TDE base libraries and programs
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xrescheck.c Bug fix: Fix X pixmap leakage in shadow_paint 6年前
xrescheck.h Bug fix: Fix X pixmap leakage in shadow_paint 6年前


In this file:

* About tdebase
* Thank you
* Common Mistakes
* Configuring
* Debugging
* Upgrading
* Removal/Uninstallation
* More Info

About tdebase
tdebase is the second mandatory package (besides tdelibs) for the Trinity Desktop
Environment. Here we have various applications and infrastructure files and
libraries. Here is an overview of the directories:

* applnk
Files to create the icons for the TDE menu button

* debian
Needed to create a Debian package.

* doc
XML formatted documentation files for the apps

* drkonqi
If ever an app crashes (heaven forbid!) then Dr.Konqi will be so kind
and make a stack trace. This is a great help for the developers to fix
the bug.

* kappfinder
Searches for non-TDE applications, e.g. Acrobat Reader (tm) and installs
those apps under the K start button.

* kate
A fast and advanced text editor, extensible with nice plugins.

* kcheckpass
Small program to enter and check passwords, to be used by other

* kcontrol
The Trinity Control Center allows you to tweak the KDE settings.

* kdcop
GUI app to browse for DCOP interfaces, can also execute them.

* tdedebugdialog
Allows you to specify which debug messages you want to see.

* tdeprint
The TDE printing system.

* kdesktop
You guessed it: the desktop above the panel.

* tdesu
A graphical front end to "su".

* kdialog
Allows to display menu boxes from shell scripts.

* tdm
Replacement for XDM, for those people that like graphical logins.

* kfind
File find utility (standalone and in Konqueror's file manager).

* khelpcenter
Used to to read all great documentation about KDE, unix man pages,
info pages etc.

* khotkeys
Intercepts keys and can call applications.

* kicker
The panel at the botton with the K start button and the taskbar etc.

* tdeioslave
Infrastructure that helps make every application internet enabled
e.g. to directly save a file to

* klipper
Taskbar applet that enhances and extenses the X clipboard.

* kmenuedit
Edit for the menu below the K start button.

* konqueror
The file manager and web browser you get easily used to.

* konsole
A shell program similar to xterm.

* kpager
Applet to show the contents of the virtual desktops.

* kpersonalizer
The customization wizard you get when you first start KDE.

* kreadconfig
A tool for shell scripts to get info from KDE's config files.

* krichtexteditor
A embeddable rich text editor and a wrapper application for it.

* tdescreensaver
The KDE screensaver environment and some basic screensavers. More
of them are in the tdeartwork package.

* ksmserver
The KDE session manager (saves program status on login, restarts
those program at the next login).

* tdepasswd
A KDE frontend for passwd. Also contains the "Password & User Information" KCM.

* ksplashml
The screen displayed while KDE starts.

* kstart
Launches applications with special window properties such as iconified,

* ksysguard
Task manager and system monitor, can work with remote systems.

* ksystraycmd
Allows to run any application in the system tray.

* ktip
Gives you tips how to use KDE.

* twin
The KDE window manager (moves, resizes and decorates windows).

* kxkb
A keyboard map tool.

* l10n
l-10letters-n: localization. Mostly country flags.

* libkonq
Some libraries needed by Konqueror.

* nsplugins
Together with OSF/Motif or Lesstif allows you to use Netscape (tm)
plugins in Konqueror.

* pics
Various icons and wallpapers.

Thank you Steven M. Scotten and Kuno Raffi (weave) for creating artwork
specifically for the K Desktop Environment. Your efforts are much

Mr. Scotten has created: blue_angle_swirl, bluecheck, bluegreencrisscross,
bluegreensilver, candystripe_chainlink, charcoal_sunset, fadedpaint,
garden_lattice, ghost_lightning, glassywarpcheck, gold_crinkle, greenish,
heavens_hex, latte, lime_vibration, liquid_canvas, northbeach,
orange_stacks, purple_swirl, string_theory, sunday_brunch,
toothofthehoundthatbitcha, vegetative_fog, wavetron, woodcheck

Common Mistakes
IMPORTANT: most applications need TDEDIR as the directory where KDE is
installed. Please set this in your login file.

If XPM support wasn't configured, it may be that configure has no idea where
your XPM libraries are. If so, set XPM_INCLUDE and XPM_LDFLAGS to the paths
where configure should look for XPM. But if you haven't installed XPM or it
didn't come with your system, that's no problem. You will only miss a few
screensavers. The same thing applies with OPENGL support. Here you have to

If configure claims Qt cannot be found, have a look at and download the latest Qt 3.3.x release.

Be advised, if you're using FreeBSD, then please do not use the Qt port that
comes along with it.

tdebase's configure script supports all the standard GNU autoconf options
(you can have the various options listed for you by specifying the --help
switch), plus the following options are also supported. Note: the *non*
default variation is listed, so if you see --enable-debug, the default is
--disable debug.

use X include files in DIR

use X library files in DIR

creates debugging code [default=no]

Add strict[er] compiler options (may not work!) to the CFLAGS and
CXXFLAGS. This is GNU CC specific for the time being.

assume the C compiler uses GNU ld [default=no]

force libtool not to do file locking

do not use Native Language Support (i18n)

where the root of qt is installed

look for the Qt header files in DIR

look for the Qt library in DIR

look for include files in DIR in addition to any other
`standard' paths

look for [extra] libraries in DIR too

don't try to make sure that tdebase is installed into the same
base KDE directory as the rest of KDE

the root to install to [default=/] (i.e. make / == DIR, so /usr
becomes DIR/usr)

do not use the rpath feature of ld

use xdm (and config files) from DIR if the xdm config dir can't be
found automaticly

enable support for PAM: ARG=[yes|no|service name]

if you want to check for and use shadow password support if it's present

disable any software which depends on OpenGL

disable color pixmap XPM tests

enable Xinerama support

Please check ./configure --help for a more current list of options and what
they do.

You can use --enable-debug with the configure script, if you want to have
debug code in your KDE apps and libs. If you experience problems and want to
report problems to the KDE Bugs database, it is recommended to recompile
with this switch enabled to make the backtraces more verbose (and thus
giving the developer more information about the cause of the bug).

You can use 'make uninstall' if you want to remove the kde from the dirs.
This feature has not been tested completely, and is depreciated. On a system
where TDEDIR is specific to KDE (i.e. not /usr), rm -rf $TDEDIR does it as

More Info
If your system does not have XPM installed, and you cannot locate a package
of it, you may obtain it from, or you may find
it in

If you are running a FreeBSD system, you will need to make sure that LIBS is
set to "-Wl,-export-dynamic". The easiest way to do this is to prefix
configure with it, i.e.: LIBS="-Wl,-export-dynamic" ./configure. Thanks to
Will Andrews <> and Arun Sharma <>
for identifying what needed to be done, and how to do it, and such.

If your system supports PAM (Plugable Authentication Modules), please see
the README.pam file in this directory for more information about using KDE
with PAM.

Have a look at the individual subdirectories, if you would like to find out
more about a specific application included in tdebase.

More FAQs on

If you have problems compiling and installing this package, please check the mailing list archive (see to see if
somebody had a similiar problem already. If not, try posting a message to
the list with detailed information about the compile problem.

General KDE discussions should go to the KDE mailing list (