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INCLUDES = -I$(srcdir)/../taskmanager -I$(srcdir)/../libkicker -I$(top_builddir)/kicker/libkicker $(all_includes)
# KDE 4: rename to!
libtaskbar_la_SOURCES = taskbarsettings.kcfgc taskcontainer.cpp taskbar.cpp \
taskbarcontainer.cpp taskbarcontainer.skel
libtaskbar_la_METASOURCES = AUTO
libtaskbar_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info 3:0:2 $(all_libraries) -no-undefined
libtaskbar_la_LIBADD = $(LIB_TDEUI) $(LIB_TDEUTILS) ../libkicker/ ../taskmanager/
messages: rc.cpp
$(XGETTEXT) *.cpp *.h -o $(podir)/libtaskbar.pot
taskbar.lo: ../libkicker/kickerSettings.h
taskbarcontainer.lo: ../libkicker/kickerSettings.h
kde_kcfg_DATA = taskbar.kcfg