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Darrell Anderson 11 years ago
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commit 1fe815e31c

@ -1,19 +0,0 @@
There is a bug in Boost.Python version 1.30 when compiled with GCC
3.2. This causes an error on compiling. It is a known problem, and
due to the stricter typename checking in more recent GCC versions.
The new Boost.Python version will contain a fix for this problem, but
it might take some more months for this version to become available,
and some distributions ( including Debian, not including Red Hat ( at
this time, 22-9-2003, at least ) ). In the mean time, I have included
a patch to the boost.python headers in the Kig distribution that fixes
this problem. It is called boost-python1.30-gcc3.2.patch, and should
be applied in the following way.
Open a console window, and go to the directory containing the
Boost.Python headers. This will most likely be called something like
"/usr/include/boost/python/". Then execute the following commands (
before giving these commands, replace "/dir/to/kig/distribution/" by
the directory where you put the downloaded kig distribution ):
cd object
patch make_ptr_instance.hpp < /dir/to/kig/distribution/boost-python1.30-gcc3.2.patch

@ -1,13 +0,0 @@
Only in python/converter: as_to_python_function.hpp~
diff -u -r python-old/object/make_ptr_instance.hpp python/object/make_ptr_instance.hpp
--- python-old/object/make_ptr_instance.hpp 2003-04-22 14:35:28.000000000 +0200
+++ python/object/make_ptr_instance.hpp 2003-06-28 15:09:05.000000000 +0200
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
template <class U>
static inline PyTypeObject* get_class_object_impl(U const volatile* p)
- PyTypeObject* derived = get_derived_class_object(is_polymorphic<U>::type(), p);
+ PyTypeObject* derived = get_derived_class_object(typename is_polymorphic<U>::type(), p);
if (derived)
return derived;
return converter::registered<T>::converters.get_class_object();