TDE base libraries and programs
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ksmserver - the KDE session management server
Copyright (C) 2000 Matthias Ettrich <>
#ifndef SERVER_H
#define SERVER_H
#include <tqobject.h>
#include <tqstring.h>
#include <tqstringlist.h>
#include <tqsocketnotifier.h>
#include <tqptrlist.h>
#include <tqvaluelist.h>
#include <tqcstring.h>
#include <tqdict.h>
#include <tqptrqueue.h>
#include <tqptrdict.h>
#include <tdeapplication.h>
#include <tqtimer.h>
#include <dcopobject.h>
#include <tdehardwaredevices.h>
#include "server2.h"
#include "KSMServerInterface.h"
#define SESSION_PREVIOUS_LOGOUT "saved at previous logout"
#define SESSION_BY_USER "saved by user"
typedef TQValueList<TQCString> QCStringList;
class KSMListener;
class KSMConnection;
class KSMClient;
struct SMData
SMType type;
TQStringList wmCommand;
TQString wmClientMachine;
TQString wmclass1, wmclass2;
typedef TQMap<WId,SMData> WindowMap;
class KSMServer : public TQObject, public KSMServerInterface
void notifySlot(TQString,TQString,TQString,TQString,TQString,int,int,int,int);
void logoutSoundFinished(int,int);
void autoStart0Done();
void autoStart1Done();
void autoStart2Done();
void kcmPhase1Done();
void kcmPhase2Done();
bool startupCompleted();
KSMServer( const TQString& windowManager, const TQString& windowManagerAddArgs, bool only_local );
static KSMServer* self();
void* watchConnection( IceConn iceConn );
void removeConnection( KSMConnection* conn );
KSMClient* newClient( SmsConn );
void deleteClient( KSMClient* client );
// callbacks
void saveYourselfDone( KSMClient* client, bool success );
void interactRequest( KSMClient* client, int dialogType );
void interactDone( KSMClient* client, bool cancelShutdown );
void phase2Request( KSMClient* client );
// error handling
void ioError( IceConn iceConn );
// notification
void clientSetProgram( KSMClient* client );
void clientRegistered( const char* previousId );
// public API
void restoreSession( TQString sessionName );
void startDefaultSession();
void shutdown( TDEApplication::ShutdownConfirm confirm,
TDEApplication::ShutdownType sdtype,
TDEApplication::ShutdownMode sdmode );
virtual void suspendStartup( TQCString app );
virtual void resumeStartup( TQCString app );
bool checkStatus( bool &logoutConfirmed, bool &maysd, bool &mayrb,
TDEApplication::ShutdownConfirm confirm,
TDEApplication::ShutdownType sdtype,
TDEApplication::ShutdownMode sdmode );
public slots:
void cleanUp();
private slots:
void newConnection( int socket );
void processData( int socket );
void restoreSessionInternal();
void restoreSessionDoneInternal();
void notificationTimeout();
void protectionTimerTick();
void protectionTimeout();
void timeoutQuit();
void timeoutWMQuit();
void knotifyTimeout();
void kcmPhase1Timeout();
void kcmPhase2Timeout();
void pendingShutdownTimeout();
void autoStart0();
void autoStart1();
void autoStart2();
void tryRestoreNext();
void startupSuspendTimeout();
void cancelShutdown();
void forceSkipSaveYourself();
void handlePendingInteractions();
void completeShutdownOrCheckpoint();
void startKilling();
void performStandardKilling();
void completeKilling();
void killWM();
void completeKillingWM();
void cancelShutdown( TQString cancellationText );
void cancelShutdown( KSMClient* c );
void killingCompleted();
void discardSession();
void storeSession();
void startProtection();
void endProtection();
void handleProtectionTimeout();
void updateLogoutStatusDialog();
void startApplication( TQStringList command,
const TQString& clientMachine = TQString::null,
const TQString& userId = TQString::null );
void executeCommand( const TQStringList& command );
bool isWM( const KSMClient* client ) const;
bool isWM( const TQString& program ) const;
bool isCM( const KSMClient* client ) const;
bool isCM( const TQString& program ) const;
bool isDesktop( const KSMClient* client ) const;
bool isDesktop( const TQString& program ) const;
bool isNotifier( const KSMClient* client ) const;
bool isNotifier( const TQString& program ) const;
bool isCrashHandler( const KSMClient* client ) const;
bool isCrashHandler( const TQString& program ) const;
bool defaultSession() const; // empty session
void setupXIOErrorHandler();
void shutdownInternal( TDEApplication::ShutdownConfirm confirm,
TDEApplication::ShutdownType sdtype,
TDEApplication::ShutdownMode sdmode,
TQString bootOption = TQString::null );
void performLegacySessionSave();
void storeLegacySession( TDEConfig* config );
void restoreLegacySession( TDEConfig* config );
void restoreLegacySessionInternal( TDEConfig* config, char sep = ',' );
TQStringList windowWmCommand(WId w);
TQString windowWmClientMachine(WId w);
WId windowWmClientLeader(WId w);
TQCString windowSessionId(WId w, WId leader);
bool checkStartupSuspend();
void finishStartup();
void resumeStartupInternal();
// public dcop interface
void logout( int, int, int );
virtual void logoutTimed( int, int, TQString );
TQStringList sessionList();
TQString currentSession();
void saveCurrentSession();
void saveCurrentSessionAs( TQString );
TQWidget* startupNotifierIPDlg;
TQWidget* shutdownNotifierIPDlg;
TQPtrList<KSMListener> listener;
TQPtrList<KSMClient> clients;
enum State
LaunchingWM, AutoStart0, KcmInitPhase1, AutoStart1, Restoring, FinishingStartup, // startup
Shutdown, Checkpoint, Killing, KillingWM, WaitingForKNotify // shutdown
State state;
bool dialogActive;
bool saveSession;
int wmPhase1WaitingCount;
int saveType;
TQMap< TQCString, int > startupSuspendCount;
TDEApplication::ShutdownType shutdownType;
TDEApplication::ShutdownMode shutdownMode;
TQString bootOption;
bool clean;
KSMClient* clientInteracting;
TQString wm;
TQString wmAddArgs;
TQString sessionGroup;
TQString sessionName;
TQCString launcher;
TQTimer protectionTimer;
TQTimer notificationTimer;
TQTimer restoreTimer;
TQTimer shutdownTimer;
TQString xonCommand;
int logoutSoundEvent;
TQTimer knotifyTimeoutTimer;
TQTimer startupSuspendTimeoutTimer;
bool waitAutoStart2;
bool waitKcmInit2;
bool m_startupCompleted;
TQTimer pendingShutdown;
TDEApplication::ShutdownConfirm pendingShutdown_confirm;
TDEApplication::ShutdownType pendingShutdown_sdtype;
TDEApplication::ShutdownMode pendingShutdown_sdmode;
// ksplash interface
void upAndRunning( const TQString& msg );
void publishProgress( int progress, bool max = false );
// sequential startup
int appsToStart;
int lastAppStarted;
TQString lastIdStarted;
TQStringList excludeApps;
WindowMap legacyWindows;
TDEHardwareDevices* hwDevices;
int initialClientCount;
int phase2ClientCount;
int protectionTimerCounter;