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Here are the top things that need to be or are being worked on in Kicker.
They are rated as to expected difficulty, from one to five stars.
They are also rated as to desirability, from one to five plusses.
Issues Of Import
Layout management
autoexpending panels on the same side of the screen need to stop expanding
at the point they run into each other.
make autohiding panels respect layout geometry too? e.g. don't overlap
autounhiding panels should not obscure other panels
ContainerArea completness
doesn't autoscroll when moving a container
doesn't add items near the mouse even position
Bring some standardization to how the various plugins are handled
Allow menubar == mainpanel
Move more of the buttons/ classes into menuext/
Move appropriate applets into menuext/
revisit libtaskbar and libtaskmanager
coordinate with kasbar authors
add support for composite
revisit DCOP interface
remove old/nonsensical calls
extend with calls to:
retrieve a panel dcop ref
... ?
document functions
namespace it all (KickerLib?)
prep for binary compat
Panner -> core/
does taskbar really need to use Panner?
global.h/cpp -> util.h/cpp
allow usage of KickerTip
poor name =/
shouldn't be so menu-centric either
hiding: it seems there are more geometry calls made than really needed
get rid of movies (which nobody really uses) in PanelButton
Code clean ups
remove pseudo transparency in favour of composite
means handling composite properly, e.g. just the background and not
the actual icons, text, etc.
flatten the PanelExtension -> ContainerArea -> ContainerAreaLayout
hierarchy. perhaps merge PanelExtension and ContainerArea?
get rid of the insane number of classes in ui/?
A _good_ theming system
Being Worked On
Use styleclock.nextVersion()
Get rid of swallow applet
Make trash an extension button
+++++ Keyboard accessability
We will follow the lead of the GNOME panel accessability work:
To summarise:
- Ctrl-Alt-Tab cycles focus between panels [Shift to reverse]
- Tab cycles focus between objects on the focused panel [Shift to
- Arrow keys move focus within a focused applet
- Space activates focused control (on panel or within an applet)
+++++ Settings dialog fix up
*** Now that we have KConfigXT, use it in the settings dialogs
Convert the "Arrangement" and "Hiding" modules. "Menus" and
"Appearance" are done as far as possible.
++++ Floating panels
**** When a panel is set to "floating" the following entries are added
to the [General] config group:
FloatingPosition <-- geometry.topLeft();
FloatingOrientation <-- horizontal or vertical
++++ Drag and drop enhancements
*** Drag and drop behaviour is broken in various ways in kicker.
A popup menu should appear on drop like in Konqueror and KMail.
Dropping on buttons like QuickBrowsers, the Home icon, etc should
behave consistently and like dropping to a file manager window.
There are many DnD reports on which can provide
further inspiration.
++++ Systray icon layout
**** The systray applet does a very basic homebrew layout of the icons
that currently has several flawed assumptions that break when used
with certain applications. These assumptions include that all icons
in a given row will be approximately the same width and that things
are always LTR (left to right). It should use a QGridLayout and
do some semi-intelligent packing of the icons.
++ Dialog for adding elements to the panel
*** Context menus are primarily used by advanced users, and yet this is
the only way to manage the items on the panel. There used to be a
control panel that allowed turning on or off applets on the main panel
but this is obviously too restrictive and I'd prefer not to see yet
another tab in the kicker control panels. A dialog that shows previews
of the specials buttons and applets and allows one to either drag and
drop or with a button add items to a given panel would make kicker that
much more accessable to more of our users.