Fix kate raising but not grabbing focus when the

--use parameter is used. This resolves bug report 692.
Darrell Anderson 11 years ago
parent 80deb52955
commit 377f84855a

@ -231,7 +231,24 @@ extern "C" KDE_EXPORT int kdemain( int argc, char **argv )
// The --use parameter forces Kate to use a single session window to host
// all opened files. Generally, that parameter works. Yet when a file is
// opened into Kate externally, such as from Konqueror, Kate will pop
// forward (raise) but not grab the focus (show). The following snippet
// resolves that problem. For whatever reason the hide call is needed
// before the raise and show otherwise the snippet fails. Some extra glue
// might be needed. With Kate open:
// "Right-click" on the title bar
// Select Advanced
// Select Special Application Settings (Not Special Window Settings)
// Select the Workarounds tab
// Enable the Focus stealing prevention check box
// Select the Force option
// Select the None option "hide" ); "raise" ); "show" );
// stop startup notification
KStartupInfo::appStarted( );