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2004-11-20 Saturday 23:27 rich
* - Ensure the LCD used by the clock is deleted in a timely manner.
- Lazy creation of the data picker popup of the clock item.
- Save orientation and direction between sessions properly (the
direction is now the primary record).
2004-11-20 Saturday 21:18 rich
* - Update changelog
2004-11-20 Saturday 21:17 rich
* - Fixed a warning from KImageEffect about the image being invalid
when we draw the load gradient and the load is 0.
2004-11-20 Saturday 20:05 rich
* - Added support for filling the bar from either end.
2004-11-20 Saturday 02:34 rich
* - Middle click now rotates the bar.
- Improved the about dialog.
- Made masking of the containing toplevel optional.
- Fixed positioning of the clock display in small mode.
2004-11-19 Friday 23:21 rich
* - The standalone app now remembers its position properly.
2004-11-19 Friday 22:30 rich
* - Increase version and update changelog.
2004-11-19 Friday 22:29 rich
* - Moved item bg gradients into KasResources.
- More work on improving the painting. This is currently a bit
broken as it is waiting for me to abandon using KRootPixmap.
2004-11-17 Wednesday 17:56 mueller
* fix export's
2004-11-14 Sunday 20:52 binner
* CVS_SILENT i18n style guide fixes
2004-11-13 Saturday 02:37 rich
* - Totally reworked the way showing and hiding popups works.
- Added a command line tool that provides a standalone kasbar.
- Added a system load meter item.
- Improved config dialog.
2004-10-23 Saturday 19:04 wgreven
* Fix for unsermake.
2004-10-23 Saturday 13:42 wgreven
* Sync with HEAD.
2004-10-23 Saturday 04:19 rich
- Totally reworked the way showing and hiding of popups works.
Things should be a lot more sane now as the popups are reused.
- Added a command line tool that provides a standalone kasbar.
- Improved the demo in the about dialog.
2004-10-03 Sunday 01:26 rich
* - Move the startup animation frames into KasResources so they are
shared by all items. Changed the QPtrList to a QValueVector for
more efficient lookups and implicit sharing.
- Improved the way animations are triggered to support custom
- Added a new clock item type.
2004-09-13 Monday 12:08 coles
behaviour -> behavior.
2004-09-12 Sunday 02:43 rich
* - Items store their position. This allows much more efficient
2004-09-12 Sunday 01:21 rich
* - Remove floating bars if the extension that they are supposed to
live in is removed.
2004-09-12 Sunday 00:24 rich
* - Update changelog
2004-09-12 Sunday 00:24 rich
* - Support for only showing minimized applications like the old
- Improvements to the context menu.
- Optionally don't show the frames for inactive items (great if
you want the floating mode to blend into your desktop).
- Refactored code for drawing state icons.
2004-09-05 Sunday 00:47 rich
* - Moved most of the config writing code into KasTasker.
2004-09-04 Saturday 02:57 rich
* - Update changelog
2004-09-04 Saturday 02:56 rich
* - Began making startup items work like other types of item.
- Fixed a regression that broke all the grouping code.
2004-09-04 Saturday 01:42 rich
* - You can now disable the frame around inactive boxes.
- Startup items now spin around their own center.
2004-09-03 Friday 22:32 rich
* - Added support for the XShape extension, the unused space is now
masked so that when you have a non-rectangular bar (by using
the 'Boxes per line' setting) the unused space is truly unused.
To make this better, I need to make it so that the box is
always populated from the screen edge outwards.
2004-08-29 Sunday 00:27 rich
* Update changelog
2004-08-29 Sunday 00:27 rich
* - Added ability to rotate the bar when it is floating.
- Added a context menu item to attach and detach the bar.
- Improved repaint performance.
- Increased version number.
2004-08-21 Saturday 02:22 rich
* - Completed support for embedding the thumbnails of tasks in the
icon boxes instead of only showing them in the tooltip. If the
app changes its WM icon then this is overlayed on the box as
- Fixed popup display.
2004-08-20 Friday 23:18 rich
* - Merge the kasbar3 code into head:
- Better grouping facilities
- Cleaner code
- More efficient
- Send any window to the system tray
- Attention required indicator
- Partial support for more sizes: huge, enourmous and custom
- Better organisation of the preferences dialog
- More control over the appearance of the bar
- 'Floating' mode
- Group windows on inactive desktops
2004-08-07 Saturday 04:10 rich
* - Moved almost all of the functionality of KasGroupPopup into
KasPopup in preparation for the removal of the custom class for
group popups.
- Removed the KasGroupPopup class. The functionality it contained
is now all supported by the KasPopup base-class.
2004-08-07 Saturday 03:39 rich
* - Ensure the test program reads the current config file properly.
2004-08-07 Saturday 03:34 rich
* - Improved the handling of inactive desktop grouping.
- Fixed a problem with popups not being deleted when their
associated item was invalidated.
2004-08-07 Saturday 03:00 rich
* - Ensure that grouping windows on inactive desktops updates
correctly when the current desktop changes.
2004-08-07 Saturday 02:35 rich
* - Added kasgrouper class and updated changelog.
2004-08-07 Saturday 02:34 rich
* - Reworked the configuration dialog to move the 'insanely
detailed' options into an advanced page. I also added a
graphical way to configure some of the color options that
previously required hacking the config file to access.
- Made the color of the 'attention required' state icon
2004-08-07 Saturday 00:00 rich
* - Emit signals for mouse handling and use them for controlling
the popup.
- Split grouping out into a separate class.
2004-08-06 Friday 00:51 rich
* - Fix breakage of the preferences dialog.
2004-08-06 Friday 00:19 rich
* - Added an 'ungroup' action to the context menu for group items.
- Added a 'Refresh' action to kasbar menu.
2004-08-05 Thursday 23:30 rich
* - Updated copyrights and added info about the features to docs.h.
2004-08-05 Thursday 23:26 rich
* - Reworked the popup handling code to massively improve control
over the lifetime of the popup. This has simplified a bunch of
things and made more advanced popup handling possible.
2004-08-01 Sunday 02:55 rich
* - KasItem is now responsible for drawing the main icon of the
- KasItem now provides a demo childbar as the default
implementation of createPopup(). This means that you now get a
nice popup when you move the mouse over the item in the about
2004-08-01 Sunday 01:45 rich
* - Began moving support for child bars to the kasbar base class
rather than confining it to KasTasker.
- New constructor for childbars in KasBar.
- Reworked code for updating child to match parents resources.
- Moved child bar creation to a factory method in KasBar.
2004-08-01 Sunday 00:24 rich
* - Added support for the 'demands attention' task property.
- Centralised the code that creates the kasbar menu.
- Modified icon is now accessed via the resource object.
- Singleton icons are no longer stored as pointers.
2004-07-25 Sunday 01:15 rich
* - Fix a problem with the usage of the RMB menu from taskmanger,
passing a widget as an argument to a bool variable is not
what's supposed to happen.
- Fixed menu for group items.
2004-07-25 Sunday 00:58 rich
* - Fixed menu handling to support the show all flag properly, and
added group menus.
2004-07-25 Sunday 00:20 rich
* - Started pulling ui resources into a standalone class
KasResources. Child bars inherit their parents resources by
- Added a hack to prototype the idea of embedding the thumbnails
in the icon box.
- Support for custom sizes (incomplete).
- Improvements to the configuration dialog.
- Ability to group windows on inactive desktops (still buggy).
2004-07-24 Saturday 00:10 rich
* - Added the ability to send a window to the system tray.
- Broke transparency in preparation for the new implementation.
- Started the 'group windows on inactive desktops' option.
2004-07-18 Sunday 00:31 rich
* The work I've been doing to get kasbar ready for the 3.3 release
has encouraged me to add few new features and do a bit of
redesign. This code is not ready to be released, so I'm keeping
it the newly created kasbar3_branch.
2004-07-10 Saturday 20:38 binner
* CVS_SILENT i18n style guide fixes
2004-07-10 Saturday 01:57 rich
* - Fixed the progress indicator code. You can now get a progress
bar in the label of a task (replacing the broken pie chart
2004-06-29 Tuesday 01:19 wheeler
* CVS_SILENT Oops. Didn't mean for this to go in.
2004-06-29 Tuesday 01:16 wheeler
* Disable the tint color and amount boxes if tinting is disabled.
2004-06-27 Sunday 17:18 binner
* CVS_SILENT i18n style guide fixes
2004-06-27 Sunday 01:10 rich
* - Added the ability to choose the colors used for the item
2004-06-26 Saturday 23:49 rich
* - Don't show the desktop number if there's only one desktop.
2004-06-26 Saturday 02:12 rich
* - Fixed clearing of unused space when the used part of the bar is
not rectangular. The fix could be improved, but it removes the
essential problem.
2004-06-26 Saturday 01:48 rich
* - Fix popup handling.
2004-06-26 Saturday 00:28 rich
* - Fix test program for twin changes.
2004-06-26 Saturday 00:10 rich
* - Fix task properties dialog to use the new name of the
visibleiconname Task property.
2004-06-25 Friday 23:43 rich
* - Fixed about dialog to take account of the fact the cvs id was
- Fixed the size and wrapping of the license text in the about
2004-06-25 Friday 23:10 rich
* Updated the changelog, it was 2 years out of date
2004-02-24 Tuesday 19:14 mcamen
* Fix compilation. The remove-id-tag-commit was not correct for
these files.
2004-02-24 Tuesday 11:30 englich
Remove all CVS Id tags from tdebase, if I haven't missed one.
Of course, this will multifold break compile as well as a dozen
of people will now object that they actually wanted the Id tags.
2004-01-05 Monday 21:38 adridg
* Add dual-license GPL/BSD to files as instructed by Rich Moore.
2003-12-20 Saturday 15:14 kossebau
* hiding a few symbols :)
2003-11-20 Thursday 16:12 mlaurent
* Clean commit as requested by David. When we use
K_EXPORT_KICKER_MENUEXT it's automatic => don't use
removeCatalogue otherwise use removeCatalogue.
2003-10-27 Monday 19:12 bwalter
* CVS_SILENT Changed the "check popup" delay.
2003-10-23 Thursday 21:41 bwalter
* Use topLevelWidget() instead of parent()->parent()...
2003-10-22 Wednesday 22:15 bwalter
* Better than a singleShot timer to make popups disappear but not
always enough.
2003-10-21 Tuesday 10:45 bwalter
* Fix the annoying problem of tooltips which sometimes never
2003-10-06 Monday 23:27 rich
* Fix vertical mode
2003-10-06 Monday 20:11 rich
* Fix problem with maxBoxes fix.
2003-10-04 Saturday 21:36 rich
* - Split the 'max boxes' concept into two so we can handle things
properly. The original max boxes remains, and refers to the
user specified limit on the number of boxes per line. In
addition there is now a 'boxes per line' concept which stores
the number of boxes that will actually fit. This change cleans
up the configuration handling and also means that kasbar can obey
the size limits placed on it.
- Take notice of the size limits passed to the widget. This means
the size limits for extension that were added in 3.1 will now
work properly.
- Disable updates when refreshing the entire task list. This
removes lots of flicker when changing desktops when you don't
show all the tasks.
- Improved the resize handling code so that can handle changes in
the item size cleanly.
- Updated copyright dates.
2003-09-30 Tuesday 22:25 rich
* - More improvements to bg repainting (much more efficient).
- Fixed startup animation problem #39582
- Fixed erase problem introduced by the repaint changes in my
last commit.
2003-09-30 Tuesday 19:18 rich
* - Removed duplicated config loading code from the extension
- Removed redundant reload of configuration info.
- Reworked painting - Double buffering is now handled by KasBar
not the items. - Items now longer force an immediate repaint,
they use update instead. - Fixes #53735
2003-09-29 Monday 12:24 lunakl
* Another attempt to get (_NET_)WM_(ICON_)NAME right.
2003-08-07 Thursday 19:51 lunakl
* Rewrite handling of _NET_WM_ICON_NAME. This together with the
recent TDEApplication change should hopefully make taskbar again
display what it's supposed to display. Please yell if something
is still wrong.
2003-07-31 Thursday 10:31 lunakl
* Proper handling of _NET_WM_ICON_NAME - it has nothing to do with
what's usually meant by icons in KDE, but it's the text to be
shown in iconic representations of a window, such as taskbar
2003-07-19 Saturday 22:35 deller
* do not use hardcoded fontnames
2003-05-17 Saturday 10:20 coolo
* fixing quite some compiler warnings
2003-03-29 Saturday 20:29 binner
* Fixed a layout problem and solution for "only drawing last icon
from a group".
2003-02-09 Sunday 09:51 mfranz
* fix typo
2002-12-29 Sunday 17:10 mueller
* use $(KDE_PLUGIN)
2002-10-27 Sunday 16:05 mlaurent
* Fix a part of crash. But kastaskbar crash again when we call
"show preference" or "about" when we call it into taskbarpopup.
Because taskitem was deleted when we hide popup => so when we
close dialogbox, kicker crash. I don't know how to fix it. But
it crashs again...
2002-10-27 Sunday 15:50 mlaurent
* Remove some if( blabla) delete blabla => delete blabla;
2002-10-27 Sunday 14:46 mlaurent
* Fix display properties dialogbox when we call it from
2002-10-27 Sunday 13:53 mlaurent
* Fix crash when we call showPreference on item in kasgroupgroup =>
config pointer was null.
2002-10-27 Sunday 12:48 mlaurent
* Fix crash when we taskbar was re-create after change config.
2002-09-18 Wednesday 17:13 binner
* CVS_SILENT Style guide fix, use "cvslastchange" or X-WebCVS
header line to view
2002-09-03 Tuesday 16:42 ettrich
* patch from Benoit Walter <> as
discussed on kde-core-devel
2002-08-31 Saturday 10:44 pfeiffer
* another font-patch from CCMAIL: Luciano Montanaro
2002-08-30 Friday 11:45 mkretz
* This took me 2 hours to find...
- TDEConfigGroupSaver( conf, "Appearance" ); +
TDEConfigGroupSaver saver( conf, "Appearance" );
Finally the size is restored correctly.
2002-08-30 Friday 10:37 pfeiffer
* use TDEGlobal::taskbarFont(), patch by CCMAIL: Luciano Montanaro
2002-08-29 Thursday 17:38 mueller
* remove outdated #ifdef's
2002-08-13 Tuesday 09:05 binner
* CVS_SILENT Style guide fix, use "cvslastchange" or X-WebCVS
header line to view
2002-08-09 Friday 23:57 rich
* - Fixed repaint problem with startup items
2002-07-29 Monday 22:03 coolo
* this fixes compilation for me +void KasTasker::readConfig() +{ +
readConfig(this->conf); +}
2002-07-27 Saturday 04:26 rich
* Added kasbar actions to item menus to fix reported ui bug
2002-07-03 Wednesday 11:03 binner
* CVS_SILENT Style guide fixes
2002-06-10 Monday 03:29 rich
* - Simplify drawing code - Ensure popup doesn't obscure menu - Fix
bug when window changes desktop - Task properties dialog
2002-05-25 Saturday 14:18 coolo
* CVS_SILENT ignoring unsermake generated files
2002-05-14 Tuesday 10:31 gioele
* kapp.h -> tdeapplication.h
2002-04-23 Tuesday 14:02 binner
* CVS_SILENT Capitalisation fixes.
2002-04-12 Friday 22:36 rich
* - kdoc fixes
2002-03-11 Monday 00:23 rich
* Use all the frames in the startup animation (cleaner fix)
2002-03-11 Monday 00:10 rich
* Use all the frames in the statup animation
2002-03-08 Friday 15:08 lukas
* grrr, I fixed that before 2.2.2 and it's back :(
+ TDEGlobal::locale()->insertCatalogue("kasbarextension");
2002-02-26 Tuesday 17:04 elter
* - install extensions into kde's module subdir
2002-02-24 Sunday 21:44 rich
* Added change log file
2002-02-24 Sunday 21:41 rich
* - Version++ - Fixed redraw errors when there are no tasks - Now
makes use of the KRootPixmap improvements in KDE 3. - All
drawing is now double buffered, so the flicker problems of the
past should be solved. - Changed many methods to remove
coordinate params. - KasItems are now given a translated
qpainter. - Added a change log (generated from the cvs log by
cvs2cl). - Removed old RMB menu code (we use the more reliable
stuff in the taskmanager lib instead).
2002-01-20 Sunday 18:15 wgreven
* Initialize dragTimer to null.
2001-12-29 Saturday 17:18 mueller
* CVSSILENT: fixincludes
2001-12-11 Tuesday 02:09 firebaugh
* Clean up task menu code. Kill memory leaks. Add new items to RMB
menu for grouped tasks.
2001-11-29 Thursday 19:34 rich
* version++, update homepage
2001-11-29 Thursday 19:23 rich
* Switch to taskmanager task popup menu instead of twin (avoids
some problems)
2001-11-25 Sunday 02:03 rich
* - Updated todo list - Only showing the group popups for 4 ms was
a bit daft - Moved config load code
2001-11-25 Sunday 01:43 rich
* - Reduced flicker - kasbar widget now supports widget flags -
Version++ - Task grouping popups now auto-hide - Added standalone
version for testing (maybe a user-level feature in future).
2001-11-11 Sunday 17:26 rich
* Work the same way as the std taskbar
2001-10-07 Sunday 01:46 mueller
* whoopsie
2001-09-26 Wednesday 18:37 mueller
* fixes for TQT_NO_COMPAT
2001-09-01 Saturday 22:31 rich
* Fix popup window for Qt 3 widget flags better
2001-09-01 Saturday 22:23 rich
* Fix popup window for Qt 3 widget flags
2001-09-01 Saturday 00:55 rich
* - QList->QPtrList - Improved classdocs build target
2001-08-27 Monday 18:41 lukas
* make it show translated
2001-07-17 Tuesday 19:59 rich
* Added some extra guards around KRootPixmap calls and readded the
repaint I removed earlier
2001-07-17 Tuesday 17:03 rich
* Remove redundant repaint
2001-07-17 Tuesday 16:47 rich
* Get rid of the warning reported by Dirk
2001-06-04 Monday 22:09 rich
* Minor fixes
2001-06-04 Monday 19:55 rich
* Do not refresh on desktop switch if we show all tasks
2001-05-24 Thursday 02:01 rich
* UI fix for small mode
2001-05-22 Tuesday 05:03 waba
* Get rid of compiler warnings. Make it compile with
2001-05-22 Tuesday 02:22 rich
* Use shared idmatching code + transparency fix
2001-05-21 Monday 21:59 rich
* Added support for task grouping (optional)
2001-05-21 Monday 02:09 mhunter
* Spelling and grammar corrections
2001-05-15 Tuesday 04:37 rich
* Moved the icon handling code out of Kasbar and into the Task
class. Task now provides an API for icon loading that allows
access to different icon sizes and uses TDEIconLoader where needed.
2001-05-15 Tuesday 01:19 rich
* Improved icon support in task manager api Fixed flicker in kasbar
startup items Kasbar large mode handles dynamically changing
icons nicely
2001-05-14 Monday 21:37 rich
* Still standardising the method names
2001-05-14 Monday 17:56 rich
* Changed taskmanager api to follow standard naming conventions
2001-05-14 Monday 16:38 rich
* Better icon handling in Large mode Fixed config handling of
2001-05-14 Monday 03:26 rich
* Minor tweaks
2001-05-14 Monday 02:52 rich
* More thumbnail improvements
2001-05-14 Monday 00:40 rich
* Added new about dialog Fixed some flicker problems Improved
thumbnail heuristics Improved transparent mode repaints
2001-04-27 Friday 19:07 rich
* Fixed modified indicator
2001-04-27 Friday 18:00 rich
* You can vary the size of Kasbar!
2001-04-26 Thursday 22:50 rich
* Fix transparency bug
2001-04-26 Thursday 22:15 rich
* UI fixes
2001-04-26 Thursday 21:08 rich
* Improvements to extension support
2001-04-26 Thursday 00:05 rich
* Fixed whatsthis
2001-04-25 Wednesday 23:56 rich
* Added whatsthis help
2001-04-25 Wednesday 20:23 rich
* Nicer config dialog
2001-04-25 Wednesday 19:38 rich
* Version number++
2001-04-25 Wednesday 18:35 rich
* Now you turn off thumbnails and a minor memory leak was fixed
2001-04-19 Thursday 01:27 rich
* All the preferences are now working except for disabling
2001-04-18 Wednesday 00:01 rich
* More work on the config dialog
2001-04-16 Monday 14:07 rich
* Forgot to commit this
2001-04-16 Monday 14:05 rich
* Added config handling (partial so far) Changed
X-TDE-UniqueExtension to X-TDE-UniqueApplet (the former is
correct according to the docs but doesn't work).
2001-04-10 Tuesday 21:13 rich
* Fixed startup crash
2001-03-31 Saturday 11:50 elter
* - fixed extension size hint - fixed compiler warning
2001-03-20 Tuesday 02:15 rich
* * About dialog now shows a version number. * Changed modified
icon from blue to black. * Much improved thumbnailing - now
feels nice and responsive.
2001-03-18 Sunday 17:43 rich
* Added about dlg and publish icon geometries
2001-03-18 Sunday 16:20 rich
* Fixed crash in mouse move event
2001-03-16 Friday 03:37 rich
* - Added task switch on drag over - Tidied up access to TasTasker
- Made gradient code more efficient - Added window menu support
2001-03-06 Tuesday 23:34 rich
* More efficient startup items
2001-03-06 Tuesday 22:29 porten
* friend class
2001-03-06 Tuesday 12:32 faure
* ran includemocs to get this to compile (am_edit was trying to
compile a .moc.cpp into a .moc ... there's still something fishy
in am_edit...)
2001-03-06 Tuesday 02:05 rich
* First public release of the Kasbar TNG code
Kasbar now: - Use the new taskmanager API - Supports the startup
notifier - Supports thumbnails - Supports transparency ...
2000-12-17 Sunday 12:00 elter
* Fixed totally broken kasbar sizeHint.
2000-12-17 Sunday 11:53 elter
* - correct initial positioning of extensions - bugfixes
2000-11-14 Tuesday 21:46 rich
* Added: - Transparency support - Show this-desktop-only mode
Fixed: - Icon sizing issue caused by the move to 34x34 icons -
Unique flag in .desktop file
2000-11-12 Sunday 20:21 rich
* - Tidied up the code - Steps towards startup notifier - Better
left click behaviour - Window menu support using DCOP (needs KWin
update I am committing in a moment) - Minor bug fixes
2000-11-12 Sunday 01:14 rich
* Ported kasbar to kicker entensions framework