TDE educational programs
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SUBDIRS = flags
kgeographydir = $(kde_datadir)/kgeography/
kgeography_DATA = africa.png europe.png france.png germany.png ncamerica.png \
southamerica.png spain.png usa.png africa.kgm europe.kgm france.kgm \
germany.kgm ncamerica.kgm southamerica.kgm spain.kgm usa.kgm \
italy.png italy.kgm poland.kgm poland.png austria.kgm austria.png \
norway.kgm norway.png china.png china.kgm brazil.png brazil.kgm \
italyprovince.kgm italyprovince.png asia.png asia.kgm \
world.png world.kgm canada.png canada.kgm netherlands.png netherlands.kgm