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<title>KDE User's Manual</title>
<author>&Lauri.Watts; &Lauri.Watts.mail;</author>
<date>June 07, 2005</date>
<productname>K Desktop Environment</productname>
<refpurpose>file find utility for &kde;</refpurpose>
<group choice="opt"><option>searchpath</option></group>
<arg choice="opt">KDE Generic Options</arg>
<arg choice="opt">Qt Generic Options</arg>
<para>The Find Files tool is a useful method of searching for specific files
on your computer, or for searching for files that match a pattern. An
example of this could include searching for files of a particular type or
with certain letters in the filename, or that contain a certain piece of
text in their contents.</para>
<para>&kfind; is a graphical tool, and not normally run from the command
<listitem><para>You may optionally supply a colon separated path to prefill
the dialog. You might use this ability to set up different icons on your
panel or desktop to quickly run searches in different locations.</para>
<para>App options, in a variablelist</para>
<title>See Also</title>
<para>More detailed user documentation is available from <ulink
(either enter this <acronym>URL</acronym> into &konqueror;, or run
<para>The current maintainer of &kfind; is <!-- FIXME: Who? -->. A list of
previous contributors is available in the complete user manual available in
<para>This documentation was prepared by &Lauri.Watts;