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Fri Jul 30 22:33:25 1999 Carsten Pfeiffer <>
* kfwin.cpp, kfwin.h: The listview items show a mini-pixmap, like those
in tdefiledialog. For now, they're static icons (only folder and document
icons), maybe we can show the correct icons for the mimetypes, later.
Also introduced drag-support, you can drag files from the list.
* kftabdlg.cpp: accept Key_Enter to start the search, too.
1999-06-13 Harri Porten <>
* kftabdlg.cpp: introduced flexible geometry managment. Patch provided
by Dima Rogozin <>.
1999-04-30 Harri Porten <>
* kftabdlg.cpp: Default to '*' when no filenames are specified and
allow case insensitive text search. Patch provided by Dima Rogozin
1999-04-06 Harri Porten <>
* kfind.cpp: replaced simple delete and free() with delete [] iBuffer
1998-12-07 Mario Weilguni <>
* made it work with Qt 2.0
1998-12-07 Alex Zepeda <>
* kfindtop.cpp: Commented out _height, as it's not used.
1998-11-30 Miroslav Fl<46>dr <>
* Dissabled multiple selection in view because it was not fully
* Fixed problem in nameBox, dirBox combos which caused improper
find query generation (it is still neccesary to fix multiplication of
list entries)
1998-10-23 Alex Zepeda <>
* LICENSE: remove it, it's redundant.
* kfind/README: Tidy up, and mention inclusion in tdebase.
ver. 0.4.1: Mario Weilguni <>
* temporary files are no longer needed
* found files are now shown while searching
* KDE compliant "Help" menu
* max-/min-size box is now disabled per default
* GUI is disabled while searching, makes it easier to see
* kfind compiles now without warnings with -Wall
* result list is now scrollable without having the focus (only page
up and page down)
* moc files are now #included in moc.cpp instead of compiling
separate files. Speeds up compilation and makes binary smaller
* file patterns are remembered between sessions
* introduced new filetypes for searching: files, folders,
symlinks, special files, executables, suid executables
* better keyboard support
ver. 0.4: Mario Weilguni <>
* introduced this ChangeLog
* kfind now uses KShellProcess instead of TDEProcess, makes
regular expression search possible with egrep/xargs
* kftabdlg.cpp: tab-dialog isn't closed anymore if Escape key
is pressed
* kfind can now search for contained text (with egrep)
* "Select All" and "Invert Selection" work now as expected
* "Copy" copies the currently selected items to the X11 selection
* "Unselect All" added for completeness
ver. 0.3.4:
o removed some resizing problems
o kfinds icons now uses only 16 color
o mimetype browser removed from preferences
(something like that should be in kcc)
o kfind sets icon for kwmII
ver. 0.3.3:
o uses TDEProcess
o supports other languages then english (at this time german and czech)
ver. 0.3.2:
o uses KTopLevelWidget and TDEToolBar
o new documentations
ver. 0.3.1:
o new documentation contributed by Mark Roberts
ver. 0.3:
o entry Open in File menu or doubleclick on file executes default binding
o removed bug causing segfaults
ver. 0.2.9:
o uses of autoconf
o you can specify searched directory as kfind argument
o added Icon entry in all provided filetypes (some were
missing this entry and kfm didn't liked it)
ver. 0.2.8:
o kfind is now KDE AWARE application!!
o uses libkde0.7 (=> kmsgbox and ktabctl removed from kfind distribution)
o uses filetypes introduced by Torben Weis for kfm (kfind installs
some more filetypes)
o it is possible to store files in archives
o preferences dialog added
- it is possible to determine filename for results saving
- it is possible to browse available filetypes details
- it is possible to browse available archivers details
(in next version you will be able to change the details)
o calls kfm for properties dialog
o menu entry "remove" removed (kfm properties dialog does the job)
o removed some bugs
ver. 0.2.6:
o reflects changes made by Martin Hartig (known as version 0.2.1)
ver. 0.2.5:
o implemented dir selection box (it is actually a littlebit changed
and striped down version of QFileDialog)
o delete, rename, properties functions are implemented
o function "Open containing folder" implemented (it calls KFM)
o search results are now saved in file ~/.kfind-results.html
(I finally recognized this is better choice than plain text file)
o removed nasty bug causing segfaults when compiler optimization were
o improved Makefile
ver. 0.2:
o all in kfind available options work now ;-))
o better calling of find. It's now separate process => interface isn't
blocked anymore during searching
ver. 0.1: first official release