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#ifndef __RULES_H__
#define __RULES_H__
#include <tqstring.h>
#include <tqdict.h>
#include <tqmap.h>
class XkbRules
XkbRules(bool layoutsOnly=false);
const TQDict<char> &models() const { return m_models; };
const TQDict<char> &layouts() const { return m_layouts; };
const TQDict<char> &options() const { return m_options; };
TQStringList getAvailableVariants(const TQString& layout);
unsigned int getDefaultGroup(const TQString& layout, const TQString& includeGroup);
bool isSingleGroup(const TQString& layout);
void loadRules(TQString filename, bool layoutsOnly=false);
void loadGroups(TQString filename);
void loadOldLayouts(TQString filename);
TQDict<char> m_models;
TQDict<char> m_layouts;
TQDict<char> m_options;
TQMap<TQString, unsigned int> m_initialGroups;
TQDict<TQStringList> m_varLists;
TQStringList m_oldLayouts;
TQStringList m_nonLatinLayouts;
TQString X11_DIR; // pseudo-constant
// void fixLayouts();