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"""This Python script uses the SIP build system to create a Makefile for
building a custom Python interpreter. The script doesn't take any command line
flags - just edit it to suit your needs. You will also need to edit custom.c
or customw.c.
import sys
import sipconfig
# Get the SIP configuration.
cfg = sipconfig.Configuration()
# This is the name of the interpreter executable (excluding any platform
# specific extension.
InterpreterName = "custom"
# Set this to True to create a non-console interpreter on Windows (ie. a custom
# version of pythonw). Make sure you make changes to customw.c rather than
# custom.c. It is ignored on other platforms.
WindowsInterpreter = False
# Set this to the list of the name of modules to be builtin to the custom
# interpreter. The modules must also be added to custom.c and/or customw.c.
Modules = ["sip"]
#Modules = ["sip", "qt", "qtaxcontainer", "qtcanvas", "qtext", "qtgl",
# "qtnetwork", "qtsql", "qttable", "qtui", "qtxml"]
# Set this to the name of the directory containing the static modules.
ModuleDirectory = cfg.default_mod_dir
# Set this to the list of additional libraries to link with the custom
# interpreter.
ExtraLibraries = []
#ExtraLibraries = ["qassistantclient"]
# Set this to the list of additional directory names to search for any
# additional libraries.
ExtraLibraryDirectories = []
# Set this to the name of the directory containing the Python library.
PythonLibraryDirectory = cfg.py_lib_dir
# Make platform specific modifications.
if sys.platform == "linux2":
# Create a dictionary describing the target and source files to be passed to
# the SIP build system.
build = {}
if sys.platform == "win32" and WindowsInterpreter:
build["target"] = InterpreterName + "w"
build["sources"] = "customw.c"
console = False
build["target"] = InterpreterName
build["sources"] = "custom.c"
console = True
# Assume Qt support is required if Qt support was enabled in the sip module.
qt = (cfg.qt_version > 0)
# Create the Makefile instance.
mf = sipconfig.ProgramMakefile(cfg, build, python=True, console=console, qt=qt)
# Modify the Makefile according to the values set above.
if sys.platform == "win32":
pylib = "python%u%u"
pylib = "python%u.%u"
mf.extra_libs.append(pylib % ((cfg.py_version >> 16), ((cfg.py_version >> 8) & 0xff)))
# Generate the Makefile itself.