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In this file I want to try to explain some practical things about Guidance
the "project" and some basic (and hopefully not too heavy) policies about how
things work organisationally.
-- 11 Feb 2007, Simon Edwards <>
The list of developers as of 11 Feb 2007:
Simon Edwards <>, SVN username: sedwards, IRC: sime (unregistered)
Sebastian Kügler <>, SVN username: sebas, IRC: sebas
Yuriy Kozlov <>, SVN username: ykozlov, IRC: yuriy
Martin Böhm <>, SVN username: martinbohm, IRC: ???
"Lure" on #kubuntu-devel will join this list whether he likes it or not if he keeps
on committing stuff to powermanager. ;-)
Main development occurs in KDE's subversion repository in
/trunk/kdereview/guidance. Branches of the stable releases can be found
in svn under /kde/branches/guidance/. 0.6 was used in the Kubuntu Dapper, 0.7
was in Edgy.
Python source code
Use 4 spaces for indentation, for the simple reason that it is very common
and mixing indentation styles is a PITA.
I (Simon) use Qt/KDE style naming conventions for methods. For variable
names I'm a bit inconsistent but it is usually lower case of lower case
with underscores. All I ask is that variable names be descriptive and
TIP: When dealing with translated strings, use uncide() and not str(),
otherwise things will break on translated desktops.
Release procedure
[TODO: explain how a release tarball is created.]