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TODO items for Kanagram:
make the gap to the board edge and text smaller?
have separate position settings for chalk font (different font dynamics move font off position)
finish khotstuff server, add to app
only have "edit" button if editable vocab selected (not on page initialise, as at present)
only have active "save" button if changes are to be saved
on new word press, blank entry box?
keyboard shortcuts (skip word 'ctrl-n', etc.)
more words for vocabs!
different themes (whiteboard, etc)
animated (quickly) rising folder?
Warn "want to save?" on vocab editor close
redesign vocab editor dialog
on reveal word, display hint - help learn words: hide on next word button press?
info of vocab?
shared "tdeedu" dir for kvtml files?
many descriptions for one word? (to prevent memorisation of words, more interesting)?
speak hints using kde text-to-speech engine!?!