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2004-04-22 Christoph Cullmann <>
* kate switched over to katemdi, even smaller replacement for tdemdi2 :)
2004-10-06 Christoph Cullmann <>
* kate switched over to tdemdi2, a slim version of old tdemdi
which allows only IDEA mode, but should be much less buggy
beside this, we now allow tabbing thx to the new tdemdi stuff
and therefor should now be really feature complete at least mdi
wise, having the features to allow multiple main windows,
tabbing, splitters, widget stacks for the views, now only missing thingy
would be to allow non kate view's to be embeded, like a tdehtml widget for
documentation browsing or something like that
2003-08-28 Christoph Cullmann <>
* jowenn switch kate over to use tdemdi, seems to work well
for the first port, but still needs some fixes ;)
2002-07-19 Christoph Cullmann <>
* new interface structure implemented
this is BIC and source incompatible to 2.x and 3.0.x plugins
2002-01-04 Christoph Cullmann <>
* the search stuff in the katedocument is rewritten now, should work mostly,
only search for whole words is just a mess :(
2002-01-03 Christoph Cullmann <>
* kate app and kwrite app now use the katepart via libloader and link only
to the kateinterfaces (which will soon be splitted into katepartinterfaces
and kateinterfaces
* new framework for the configpages of the katepart accessible through the
* KSpell works again ;) my god, what a buggy thingy
2001-12-01 Christoph Cullmann <>
* speedup for insert/removeText/Line
* new editStart/editEnd/editAddUndo functions to make the undo/redo + update
after edit function calls easier to understand an use in katedocument.*
2001-11-30 Joseph Wenninger <>
* I hopefully fixed the CSS highlighting finally. It used
deprecated syntax and there was a bug in the highlighting code,
for handling weakDeliminiators. Who renamed them, once they where
called weakDelimiters, which I think is the correct pronounciation.
2001-11-29 Joseph Wenninger <>
* KWrite/Kate use different font settings for printing and viewing now
* Fixed a small crash in my tdevelop->kate port of the codecompletion interface
2001-11-26 Christoph Cullmann <>
* backspace bug fixed
* more cleanups in doc/view
2001-11-24 Christoph Cullmann <>
* the docID is now called documentNumber and is in the KTextEditor lib ;)
* new print and mark interfaces ;)
* bugfixes for some stuff in kateview/document.*
* move more of the document stuff from the view to the document
(old kwritedoc/view was very mixed, no real seperation, but that should be nearly done)
2001-11-17 Christoph Cullmann <>
* new selection code (bit buggy at the moment, but better than the old way
of storing the selection in the attributes
2001-10-29 Joseph Wenninger <>
* Highlighting definitions support now #stay and #pop as context values
* Some highlighting definitions ported
2001-10-27 Christoph Cullmann <>
* undo/redo works now without errors
* fix many memleaks + some crashs in buffer + hl
* fix ctx managment (almost)
2001-10-27 Joseph Wenninger <
* Highlighting isn't updated completely yet (should be fixed now), but uses:
* I have to do some nasty workaround because the overloaded ==
operator in QMemArray crashes, if one or both of the arrays has
a size of 0 (I think this is a bug in QT, but it could be that
this is intended behaviour. Who knows ?)
2001-10-26 Joseph Wenninger <>
* The stacked highlighting shoul almost work now.
Using old description files it will use quite a lot memory, but
they should work.
* It's leaking like a sieve on destruction, because the
memarrays aren't deleted correctly yet (They need to be pointers and not
references, otherwise there are out of memory errors in qgarray)
* Highlighting isn't updated completely yet
* I have to do some nasty workaround because the overloaded ==
operator in QMemArray crashes, if one or both of the arrays has
a size of 0 (I think this is a bug in QT, but it could be that
this is intended behaviour. Who knows ?)
2001-10-20 Christoph Cullmann <>
* new undo/redo stuff, should work now already fine (mostly ;)
2001-10-14 Christoph Cullmann <>
* new interfaces
* fixed some bugs (or better mistakes) in EditInterface
* fix bugs and even more bugs
2001-10-14 Christoph Cullmann <>
* implementing and enhancing the new KTextEditor interfaces
* rewrite the whole internal document/view stuff ;) (hope will be finished
soon with that old crap !
* reconstruction of whole katelibs + dirs
2001-10-06 Christoph Cullmann <>
* myself back again ;)
* now kate is clean (only qt3), no backports ;)
* reimplement the commenting of selections on some languages
* added back Sather highlighting support
* improved Eiffel language syntax highlighting support
* added Eiffel language comment directive in eiffel.xml
* added Ada language comment directive in ada.xml
* committed Eiffel language syntax highlighting support
* committed changes to Kate's API necessary for integration of kate as
a kpart into tdevelop
2001-05-13 Christoph Cullmann <>
* after some time of learning for my "Abitur" now again some fixes ;):
textlines stuff rewritten, selection fixed + +/- font zoom buttons in the part
2001-04-27 Christoph Cullmann <>
* now the pluginconfig pages work ;)
2001-04-24 Joseph Wenninger <>
* now <keywords> and <types> is replaced by <list name="XXXX">
2001-04-20 Christoph Cullmann <>
* new configdialog
* enhanced pluginIface to supports configdialogpages
2001-04-14 Christoph Cullmann <>
* now kateview has in iconborder too (without real function at the moment)
2001-04-10 Christoph Cullmann <>
* bugfixes for drawBuffer stuff, next/prev viewspace, restoreView
2001-04-08 Christoph Cullmann <>
* now encoding for files can be selected at settings dialog (not only UTF8, all possible encodings)
* dropped old code -> use Waldo's code ;)
2001-04-07 Joseph Wenninger <>
* Activated Waldo Bastian's NEW_CODE
* Ported Highlighting to it
2001-04-05 Joseph Wenninger <>
* Highlighting Configuration is now in kate/kwrite settings too
* Made a cleanup of no longer used classes
2001-04-04 Christoph Cullmann <>
* sidebar now again restores config
2001-04-03 Joseph Wenninger <>
* Cristi Dumitrescu's PHP keyword / type list added
2001-04-01 Joseph Wenninger <>
* Added a new widget KateStackTabWidget
Now you can chose between tabbed or an
KOffice Workspace like view for the file sidebar
--> You can change this behaviour in the config dialog
* Not implemented:
restore sidebar page on startup
remove page not implemented yet
(will be fixed soon)
* Added a backport of QT3's QRegExp I got from Scott Manson
wit one addtion (see qt3back/README)
hopefully this will give us more flexibility for syntax
2001-03-27 Christoph Cullmann <>
* console disabled per default
* console only loaded if enabled
2001-03-28 Joseph Wenninger <>
* -n in kate.desktop removed, now config settings are used
2001-03-27 Christoph Cullmann <>
* interfaces extended (mainly for projectmanager)
* piper moved to plugins/projectmanager/piper
* a piper created
2001-03-26 Joseph Wenninger <>
* 2 reimplemented highlighing configs
* 1 experimental highlighting config
* preparations for an highlighting editing dialog
2001-03-25 Christoph Cullmann <>
* rewrite of plugin API and manager, now loading/unloading nice
2001-03-22 Joseph Wenninger <>
* single / multi instance mode configurable
Cullmann's -n option forces a new instance
Otherwise it uses the configuration from
the settings dialog. At the moment -n is
default start option
2001-03-21 Christoph Cullmann <>
* QPopupMenu for filelist
2001-03-20 Christoph Cullmann <>
* kate is now a normal TDEApplication
2001-03-18 Christoph Cullmann <>
* big location changes of source files
* KateFactory now in use by hole Kate app
* KatePartView/Doc merged with KateView/Doc (make life more easy)
2001-03-18 Joseph Wenninger <>
* openheader plugin opens the corresponding
.h file for .cpp or .c, and vice versa
* Hopefully fixed highlighting dialog for now.
2001-03-17 Joseph Wenninger <>
* Syntaxhighlighting is now defined in cpp.xml, c.xml html.xml ...
instead of a global syntax.xml.
(Not ported completely yet)
* Some simple reg expression work (see html.xml)
2001-03-17 Christoph Cullmann <>
* moved textfilter stuff to a own plugin "textfilter"
* cleaned up katemainwindow.*
2001-03-16 Christoph Cullmann <>
* search dialog comes up with selected text
* backport of some KDevelop KWrite patches ;)
2001-03-15 Christoph Cullmann <>
* katepart finished
* new kwrite using katepart
* removed old kwrite and kwritepart !
* fixed menu and toolbar problems of the new KWrite app
2001-03-11 Christoph Cullmann <>
* kwrite stuff merged into kate !!!!!
2001-03-04 Christoph Cullmann <>
* mutiple mainwindows
* fileist, sync for all mainwindows, all open docs listed
2001-03-03 Christoph Cullmann <>
* session managment (Anders Lund)
* removed some debug stuff
2001-02-26 Joseph Wenninger <>
* First step for a plugin management dialog page
Soon to come
2001-02-26 Christoph Cullmann <>
* Kate is a part of tdebase :) CVS won't be used in the future
2001-02-24 Phlip <>
* HTML button - select text, hit <Ctrl+Dash>, and enter the fields
for an SGML tag. Don't enter the < > or closing tag. We put these
around the selected text, and [try to] re-select that text so you can add
another nested tag right away. We are now the first HTML editor
that's actually better than Notepad! Hours of fun.
* Filter - select text, hit <Ctrl+Backslash>, and enter an OS command.
we pipe the selected text thru that command, such as "sort", and then
replace the selection with the result. Impress your friends.
2001-02-21 Joseph Wenninger <>
*'s : correction for linking
* katemenuitem.h : Improved menu items added doc-list
* katelistboxitem.h : Improved listboxitem files-list
2001-02-19 Christoph Cullmann <>
* kateconsole.* konsole/* : add kateconsole widget
2001-02-16 Anders Lund <>
* katemainwindow.cpp :fixing read/write options to use maindockwindow functions.
2001-02-15 Joseph Wenninger <>
* kateview.cpp : Tab doesn't jump to next widget anymore, but inserts a tab into the text
* katemainwindow.* : F8 / SHIFT-F8 jumps to next / previous widget