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read a KEduVocDocument from a KVTML file
copyright : (C) 1999-2001 Ewald Arnold
(C) 2001 The KDE-EDU team
(C) 2005 Eric Pignet
email : eric at
* *
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
* (at your option) any later version. *
* *
#include <tqfile.h>
#include <tqdom.h>
#include "keduvocdocument.h"
#include "grammarmanager.h"
#include "multiplechoice.h"
class KEduVocDocument;
// internal types, indented are subtypes
#define TQM_VERB "v" // go
#define TQM_VERB_IRR "ir"
#define TQM_VERB_REG "re"
#define TQM_NOUN "n" // table, coffee
#define TQM_NOUN_F "f"
#define TQM_NOUN_M "m"
#define TQM_NOUN_S "s"
#define TQM_NAME "nm"
#define TQM_ART "ar" // article
#define TQM_ART_DEF "def" // definite a/an
#define TQM_ART_IND "ind" // indefinite the
#define TQM_ADJ "aj" // adjective expensive, good
#define TQM_ADV "av" // adverb today, strongly
#define TQM_PRON "pr" // pronoun you, she
#define TQM_PRON_POS "pos" // possessive my, your
#define TQM_PRON_PER "per" // personal
#define TQM_PHRASE "ph"
#define TQM_NUM "num" // numeral
#define TQM_NUM_ORD "ord" // ordinal first, second
#define TQM_NUM_CARD "crd" // cardinal one, two
#define TQM_INFORMAL "ifm"
#define TQM_FIG "fig"
#define TQM_CON "con" // conjuncton and, but
#define TQM_PREP "pre" // preposition behind, between
#define TQM_QUEST "qu" // question who, what
// type delimiters
#define TQM_USER_TYPE "#" // designates number of user type
#define TQM_TYPE_DIV ":" // divide main from subtype
// usage delimiters (also declared in UsageManager.h)
#define UL_USER_USAGE "#" // designates number of user type
@author Eric Pignet
class KEduVocKvtmlReader : public TQObject
KEduVocKvtmlReader(TQFile *file);
bool readDoc(KEduVocDocument *doc);
bool readLesson(TQDomElement &domElementParent);
bool readArticle(TQDomElement &domElementParent);
bool readConjug(TQDomElement &domElementParent,
vector<Conjugation> &curr_conjug,
const TQString &entry_tag);
bool readOptions(TQDomElement &domElementParent);
bool readType(TQDomElement &domElementParent);
bool readTense(TQDomElement &domElementParent);
bool readUsage(TQDomElement &domElementParent);
bool readComparison(TQDomElement &domElementParent,
Comparison &comp);
bool readMultipleChoice(TQDomElement &domElementParent,
MultipleChoice &mc);
bool readExpressionChildAttributes( TQDomElement &domElementExpressionChild,
TQString &lang,
grade_t &grade, grade_t &rev_grade,
int &count, int &rev_count,
time_t &date, time_t &rev_date,
TQString &remark,
int &bcount, int &rev_bcount,
TQString &query_id,
TQString &pronunce,
int &width,
TQString &type,
TQString &faux_ami_f,
TQString &faux_ami_t,
TQString &synonym,
TQString &example,
TQString &antonym,
TQString &usage,
TQString &paraphrase);
bool readExpression(TQDomElement &domElementParent);
bool readBody(TQDomElement &domElementParent);
void domErrorUnknownElement(const TQString &elem);
void domError(const TQString &text );
TQFile *m_inputFile;
KEduVocDocument *m_doc;