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The KCheckPass authentication software:
KCheckPass is KDE's authentication program. It is meant to be
used by any software in need of user authentication, most
notably screensavers.
It enhances security be the following means:
- It's only a small program, which is hopefully simple enough to
allow it to be SUID root. Setting it to SUID root is necessary
on Shadow Password systems.
- No other program in need of user authentication, must be
SUID root.
- It provides a single implementation to check passwords. So one
only must take a closer look at KCheckPass to ensure password
security. It's much easier for programs using KCheckPass to
preserve security.
KCheckPass is a simple password checker. Just invoke and
send it the password on stdin.
If the password was accepted, the program exits with 0;
if it was rejected, it exits with 1. Any other exit
code signals an error.
Compilation hints:
Compile with -DHAVE_VSYSLOG if you have vsyslog().
Compile with -DHAVE_PAM if you have a PAM system, and link with -lpam -ldl
(If libdl is present).
Compile with -DHAVE_SHADOW if you have a shadow password system.
Copyright, Author and License notice:
Copyright (C) 1998, Caldera, Inc.
Released under the GNU General Public License
Olaf Kirch <> General Framework and PAM support
Christian Esken <> Shadow and /etc/passwd support
Oswald Buddenhagen <> Binary conversation interface, etc.
Some parts were taken from tdescreensaver's passwd.cpp
Currently this software is maintained by Oswald Buddenhagen <>.
Please send new authentication modules (checkpass_*.c) to me.