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.TH LX200GPS 1 "March 16, 2005"
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lx200gps \- LX200 GPS driver for INDI telescope control
.B lx200gps
[ \fB\-v\fP ]
KStars allows you to configure
and control astronomical instruments such as telescopes and focusers via
the INDI protocol. \fBlx200gps\fP is a device driver for supporting
particular types of external hardware.
You should normally not need to run this driver directly. Instead you
should use KStars to configure and operate your astronomical instruments.
Most operations can be found under the Devices menu within KStars.
KStars will start the INDI server internally, and the INDI server will
in turn start this device driver.
Much more detailed information can be found in the KStars Handbook, as
described below.
KStars is a graphical desktop planetarium for TDE, and forms part of
the official TDE edutainment module.
Write more verbose output to stderr.
.BR indiserver (1),
.BR kstars (1).
The KStars Handbook contains detailed information on how to use INDI for
telescope control. You can read this handbook in the TDE Help Centre.
Alternatively you can enter the URL
directly into konqueror or you can run
`\fIkhelpcenter help:/kstars/indi.html\fP'
from the command-line.
If the TDE Help Centre is not installed then you can install the package
\fItdeedu-doc-html\fP and read this documentation in HTML format from
KStars was written by Jason Harris <>,
Heiko Evermann <>, Thomas Kabelmann <>,
Pablo de Vicente <>, Jasem Mutlaq <>,
Carsten Niehaus <>, Mark Hollomon <>,
Vincent Jagot <> and
Martin Piskernig <>.
This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton <>
for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).