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- fix hint position DONE
- get a new Languages Settings icon ----
- get a new KHangMan crystal icon ----
- bundle the fonts with install ----
- fix the font size ----
- tooltip if no Win dialog - DONE ----
- find a way to better finish game (win or loose) ----
- allow to change font in Settings (add a Fonts tab) ----
- add a Quick STart dialog in doc ----
- finish German ß->SS ----
Code cleaning (ingwa):
* General
- Make all classes use the m_ convention for members ----
- Make members private as far as possible
- Make members and methods use more descriptive names.
* Special for khangman
- Rename the c, d, f, g members in khangmanview!
- Make the themes parameterized. Now the tests and values
for different themes are spread out throughout the whole code.
14 June 2005
- German: in Settings dialog, give the choice of playing all uppercase
or all lower case
lower case: ä,ö,ü,ß
upper case: Ä,Ö,Ü,SS
- KPassivePopup for tip: good solution? tip appears always at the same place, where ever you click. Is that good? Should the tooltip appear where the user clicked instead?
- usability of the Configure KHangMan dialog DONE
- enable hint: in Settings at the moment, should it be as a button in the toolbar as well? (Danny)
- font size (use QFont::setPixelSize (thanks psn) instead of size) - make sure you use pretty big sizes though else it'll get unreadable fast on a big monitor - 156pt will be enough - QPaintDevice::x11AppDpiX() and QPaintDevice::x11AppDpiY() will give the dpi values
11 April 2005
- center the word display
- better position the passive popups DONE
- choose font in configuration (2 dialogs: for Misses + Word and for Guess+charWrite)
- Misses and word font the same? (uniformity prefered by Dannya) -> have the _ the same size
- make the gradient disappear in minimum size so that the added parts merge exactly
- change the wording of Misses to Mistakes? (Reuben)
07 April 2005
- urgent: implement Desert theme DONE 10 April
- urgent: position better KPassivePopup DONE 11 April
- implement fontChecker for Domestic Manners and Dustimo Roman in main.cpp
- find a way to end a game (when you lose or when you win -> special animation?)
22 March 2005
- Look menu -> switching theme DONE 10 April
- Language menu -> switching language DONE 10 April
Options - themes
- DONE sea theme: the "light" to blink when changing animations...
in practice, there would be a bg image with the light on, and one with the light off...
maybe we overlay just the light part on a standard bg
- preview theme is Settings dialog
we could write the options if needed in some kind of theme file (Dannya)
NEW: Young kids theme with 120x120 pixels area to put an image -> new kvtml file with pic name as hint
DONE Misses and Word and Guess: QPainter for each theme
Toolbar for special chars and normal: transparent image bg for one