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## KStars TODO list: updated August 2004
## Announce interest in working on these on
## suggest new items on the same list or at
1. Bug reports to be resolved:
- 69818: Empty Sky on PPC
- 71434: Date boxes too small [cannot reproduce]
- 77564: Sun and other planets overlay in dumped image [cannot reproduce]
- 81303: KStars crashes with segfault after loading
- 85322: Cannot start INDI service [cannot reproduce]
2. Other Required Fixes:
- Improve opaque ground polygon
- Fix custom catalogs, make it *much* easier to add custom objects.
- UI file for Location dialog (and others?)
- "Engage Tracking" menu/toolbar action jumps to previous tracked object
- INDI device manager: Close button instead of Ok/Cancel
- ExtDatePicker highlights wrong day for year<2000 (correct day selected,
just highlighting is wrong)
- OpsDialog: zoomed-out faint limit not restricted to be <= zoomed-in limit
- OpsDialog: child widgets should disable when parent deselected:
Stars, Asteroids, Comets, CNames, MW, Hide obj.
- OpsDialog: Remove All Trails button does nothing
- OpsDialog: modifying the Hide Objects timestep should trigger Apply button
- AltVsTime: can add custom object more than once, because coords are
- Details: Messier object with no long name display M name twice
- Details: "Edit Link" button should allow link text to be changed
- Details: Log window: get rid of Save button; text should silently autosave
- ScriptBuilder: Does not warn if Save As target already exists
- ScriptBuilder: Sometimes, opening a script file sets UnsavedChanges
- Removing a User Label does not cause it to disappear immediately
- Showing star mag label, but not name label, prepends "star" to label
3. Wishlist Items
- 51299: Marking of important points on celestial lines
- 63369: Display multiple views [Low priority]
- 66177: Screen saver mode
- 68529: Occultation detection
- 77748: Show Magelanic Cloud contours
- 78068: Option to startup with clock paused
- 79671: Ability to add individual custom objects or "pushpin" markers
- 81617: Ability to save and reload "view profiles"
- 81760: Add "Goto" button to Details/WUT
- 82946: Include Constellation in object details
- 83125: Add new cities in Sweden
4. New Features
- Almanac tool (sun events, moon events, planet events, etc)
- Observing list tool (under development by Jeff Woods)
- Solar system viewer: more interactive; independent clock; include minor bodies
- JMoons tool: show dates rather than day offset; show position of moons at t0
- Countour lines for nebulae
- Alternative sky-projection schemes
- Indicate binarity/variability of stars on map?
- DCOP functions for overlay drawing of text and lines
- add light grey "dd:mm:ss" text to dmsBoxes, which disappears when it gets focus
- Better rendering of comets and asteroids
5. Large projects:
- OpenGL rendering
- Add more planet satellites
- Add Earth satellites (man-made)
- Update moon position code to Meeus 1998.
6. Ever-present needs
- Translations
- Improve documentation
- More AstroInfo articles
- More internet links