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In this directory I will store the testcases for KBruch. A file containing a
test suite for a "class" has the following file name:
In this file there is a class (struct) named "class"_test_suite and the class
containing the test cases. This class is called "class"_test. Every member
function of the original class is tested in a seperated member function of the
"class"_test class. Those functions are named
"class"_test::test_"memberFunction"() {...}
Before you can compile it, you have to make symlinks from the source directory
to this directory. The simplest way is to use the following bash script:
# save the current directory
# delete all symbolic links
rm `find . -type l`
# now go the source directory
cd ../src
echo "Createing symlinks to the source files..."
# make a symlink from every *.cpp file to this directory
for a in `ls *.cpp`
ln -s ../src/$a ../testcases/$a
# make a symlink from every *.h file to this directory
for a in `ls *.h`
ln -s ../src/$a ../testcases/$a
# and back to the testcases directory
cd $current
And you need the boost library installed. I think this will be the hardest
thing. You can get boost from
If you want to compile the whole tests not under Linux using gcc, you maybe
have to edit the in this directory to correctly link against
libboost_unit_test_framework-YOURCOMPILER. Edit the following line in
kbruch_test_LDADD = -lboost_unit_test_framework-gcc $(LIB_TDEUI)
I hope someone finds a portable way to do this Makefile stuff. Please fix it,
I'm not a Automake/Autoconf guru!
You can compile the test program by typing:
make check
If you were able to compile it, you can execute the test case program
kbruch_test from within this directory.
I hope this helps a little bit.
Sebastian Stein <>