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Last modified: 2005-03-24
* Find bugs
* More functions?
* In tool menu:
* find "nollställen" ( en: where the function's value is 0)
* get slope for a x-point
* Value table
* Fix the unpolished lines?
* #52887, need to calculate with complex numbers.
* Popupmenu and tracemode for parametric- and polar functions
* Draw tangents in trace mode (pipesmoker)
* Printing (pipesmoker)
- different paper sizes
* Use a better(faster!) algorithm for drawing integrals numeric. It's not urgent anymore since the implemention of Euler's method is better now.
* An export dialog where you can set the size and enable/disable monocrome.
* More printing options.
* Import parameter values from different file format(.csv, KSpread, OpenOffice) via Koffice (see kde-edu/kig)
* Function edit Dialog
- Apply button for edit of more than one function in one go
* Printing
- possibility for omitting the Header
* Porting File save format to xml
* Bug #80739
* A constant editor which can imports/export constants from KCalc
* Progressbar + stopbutton when drawing anti-derivates.
* No re-drawing then the user don't make any changes in the function editor dialog
* handle with comma-characters
* Replace the comma-seperated KLineEdit with a new dialog
* Parse the new dialog's values.
* don't freeze at rf(x)=ln(x)
* Set background color
* In tool menu:
* maximumvalue
* minimumvalue
* get the y-value from a x-value
* Default color for derivatives and anti-derivatives.
* Range check when adding plot functions.
* Don't calculate stepWidth if nothing is changed.
* Import parameter values from .txt-files
* Navigating in trace mode with the keyboard
* Trace mode with derivatives
* Fix totalsteps in progressbar
* In tool menu:
* area under a graph
* Printable area-under-graphs
* Draw functions with parameters in tool-menu
* Version check
* Load old Kmplot files without crash
* Popup tool menu when right clicking on a graph
* Ask the user (yes|no) when he or she saves an old kmplot file
* Don't save a file if it isn't necessary
* Fix scaling
* Change icon when zooming
* Ability to print background color
* Four modes for zooming.
* Basic popup menu for single parametric points.
* Configure Dialog for global Settings / save as default Checkboxes (Started)
* Replace QFile with KIO in KmplotIO.
* Ability to export the parameter values.
* Support for more than 10 functions.
* Support for more than 10 parameter values for a function.
* Improved drawing of integrals (faster!)
* KPart
* Ability to set font size when drawing labels.
* Automatic choose a new function if the user want to define a function name that already exists.
* Move and copy functions to other instances of KmPlot.
* Make it possible to set a min OR max range value for functions.
* Checkbox in the function list to show/hide functions.
* Ability to set min and max values for the sliders.