v2.3.2.
Fixed bugs in pyuic for TQt3 (thanks to Andreas Gerstlauer).
Fixed bug in Windows detection (thanks to Andreas Gerstlauer).
Fixed the TQt3 TQSizePolicy ctor.
2001/10/28 10:33:03 phil
Generated with the latest SIP.
2001/10/26 23:33:45 phil
Fixed the ChangeLog.
2001/10/26 23:32:23 phil
Changed the way Python special methods are defined to conform to the latest
Added __unicode__ to TQString for Python v2.2.
Fixed a couple of bugs in pyuic for TQt3.
Changed TQString.__str__() to do the "right thing".
2001/10/21 13:51:26 phil
Fixed the new TQImage ctor.
Fixed the long standing problem converting a TQString to Python using unicode().
Fixed bugs with TQFile.readBlock() and TQFile.readLine().
2001/10/19 23:34:04 phil
Applied Alan Eldridge's patch for the .spec file.
Made the second parameter to and TQObject.trUtf8() optional.
Added the missing TQImage ctor.
Fixed pyuic for TQt3.
2001/10/13 11:20:53 phil
Fixed problem with TQMenuData.insertItem() when the TQKeySequence argument was
Ported the remaining examples.
2001/10/12 22:46:59 phil
Minor fixes to get the SQL module to build.
Created a separate examples directory for TQt3.
Changes required for the final release of TQt v3.0.0.
2001/10/12 10:19:27 phil
Added the qtsql module.
Added the TQDataBrowser, TQDataTable, TQDataView, TQEditorFactory, TQGridView,
TQLibrary, TQObjectCleanupHandler, TQProcess, TQSql, TQSqlCursor, TQSqlDatabase,
TQSqlDriver, TQSqlEditorFactory, TQSqlError, TQSqlField, TQSqlFieldInfo, TQSqlForm,
TQSqlIndex, TQSqlPropertyMap, TQSqlQuery, TQSqlRecord, TQSqlRecordInfo, TQSqlResult,
TQStyleFactory and TQWindowsMime TQt3 classes.
Implemented TQPtrList<TQWindowsMime>.
Renamed TQLineEdit.del() to TQLineEdit.delChar().
Renamed TQMultiLineEdit.deleteChar() to TQMultiLineEdit.delChar().
Fixed TQLineEdit super class for TQt3.
2001/10/07 18:47:03 phil
Updated the .spec file with the new modules.
Fixed a bug in the build process.
2001/10/06 18:20:00 phil
configure now handles multi-threaded TQt.
Moved Canvas module classes to the new qtcanvas module.
Moved Network module classes to the new qtnetwork module.
Moved Table module classes to the new qttable module.
Moved XML module classes to the new qtxml module.
Added the TQSound class.
2001/10/04 21:33:48 phil
Added the TQt3 classes TQDateEdit, TQDateTimeEdit, TQTimeEdit, TQErrorMessage,
TQPixmapCache and TQSettings.
Added the TQt2 class TQDns.
Added TQCustomMenuEvent, TQIMEvent and TQTabletEvent to the list of new TQt3
classes in the documentation.
Restructure the top-level SIP files so that the documentation is completely
2001/09/30 10:48:01 phil
Implemented TQPair<int,int>.
Bug fixing of revised hand-written code.
Changes to get pyuic to compile against TQt3.
2001/09/28 23:13:01 phil
Upgraded to TQt v3.0.0Beta6.
Changes required to handwritten code by the new sipParseArgs().
Added the missing TQObject.connect() variant.
Renamed TQDate.isValidDate() to TQDate.isValid().
Renamed TQTime.isValidTime() to TQTime.isValid().
Renamed TQFile.fileExists() to TQFile.exists().
Renamed TQFile.removeFile() to TQFile.remove().
2001/09/23 20:04:21 phil
Re-added TQInterlaceStyle.
Changes required by TQt v3.0.0 Beta5.
Implemented TQMenuItem as an opaque class.
Added the missing TQSGIStyle class.
Added the missing TQMenuData.findItem(), TQMotifPlusStyle.drawMenuBarItem(),
TQMotifPlusStyle.drawPopupMenuItem(), TQMotifStyle.drawPopupMenuItem(),
TQMotifStyle.extraPopupMenuItemWidth(), TQMotifStyle.popupMenuItemHeight(),
TQPlatinumStyle.drawPopupMenuItem(), TQPlatinumStyle.extraPopupMenuItemWidth(),
TQPlatinumStyle.popupMenuItemHeight(), TQPopupMenu.drawItem(),
TQPopupMenu.itemHeight(), TQStyle.drawPopupMenuItem(), TQStyle.drawMenuBarItem(),
TQStyle.extraPopupMenuItemWidth(), TQStyle.popupMenuItemHeight(),
TQWindowsStyle.drawMenuBarItem(), TQWindowsStyle.extraPopupMenuItemWidth(),
Added the TQStyleOption TQt3 class.
Classes converted to TQt3: TQGL et al, TQCDEStyle, TQCommonStyle, TQMotifPlusStyle,
TQMotifStyle, TQPlatinumStyle, TQStyle, TQWindowsStyle.
2001/09/21 17:12:07 phil
The following classes were fully converted to TQt3: TQFile, TQFileDialog,
TQFileInfo, TQFontDatabase, TQFontDialog, TQIconView, TQIconViewItem, TQInputDialog,
TQNetworkProtocol, TQPaintDeviceMetrics, TQPrintDialog, TQPrinter, TQProgressBar,
TQProgressDialog, TQRadioButton, TQSemiModal, TQServerSocket, TQSimpleRichText,
TQSizeGrip, TQSocket, TQSpinBox, TQTabDialog, TQTextBrowser, TQTextStream, TQUrl,
TQUrlOperator, TQWhatsThis, TQWidgetStack, TQWizard, TQWorkspace.
Added the missing TQFileIconProvider, TQFontDialog, TQTextBrowser and TQWidgetStack
private copy ctors.
Added the missing TQFileDialog.done(), TQIconView.dropped(),
TQIconViewItem.dropped(), TQNetworkProtocol.newChildren(),
TQPrintDialog.addButton(), TQProgressDialog.forceShow(),
TQUrlOperator.newChildren() and TQUrlOperator.startNextCopy() methods.
Added the missing TQIconDrag and TQIconDragItem classes.
Implemented TQPtrList<TQNetworkOperation>, TQPtrList<TQNetworkOperation>,
TQValueList<TQIconDragItem> and TQValueList<TQUrlInfo>.
Added the missing TransferThis to the TQPrintDialog ctor.
Moved the TQPtrList<> and TQPtrList<> templates to their own files.
2001/09/21 00:32:29 phil
Forgot to add the new qmemarray.sip file.
2001/09/21 00:31:34 phil
Fully converted the following classes to TQt3: TQAction, TQActionGroup,
TQColorDialog, TQDial, TQDom et al, TQMessageBox, TQPopupMenu, TQPushButton,
TQScrollBar, TQScrollView, TQSplitter, TQStatusBar, TQTable, TQTableItem, TQTabWidget,
TQToolButton, TQToolTip, TQToolTipGroup.
Added the following missing methods: TQColorDialog.customColor(),
TQColorDialog.customCount(), TQColorDialog.getRgba(),
TQColorDialog.setCustomColor(), TQScrollBar.minValue(), TQScrollBar.maxValue(),
TQScrollBar.setMinValue(), TQScrollBar.setMaxValue(), TQScrollBar.lineStep(),
TQScrollBar.pageStep(), TQScrollBar.setLineStep(), TQScrollBar.setPageStep(),
TQScrollBar.value(), TQScrollBar.setValue(), TQToolTip.hide(),
TQToolTipGroup.enabled(), TQToolTipGroup.setEnabled().
Added the missing TQDir.match() variant.
Removed the handling of TQValueList<int> out of TQSplitter and made it generic.
Added the following TQt3 classes: TQCheckTableItem, TQComboItem.
Removed TQTabWidget.selected() as it is not part of the official API.
2001/09/16 18:12:22 phil
Removed the Transfer flag from the TQWidget parameter to TQLayout.add(),
TQGridLayout.addWidget(), TQGridLayout.addMultiCellWidget(),
TQBoxLayout.addWidget() and TQBoxLayout.insertWidget().
Fixes to the build process so it works with the latest automake.
2001/09/14 16:40:03 phil
Added the missing method.
2001/09/14 15:17:17 phil
Changes to and TQObject.trUtf8() so that they work as expected with
Put back the separate builds for TQt v2.3.0 and v2.3.1.
Put back TQPrinter.PageSize.Custom for TQt v2.3.1.
Added the new /AutoGen/ option where needed.
2001/09/09 16:26:16 phil
TQGrid, TQLCDNumber, TQListBox, TQListBoxItem, TQListBoxPixmap, TQListBoxText,
TQMenuBar, TQMenuData, TQRangeControl and TQSlider fully converted to TQt3.
A TQString or int can now be supplied whenever a TQKeySequence is expected.
The missing TQListBox.isRubberSelecting(), TQMenuBar.activateItemAt(),
TQMenuBar.focusInEvent(), TQMenuBar.isDefaultUp(), TQMenuBar.minimumSize(),
TQMenuBar.minimumSizeHint(), TQMenuBar.setDefaultUp() methods have been added.
2001/09/07 16:15:28 phil
Added the new TQKeySequence .sip file and remove the TQInterlaceStyle .sip file.
2001/09/07 16:13:22 phil
Added the missing TQAccel ctor.
Added the missing TQHeader.setUpdatesEnabled(), TQHeader.showEvent() and
TQLineEdit.displayText() methods.
Added the missing TQColorDrag class.
Converted all the TQt3 changes to Beta4.
Added the TQKeySequence TQt3 class.
Fully converted TQComboBox, TQDialog, TQDragObject, TQGridLayout, TQHeader, TQLayout,
TQLineEdit, TQUriDrag and TQWidgetItem to TQt3.
Removed the TQBitArray related methods from TQVariant.
Removed the TQInterlaceStyle class.
Remove TQPrinter.PageSize.Custom so that the v2.3.1 build is the same as v2.3.0.
TQObject.className() now works with Python classes.
Upgraded to libtool-1.4.1.
2001/09/02 17:13:50 phil
Fully converted the following classes to TQt3: TQButton, TQButtonGroup, TQCanvas et
al, TQCheckBox, TQCheckListItem, TQGroupBox, TQLabel, TQListView, TQListViewItem.
pyuic now generates double quoted strings rather than single quoted strings.
Upgraded to autoconf-2.52 and automake-1.5.
2001/08/15 19:18:39 phil
Added the TQt3 classes TQRegExpValidator and TQTextEdit.
Added the missing TQPainter.pos() and TQTranslator.messages() methods.
Added all methods that use TQDataStream now that it has been implemented.
Removed TQTableHeader as it isn't part of the documented API.
Fully converted the TQFrame, TQHBox, TQPainter, TQPicture, TQPointArray, TQRect,
TQRegExp, TQSessionManager, TQStyleSheet, TQStyleSheetItem, TQTab, TQTabBar,
TQTextCodec, TQTextView, TQTranslator, TQTranslatorMessage, TQVariant, TQVBox and
TQWMatrix classes to TQt3.
2001/08/14 16:10:26 phil
Added the TQDesktopWidget, TQDockArea and TQDockWindow TQt3 widgets.
Fully converted the TQApplication, TQClipboard, TQChar, TQColorGroup, TQDate,
TQDateTime, TQFontMetrics, TQIconSet, TQMainWindow, TQMimeSource,
TQMimeSourceFactory, TQPalette, TQString, TQTime and TQToolBar classes to TQt3.
Added the missing TQChar.nbsp, TQChar.isLetterOrNumber(), TQChar.mirroredChar(),
TQImage.inputFormatList(), TQImage.outputFormatList(),
TQMimeSourceFactory.filePath(), TQMimeSourceFactory.addFilePath() and
TQPalette.inactive() methods.
Added the missing TQString.append() and TQString.prepend() variants.
Renamed TQTime.IsValidTime() to TQTime.isValidTime().
Made TQPtrList<TQToolBar> a mapped type now that SIP can handle mapped templates.
2001/08/10 18:03:56 phil
Final documentation changes for v2.5.
2001/08/10 14:54:29 phil
Fixed typo in the TQt3 versioning.
2001/08/08 23:28:38 phil
User events get converted to TQCustomEvents rather than TQEvents.
Finally decided to implement Display * as void *.
TQEvent etc., TQFont, TQFontInfo, TQMultiLineEdit and TQTableView converted to TQt3.
2001/08/07 22:37:16 phil
TQWidget is now converted to TQt3.
Added the missing TQWidget.customEvent().
Changed Display to be a class rather than a struct.
Fix a problem with the normal build process caused by the new TQt3 stuff.
Added the temporary qt3.sip-in file.
2001/08/07 19:57:06 phil
Fixed a typo in the clean target.
Added TQt3 support for TQColor, TQCursor, TQObject, TQPaintDevice, TQPixmap and
Added TQColor.getHsv().
Added the Display opaque structure.
Added tqt_xdisplay(), tqt_xscreen() and tqt_xrootwin().
Added TQPaintDevice.x11Display(), TQPaintDevice.x11AppDisplay,
TQPaintDevice.x11SetAppDpiX() and TQPaintDevice.x11SetAppDpiY().
Added the missing variant.
2001/08/06 19:57:09 phil
Build changes for the qtgl module under Windows.
The HTML documentation is no longer put into a compressed tar file.
Fixed a minor bug in the example.
Changed the configure test for OpenGL support.
2001/08/01 22:15:38 phil
More minor build changes.
Fixed TQApplication.winVersion().
Fixed Windows pyuic Makefiles.
2001/07/30 22:55:33 phil
Changed the build process so that the current version doesn't have to be the
latest version.
Changed AMTAR to TAR.
Generate Makefiles that support TQt-NC (untested).
2001/07/27 22:18:26 phil
The different types that are mapped to Python lists will now return an empty
list (rather than None) when given a NULL pointer.
Fixed a problem detecting -fno-exceptions.
Added TQDataStream.
Added the TQDom classes.
2001/07/21 15:46:35 phil
Used the new %Timeline and %ImportWithTimeline directives.
Added version control to the qtgl module.
2001/07/20 23:19:06 phil
Fixed the memory leaks related to sipMapCppToSelf() in hand-written code.
Changed the build system to handle different versions of PyTQt for different
versions of TQt.
2001/07/17 07:44:09 phil
Changes needed by the latest SIP - Version and %MappedType.
Fixed TQScrollView.addChild().
2001/06/29 16:24:55 phil
Minor changes to the BlackAdder DistUtils setup.
2001/06/28 23:34:54 phil
Addedpost-hooks to complement the existing pre-hooks.
Added the Pizza example project.
2001/06/24 15:12:44 phil
Minor changes to pyuic for BlackAdder.
Moved the BlackAdder specific stuff to its own directory.
2001/06/19 15:54:23 phil
Fixed the problems with TQLineEdit.event() and TQMultiLineEdit.event().
2001/06/18 10:35:45 phil
Re-enabled TQInterlaceStype for TQt v2.3.1+.
configure now looks for TQt v2.3.1.
Added TQPrinter.PageSize.Custom.
Updates to pyuic from TQt v2.3.1.
2001/06/02 17:02:01 phil
Fixed the TQTranslatorMessage documentation.
2001/05/31 21:01:16 phil
Added the missing TQTranslator methods.
Added the TQTranslatorMessage class.
2001/05/30 21:22:42 phil
Fixed incorrect definition of TQTextView.setText().
Added the /Constraint/ argument everywhere it was needed.
Removed all methods that could never be called because they had different C++
signatures, but the same Python signatures.
2001/05/22 19:36:24 phil
Added the missing TQWidget.reparent() variant.
Added the qtgl module.
2001/05/14 20:14:36 phil
Removed the TQInterlaceStyle class untill Trolltech fix the Windows port.
2001/05/13 17:16:43 phil
Added the missing variant of TQInputDialog.getText().
2001/05/07 16:50:14 phil
Added fix to pyuic for escaping single quotes properly.
2001/04/29 16:21:20 phil
Minor configuration changes.
2001/04/22 15:26:48 phil
Added the missing TQFileDialog.getExistingDirectory() method.
Upgraded to automake v1.4d.
2001/04/19 22:10:42 phil
Final changes for the release of v2.4.
2001/04/15 00:38:40 phil
Added missing methods to TQMotifStyle.
Added missing enum value to TQPalette.
Updated the example.
2001/04/13 13:52:21 phil
Added TQCustomEvent.
2001/04/08 13:24:53 phil
Added the missing final parameter to TQMultiLineEdit.insertAt().
Updated the documentation ready for v2.4.
2001/03/05 23:13:16 phil
Added the new methods and classes implemented in TQt v2.3.0-beta1.
Updated pyuic from TQt v2.3.0-beta1.
2001/03/04 16:22:05 phil
Fixed bugs with argument parsing in some handwritten code. Only came to light
with Python 2.1b1.
2001/03/01 19:51:38 phil
The generated configure now uses the Python interpreter to find where Python is
2001/02/16 10:53:21 phil
Added a couple of methods missing from TQLineEdit.
2001/02/04 14:39:56 phil
Configure now checks for TQt v2.2.4 and Python v2.1.
Release as v2.3.
2001/01/23 19:23:06 phil
Added the BlackAdder project files.
Various packaging changes for BlackAdder.
2001/01/09 11:45:51 phil
Added some missing TQSlider methods.
Added some documentation about multiple inheritance.
2000/12/24 18:25:52 phil
Fixed a couple of bugs in the examples.
Updated the documentation ready for v2.3.
2000/12/19 14:51:01 phil
Added the pre-hooks just before all calls to the TQt event loop.
Changed the TQApplication hook to use the new sipCallHook() function.
2000/12/13 20:15:55 phil
Really fixed pyuic this time.
pyuic now tries to do something sensible with custom widgets - it assumes they
are in another module and tries to import them. The module name is the header
file name specified in TQt Designer with any extension removed.
2000/12/13 18:00:46 phil
Repaired some damage to pyuic caused when integrating the TQt v2.2.3 changes.
2000/12/13 10:42:19 phil
Changed the configuration to look for TQt v2.2.3.
Updated pyuic to track changes to uic in TQt v2.2.3.
2000/12/12 17:46:14 phil
Added TQCustomMenuItem.
Added the missing TQMenuData.insertItem methods.
Changed all the handwritten occurences of sipParseArgs() to use the new version
that supports better error reporting.
2000/12/11 12:15:48 phil
Added the, and examples.
Removed the deprecated behaviour of repr() for TQString, TQCString and
2000/12/03 17:44:41 phil
Documented that you can't sub-class TQCanvasItem.
repr() of TQString et al. now does the same as repr() of any other class.
2000/12/01 01:31:48 phil
Slight changes to some of the tutorials so that they will run with Python 1.x.
Updated the example.
2000/11/30 15:57:54 phil
Modified the tutorial example scripts to match the C++ ones with TQt v2.x.
Removed the old TQt v1.x example scripts.
2000/11/29 09:37:56 phil
Added the missing TQMessage.setTextFormat() and TQMessage.textFormat().
2000/11/24 12:04:04 phil
Added TQPushButton.isFlat() and TQPushButton.setFlat().
2000/11/12 21:22:02 phil
pyuic fixed to handle TQLabel buddies properly.
2000/11/11 14:31:07 phil
Added documentation to TQListView and TQListViewItem about how to delete child
Updated pyuic from TQt v2.2.2 uic.
Updated configure to look for TQt v2.2.2.
2000/11/09 10:16:24 phil
Fixed compilation problem with TQString with TQt v1.x.
2000/11/08 12:43:56 phil
A couple of minor fixes to pyuic.
A couple of more major fixes to the debugger so that it will properly go into
other modules of the same application.
2000/11/05 20:59:51 phil
Implemented __str__ for TQByteArray, TQCString and TQString. Changed __repr__ to
not raise an exception on null instances.
Added a section to the documentation covering Python and TQt strings.
Released v2.2.
2000/11/02 14:57:18 phil
Added missing %HeaderCode in qsizepolicy.sip.
Added %Copying.
Added __pyTQtTQAppHook__
Fixed the debugger for Windows.
Added TQSocket, TQServerSocket and TQHostAddress.
2000/10/20 23:30:22 phil
Added the missing TQPalette.setInactive().
Colour related fixes to pyuic (thanks to Robert Roy).
2000/10/18 16:24:37 phil
Minor fixes to pyuic.
Final updates for v2.1.
2000/10/15 20:30:19 phil
Fixed problem with the debugger code being included.
Changed the documentation for v2.1pre1.
2000/10/13 18:58:35 phil
Fixed pyuic bug related to TQToolTip.
configure will now look for TQt v2.2.1.
2000/10/11 17:21:59 phil
Added the example.
Fixed bugs with slot arguments in TQMovie.
2000/10/11 13:32:25 phil
The TQApplication dtor now makes sure that any top-pevel windows don't get
deleted twice.
Changed the Shell banner in eric to be closer to Python 2.0.
2000/10/08 16:31:50 phil
Added the debugger code (forgot last time).
2000/10/08 16:26:29 phil
Added eric the debugger.
2000/10/06 12:55:57 phil
Updated pyuic for TQt v2.2.1.
Fixed problems with TQInputDialog.getValue() and TQInputDialog.getText().
2000/10/03 16:35:25 phil
Added the missing /Transfer/ to TQStatusBar.addWidget().
Added the missing /TransferBack/ to TQStatusBar.removeWidget().
2000/10/02 21:45:56 phil
Added the missing TQCanvasPixmapArray ctor.
Added the len, [] and in operators to TQStringList.
2000/10/01 12:37:31 phil
Backed out the changes to the examples as they are no longer needed now that
SIP allows slots to be called with more arguments than expected. This means
that the breakage described in the previous ChangeLog entry has now been
2000/10/01 00:50:32 phil
Added the missing TQMenuData.setItemParameter(), TQMenuData.itemParameter() and
TQMenuData.insertItem() and TQAccel.connectItem() now expect slots that will take
an argument. THIS WILL BREAK SCRIPTS - but is the correct behaviour because
PyTQt doesn't support the TQt feature of a slot consuming fewer arguments than a
signal provides.
2000/09/28 23:09:51 phil
Added the missing /TransferThis/ in the TQWorkspace ctor.
2000/09/28 16:31:19 phil
Added missing TQWidget.isHidden(), TQWidget.isMaximized() and
2000/09/28 10:27:39 phil
Added /Transfer/ to TQApplication::postEvent().
2000/09/27 17:21:27 phil
Fixed the TQDir ctor for TQt v2+.
2000/09/25 12:02:15 phil
Fixed TQBoxLayout::findWidget() so that it compiles under TQt v2.0.x.
2000/09/20 11:03:00 phil
Added the README about building from the CVS.
Minor changes prior to moving the CVS tree to
2000/09/19 08:25:47 phil
Added the automatic ChangeLog.
Added the missing keyReleaseEvent() from TQButton.
Added the missing TQValidator::State::Intermediate.
pyuic was generating bad code for TQWizards. Also improved the standalone
support code.