203 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Slávek Banko 1d8a7873c0 Fix CMP0054 warnings with CMake 3.1 5 years ago
  Slávek Banko 1d1f9fc4fd Fix CMP0011 warning related to CMP0026 5 years ago
  Slávek Banko beb73fe239 Fix characters disallowed for target name in tde_create_translation 5 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 1994b80881 Bring package_development, package_games, package_graphics, package_network, package_multimedia, package_wordprocessing, edu_science, package_utilities, input_devices_settings, kcmsystem, personal, and looknfeel icons into XDG compliance 6 years ago
  Slávek Banko 47d775518c Fix FTBFS if PIE is not supported 6 years ago
  Slávek Banko 08c6f54d6f Build setuid binaries with PIE flags 6 years ago
  Slávek Banko 0d5ca8bebb Silence warnings on CMP0026 with CMake 3.x 6 years ago
  Francois Andriot 38a8a335c3 Fix openbsd library naming convention 6 years ago
  Timothy Pearson f405562992 Load metadata into versioned libraries 6 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 5e4b437180 Fill in SCM metadata if present 6 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 836cbcaead Add metadata to shared libraries 6 years ago
  Slávek Banko d29f6d6b10 Rename kdewidgets => tdewidgets 6 years ago
  Slávek Banko ce8049e3aa Fix build with cmake >= 2.8.12 6 years ago
  Alexander Golubev 541bb2f48a Fix FTBFS with clang 6 years ago
  Alexander Golubev b51b691c8b Add support for all-in-one-dir structure in tde_create_translation 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson ba27b9f232 Rename makekdewidgets 7 years ago
  Slávek Banko d53ac2db87 Add compiler flags according to build type 7 years ago
  Francois Andriot b928573e55 Fix 'tde_create_handbook' macro if TDE_HTML_DIR is not set 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 5438330f96 Rename additional header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4 7 years ago
  Slávek Banko 274366fb8b Fix icon name parsing in tde_install_icons 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 9a217903f9 Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4 7 years ago
  Slávek Banko 0953d90e24 Do not create symlink "common" in tde_createte_handbook with NOINDEX flag 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 3e0a4c9f3b Install icons to places instead of filesystems 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson f1cea7f894 Install mng icons as well as png and svg icons 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson cd6c8614e9 Fix TDE version detection 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 477d071b5d Second patch for covariant return type check 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 07921f23f8 Remove spurious tmoc check from tqtqui module 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson ce9e1ce429 Add FindTQtQUI 8 years ago
  Darrell Anderson e47cc63e66 Update XDG information in support of bug report 892. 8 years ago
  Darrell Anderson d2f658ca47 Update final HTML install path so all modules are consistent. 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 6868254e6c Add support for tqt.pc 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson ea715e15ed Added CACHE option to tde_execute_process and clean up build output 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 6b3a1fc54f Rename kde-config to tde-config 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 975cc10f8b Fix vague build errors due to blind execution in CMake 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 8e6f203f92 Add new tde_setup_architecture_flags macro 8 years ago
  Serghei Amelian caedf8323c [TDEMacros.cmake] added tde_save_and_set() macro 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 11b41ecbbc Update version checks 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 4ea6710b85 Add qwizard to kwizard autoconversion from Autotools to CMake 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson e4bd3f0771 Clean up tdelfeditor warnings in CMake builds 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 3b4610f57a Update tdelfeditor argument list 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 6092ca3fd1 Automatically generate ELF metadata for each TDE executable 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 42b03b0965 Additional renaming of kde to tde 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson cb635a74b7 Actually move the kde files that were renamed in the last commit 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 7759772420 Additional kde to tde renaming 9 years ago
  tpearson ae53051703 Enable owner write access on suid executables 9 years ago
  tpearson f573351e65 Fix FTBFS from CMake apidox generation script 9 years ago
  tpearson 6858337caf Add preliminary apidox support to CMake 9 years ago
  tpearson 6e930aafbc Fix FTBFS under CMake 9 years ago
  tpearson 45266df787 Convert remaining references to kde3 (e.g. in paths) to trinity 9 years ago
  tpearson 17d03aa0d5 Revert prior commit as it caused other problems 9 years ago