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2007-02-04 Håvard Frøiland <>
* Backport: Added a dialog box that pop's up when the user has finished
the last level. This will only happen on automatic level change.
2007-03-01 Håvard Frøiland <>
* Bugfix: Bug 118862: accents dead keys do not work
Bug 134371: Ktouch no pone acentos (Respuesta en Español)
2006-04-09 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Bugfix: color scheme entries in the main menu will be shown
without interpreting & as automatic accelerator
* Feature: color schemes can now be edited and saved, also a
color scheme includes now keyboard and slide line
colors, new option to have common slide line colors
in configuration (request: #90548)
* Bugfix: several keyboard layouts were wrong (showing the
wrong colors and were therefore misleading), a few
have been already fixed and the others temporarily
removed from the install section of the make files
(bug: #119189)
2006-04-08 Andreas Nicolai <>
* New version: 1.5.3
* Bugfix: slideline algorithm reworked and enhanced, cleared bugs related
to improper cursor movement/size, wrong sliding etc.
(bug reports: #54329, #116838)
* Feature: configuration settings allow change of sliding widget height limit,
useful for large screen resolutions (feature request: #76666 )
* Feature: line length limit removed, teacher text can now be as long as
desired, wrong student line text is limited to size of
teacher lengths + some offset
* Feature: new default mini level with a few more lines
(bug report:
* Feature: default keyboard is selected based on KDE locale
(requests: #54379, #99947)
* Feature: quick select lists of training lectures/keyboard layouts are now
sorted alphabetically
* Bugfix: trailing spaces are removed from lines when lecture is
read (bug: #107080)
* Bugfix: fixed freeze of appliation on click on "clear statistics"
button (bug: #119568)
* Feature: added keyboard hiding feature in configuration (request: #104238)
* Added: new slovenian training lecture
* Bugfix: changed default lecture font from Courier to Monospace
in KTouch and all lecture files (bug: #108690)
* Feature: show language names for keyboards in addition to file names in
quick selection menu
* Bugfix: statistics are also stored for the mini-default level
* Feature: statistics dialog has been rearranged
* Feature: manual level change buttons can be disabled in automatic-level
change mode (request: #121598)
2006-03-30 Andreas Nicolai <>
* New version: 1.5.2
* Bugfix: fixed false error on reading single-level-lectures (bug: #120414)
* Feature: lines with spaces at the end are trimmed (whitespace removed)
* Feature: line length limit increased to 300 (request: #116838)
* Added: added new/fixed keyboard layouts
(requests: #40962, #85584, #119670)
2006-03-27 Andreas Nicolai <>
* New version: 1.5.1
* Bugfixes: Statistics dialog used to hang on "clear history"
* Added: Various new training lectures and keyboards
2005-06-14 Andreas Nicolai <>
* New version: 1.5
* Added: New statistics engine (compressed XML statistics,
level and session based statistics, chart widget now based
on tdeeduplot lib)
* Bugfixes: a lot of smaller fixes in various parts of KTouch
(strange behaviour, unexpected results etc.)
* Review: general code review and restructuring of many important
2004-11-21 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Added: "Open lecture ..." menu entry in File menu to allow
users to open their own lecture files.
2004-11-09 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Bugfixes: sliding line typing limit,
removed mid-level advance (due to popular request)
reset session stats in every new level
* Added: new keyboard layout for switzerland-german keyboards
2004-11-02 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Added: checks in the quick-select menues
* Now the current lecture is again saved and restored the next time
KTouch is started.
2004-11-01 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Moved all configuration data to Prefs (using TDEConfig XT) or
to the KTouch Main Widget
* Removed the old configuration object completely
* Changed the startup procedure somewhat
2004-10-29 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Moved some more configuration entries to the TDEConfig XT,
fixed some bugs with the configuration dialog
* added font override buttons.
2004-10-26 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Converted the remaining lecture files to XML format
2004-10-01 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Converted all not yet converted source files to UTF-8
2004-09-30 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Implemented support for XML lecture files and ported some lecture
files to XML
* Implemented new lecture editor
* Added generic open request dialog (also used for all other editors)
* Reordered KTouch main class and cleaned up startup code
* Added titles to lectures, so that file names do not appear in the
context menu anylonger
* Fixed the deprecated download/upload routines
* Revised the configuration class and added new config data (still to
be syncronized with TDEConfig XT)
* plus much more...
2004-09-30 Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>
* Port to TDEConfig XT
* Port the Trainig ->Default Lectures, Settings->Keyboard Layouts,
Settings->Keyboard Color Schemes to TDESelectAction
* Add tooltips and QWhatsThis help in Config dialogs
2004-04-02 Andreas Nicolai <>
* Fixed a bug in ktouch.cpp (wrong Q_SLOTS type)
* Cleaned up some files
2003-05-19 Haavard Froeiland <>
* Added an extra keyboard colour scheme
* Added different scaling for the keys
2003-05-09 Haavard Froeiland <>
* Added an option for changing fonts on the keyboard
2003-05-05 Andreas Nicolai <>
* added new files to CVS
* color and slide bug fix in slide line widget
* session management works now
2003-04-01 Andreas Nicolai <>
* code port to KDE3
* added many features (statistics, preferences dialog & other stuff)
2001-09-24 Haavard Froeiland <>
* Fixed unwanted behaviour, when automatically level changes accured
2001-09-22 Haavard Froeiland <>
* added sound support for automatic level change
* made option for it in the general dialog
* statistics are now saved to file
2001-09-18 Haavard Froeiland <>
* Started work on statistics.
2001-05-19 Haavard Froeiland <>
* Support for training on keypad is added. ;-)
2001-05-14 Haavard Froeiland <>
* added font chooice in option general
2001-05-14 Haavard Froeiland <>
* added color chooice for visual notification.
2001-05-09 Haavard Froeiland <>
* added option for visual notification.
2001-04-17 Haavard Froeiland <>
* added visual notification if you typed something wrong.
2001-04-11 Haavard Froeiland <>
* added option for turning error beep on/of
* added option for automatic level change
* added possability to change level manually
2001-04-10 Christian SPENER <>
(admin stuff)
* test some homepage stuff
2001-04-07 Christian SPENER <>
(admin stuff)
* editing this ChangeLog File to be useful
2001-04-05 Haavard Froeiland <>
(new version)
* ktouch 0.91 is out
* new features:
pause button
added frensh keyboard
2001-03-17 Haavard Froeiland <>
(new version)
* ktouch 0.90 is out
* new features:
colorful keyboard
scrolling text if text doesn't fit into window
2000-08-11 Haavard Froeiland <>
(new version)
* ktouch 0.70 is out
* new features:
you have to press enter at the end of each line
KTouch can now remember where you were last time you were practising
You can adjust how the levels change according to your typing skills
Latin-American and Portuguese keyboards added
2000-06-11 Haavard Froeiland <>
(new version)
* ktouch 0.60 is out
* new features:
Change between different keyboard layouts. Supported keyboard's is English, German and Norwegian.
2000-05-09 Haavard Froeiland <>
(new version)
* ktouch 0.50 is out
* new features:
Higlighting of the control keys. e.g uppercase letters will be indicated with the shift button.Bug fix:
You can now use ASCII characters in the extended table. Thanks to: Peter Rexigel
2000-04-26 Haavard Froeiland <>
(new version)
* ktouch 0.30 is out
* new features:
It is now possible to load your own text-files for training. Use a blank line for new levels, and # for commenting.
2000-04-19 Haavard Froeiland <>
(new version)
* ktouch 0.10 is out
* website online
2000-03-15 Haavard Froeiland <>
(project start)
* ktouch was started