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KasBar TNG Design
In order to support both the various features people asked for when I
discussed Kasbar on without ending up with a completely
unmaintainable application, I've decided to rewrite the code. It's a
fairly small application, so this isn't a big deal. The task management
side of things (interacting with the window manager etc.) is now handled
via the standard TaskManager API provided by kicker.
The division of labour between the classes is like this:
* KasBar, KasItem, KasPopup
These classes implement the KasBar widget. KasBar provides the
layout and smart redraws while the KasItem class is an abstract
interface for the items forming the bars contents. The KasPopup
class provides a self positioning widget that should be subclassed
to provide useful information.
These classes are usable standalone.
* KasTasker, KasTaskItem, KasTaskPopup
These classes provide the glue linking the task management and
karbar modules together.
* KasGroupItem, KasGroupPopup
These class provide a container item for a group of tasks, and popup
window that shows them in a KasTasker widget.
* KasBarExtension
This class handles integration with kicker and configuration info.
* KasPrefsDlg
This is the configuration dialog. It acts directly on the kastasker
widget to provide immediate feedback of the effects of configuration
changes. Any changes being previewed are reverted if the user cancels
the dialog because the configuration is reloaded.