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2004-06-10 Dan Bullok <>
* Fixed Bug 42278 - Strange layout with Kicker and custom size. Now buttons are never wider (for horizontal) or taller (for vertical) than 58 pixels.
* Added some symbolic constants for some kicker values (max size, min size, default custom size), that were previously hard-coded in a few places.
2002-01-03 John Firebaugh <>
* Use mouse polling instead of enter/leave events to trigger auto-unhiding. Much more reliable and will allow us to do things like only unhide at the corners or when the mouse hits the edge of the screen with a certain velocity. Also fixes #27660.
* New class core/panelmanager.cpp. For now, just has code for auto-hide, but will soon handle the screen layout of the panels.
2002-01-02 John Firebaugh <>
* Now you can set the alignment by dnd.
2002-01-01 John Firebaugh <>
* Make the action taken for each mouse button on a task container configurable.
* Add Task::lower() method.
2002-01-01 John Firebaugh <>
* Add "Custom" item to size menu, restore checkmark next to current size.
* Add "Custom" radio button to kcmkicker, handle custom sizes correctly, i.e. don't keep resetting it to normal.
2001-12-30 John Firebaugh <>
* Split panelbutton.{h|cpp} into separate files.
* Rename each Panel*Button to *Button.
* Rename PanelExeButton to NonKDEAppButton.
* Fix crash in BrowserMenu after changing the directory.
* If a button saves its own config, it should also load its own config.
* Delete the config groups of removed applets and buttons.
* New application buttons are of a new class that saves only the relative path of the .desktop file. (Fixes 18289)