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* This file defines the SIP library internal interfaces.
* Copyright (c) 2010 Riverbank Computing Limited <>
* This file is part of SIP.
* This copy of SIP is licensed for use under the terms of the SIP License
* Agreement. See the file LICENSE for more details.
* This copy of SIP may also used under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License v2 or v3 as published by the Free Software Foundation which can be
* found in the files LICENSE-GPL2 and LICENSE-GPL3 included in this package.
* SIP is supplied WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#ifndef _SIPINT_H
#define _SIPINT_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#undef TRUE
#define TRUE 1
#undef FALSE
#define FALSE 0
* This defines a single entry in an object map's hash table.
typedef struct
void *key; /* The C/C++ address. */
sipSimpleWrapper *first; /* The first object at this address. */
} sipHashEntry;
* This defines the interface to a hash table class for mapping C/C++ addresses
* to the corresponding wrapped Python object.
typedef struct
int primeIdx; /* Index into table sizes. */
unsigned long size; /* Size of hash table. */
unsigned long unused; /* Nr. unused in hash table. */
unsigned long stale; /* Nr. stale in hash table. */
sipHashEntry *hash_array; /* Current hash table. */
} sipObjectMap;
* Support for the descriptors.
extern PyTypeObject sipMethodDescr_Type;
PyObject *sipMethodDescr_New(PyMethodDef *pmd);
extern PyTypeObject sipVariableDescr_Type;
PyObject *sipVariableDescr_New(sipVariableDef *vd, const sipTypeDef *td,
const sipContainerDef *cod);
* Support for API versions.
PyObject *sipGetAPI(PyObject *self, PyObject *args);
PyObject *sipSetAPI(PyObject *self, PyObject *args);
int sip_api_is_api_enabled(const char *name, int from, int to);
int sipIsRangeEnabled(sipExportedModuleDef *em, int range_index);
int sipInitAPI(sipExportedModuleDef *em, PyObject *mod_dict);
* Support for void pointers.
extern PyTypeObject sipVoidPtr_Type;
void *sip_api_convert_to_void_ptr(PyObject *obj);
PyObject *sip_api_convert_from_void_ptr(void *val);
PyObject *sip_api_convert_from_const_void_ptr(const void *val);
PyObject *sip_api_convert_from_void_ptr_and_size(void *val, SIP_SSIZE_T size);
PyObject *sip_api_convert_from_const_void_ptr_and_size(const void *val,
SIP_SSIZE_T size);
extern sipTQtAPI *sipTQtSupport; /* The TQt support API. */
extern sipWrapperType sipSimpleWrapper_Type; /* The simple wrapper type. */
extern sipTypeDef *sipTQObjectType; /* The TQObject type. */
void *sipGetRx(sipSimpleWrapper *txSelf, const char *sigargs, PyObject *rxObj,
const char *slot, const char **memberp);
PyObject *sip_api_connect_rx(PyObject *txObj, const char *sig, PyObject *rxObj,
const char *slot, int type);
PyObject *sip_api_disconnect_rx(PyObject *txObj, const char *sig,
PyObject *rxObj,const char *slot);
* These are part of the SIP API but are also used within the SIP module.
void *sip_api_malloc(size_t nbytes);
void sip_api_free(void *mem);
void *sip_api_get_cpp_ptr(sipSimpleWrapper *w, const sipTypeDef *td);
PyObject *sip_api_convert_from_type(void *cppPtr, const sipTypeDef *td,
PyObject *transferObj);
void sip_api_common_dtor(sipSimpleWrapper *sipSelf);
void sip_api_start_thread(void);
void sip_api_end_thread(void);
void sip_api_free_sipslot(sipSlot *slot);
int sip_api_same_slot(const sipSlot *sp, PyObject *rxObj, const char *slot);
PyObject *sip_api_invoke_slot(const sipSlot *slot, PyObject *sigargs);
void *sip_api_convert_rx(sipWrapper *txSelf, const char *sigargs,
PyObject *rxObj, const char *slot, const char **memberp, int flags);
int sip_api_save_slot(sipSlot *sp, PyObject *rxObj, const char *slot);
* These are not part of the SIP API but are used within the SIP module.
void sipSaveMethod(sipPyMethod *pm,PyObject *meth);
void *sipGetPending(sipWrapper **op, int *fp);
PyObject *sipWrapSimpleInstance(void *cppPtr, const sipTypeDef *td,
sipWrapper *owner, int initflags);
void *sipConvertRxEx(sipWrapper *txSelf, const char *sigargs,
PyObject *rxObj, const char *slot, const char **memberp, int flags);
void sipOMInit(sipObjectMap *om);
void sipOMFinalise(sipObjectMap *om);
sipSimpleWrapper *sipOMFindObject(sipObjectMap *om, void *key,
const sipTypeDef *td);
void sipOMAddObject(sipObjectMap *om, sipSimpleWrapper *val);
int sipOMRemoveObject(sipObjectMap *om, sipSimpleWrapper *val);
void sipSetBool(void *ptr,int val);
void *sipGetAddress(sipSimpleWrapper *w);
#ifdef __cplusplus