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*** Changes after Kalzium Hydrogen ***
- Make the plot window always plot on changes of setting
(No more having to press the Plot button.)
- The spectrum dialog
- The table now has a small gap over the rare earth
- The isotope table provides now more data
- halflife-periods
- weight
- number of neutrons
- abundance
- alpha-decay
- betadecay (both plus and minus)
- spin
- magnetic moment
- The documentation has been overhauled
- The menustructure is now more consistent
- One icon has been added
- Make the mainwidget a QScrollView. This make sizehandling easier
- Improved layout of the detailed information dialog
- Added a widget which shows you a table of the isotopes
- Added EqChem, a chemical equation solver
- Added several glossary-items
- Display no legend when the No Color-mode is choosen
- The dialogboxes now have a help-button which will open the
correct page in the help
- The molecule parser for the weight calculator.
- adding the abundance of an element in a crustal rock (measured in ppm)