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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kcfg xmlns=""
xsi:schemaLocation="" >
<kcfgfile name="klatinrc"/>
<group name="Language">
<entry name="UserLanguage" type="String">
<label>The language selected by the user</label>
TDEConfigBase *globalConf = TDEGlobal::config();
TQString m_language = globalConf->readEntry("Language", "en");
//keep only the first 2 characters
m_language = m_language.left(2);
TQString filename = locate("data", "klatin/data/vocabs/");
filename += m_language;
TQDir check(filename);
if (check.exists() == FALSE) {
m_language = "en";
kdDebug()&lt;&lt; m_language &lt;&lt;endl;
<default code="true">m_language</default>
<group name="Vocabulary">
<entry name="NumOfQuestions" type="Int">
<label>how many questions are asked in one session.</label>
<entry name="UnlimitedQuestions" type="Int">
<label>whether KLatin should ask unlimited questions.</label>
<entry name="DefaultFile" type="String">
<label>the default vocabulary file.</label>
TQString fileDir = locate("data", "klatin/data/vocabs/");
fileDir += m_language;
TQDir vocabDirectory(fileDir, "*.kvtml");
kdDebug()&lt;&lt; m_language &lt;&lt;endl;
TQString defaultFile = (fileDir + "/" + vocabDirectory[0]);
kdDebug()&lt;&lt; defaultFile &lt;&lt;endl;
<default code="true">defaultFile</default>
<entry name="LatinToLang" type="Bool">
<label>whether the questions should be Latin to the user's language.</label>
<entry name="LangToLatin" type="Bool">
<label>whether the questions should be the user's language to Latin.</label>