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* This file is the basis of a custom Python interpreter. Use it for Linux,
* UNIX and Windows (console). You will also need to edit
#include <Python.h>
int main(int argc, char **argv)
* Declare the module initialisation function for each module you want
* to be a builtin in the custom interpreter. The name of the function
* will be the name of the module with "init" prepended. The modules
* must be built as static libraries (using the -k flag to
* for SIP and PyTQt).
/* The sip module will be builtin. */
extern void initsip(void);
* Uncomment these (and in the structure below) to include the PyTQt
* modules as builtins.
/* extern void initqt(void);*/
/* extern void initqtaxcontainer(void);*/
/* extern void initqtcanvas(void);*/
/* extern void initqtext(void);*/
/* extern void initqtgl(void);*/
/* extern void initqtnetwork(void);*/
/* extern void initqtsql(void);*/
/* extern void initqttable(void);*/
/* extern void initqtui(void);*/
/* extern void initqtxml(void);*/
* This structure specifies the names and initialisation functions of
* the builtin modules.
struct _inittab builtin_modules[] = {
{"sip", initsip},
/* {"qt", initqt},*/
/* {"qtaxcontainer", initqtaxcontainer},*/
/* {"qtcanvas", initqtcanvas},*/
/* {"qtext", initqtext},*/
/* {"qtgl", initqtgl},*/
/* {"qtnetwork", initqtnetwork},*/
/* {"qtsql", initqtsql},*/
/* {"qttable", initqttable},*/
/* {"qtui", initqtui},*/
/* {"qtxml", initqtxml},*/
return Py_Main(argc, argv);