5 Commits (e031e12d06c77e0a05ad0c30c21f3afea94764af)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Slávek Banko e031e12d06
Respect build option WITH_TDEHWLIB, otherwise it can lead to FTBFS in special cases. 1 year ago
Michele Calgaro 510eea8e73
tdehwdevicetray: added 'Properties' action to right click menu. 2 years ago
Michele Calgaro c71797083b
tdehwdevicetray: added separate entries for 'Open' and 'Mount' actions. 2 years ago
Michele Calgaro d39c407bf4
1) tdehwdevicetray: added support for unmount/unlock/lock operations. 2 years ago
Timothy Pearson b5cb2797d6 Add new hardware device tray application 7 years ago