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#ifndef __KSD_AI_H
#define __KSD_AI_H
#include <krandomsequence.h>
#include <tqptrlist.h>
#include <tqmemarray.h>
#include "sprites.h"
#include "dialogs.h"
#include "options.h"
enum Rotation {RLEFT,RNONE,RRIGHT};
struct MineHit
int mineNumber,hitTime;
double distance;
struct Hit
HitObject object;
int playerNumber,objectNumber,hitTime;
double distance; //distance^2
struct Shot
Hit hit;
Rotation rotation;
int rotationFrames;
double score;
class Ai
Ai(int pn,ShipSprite* s[2],TQPtrList<BulletSprite> *b[2],
TQPtrList<MineSprite> *m[2],SConfig *c);
void newRound();
void think();
bool rotateLeft(){return rotation==RLEFT;}
bool rotateRight(){return rotation==RRIGHT;}
bool accelerate(){return acc;}
bool shootBullet(){return bullet;}
bool layMine(){return mine;}
AiSprite nextPosition(AiSprite sp,double mult);
void nextPositions(AiSprite sp,TQMemArray<AiSprite> *a,int frames);
Hit firstObject(AiSprite shot,int shotframes,int frames);
void shotScores();
void calculateNextPositions();
void setSpriteFieldSize();
void testForHits();
void tryShots();
void chooseAction();
SConfig *cfg;
KRandomSequence random;
Rotation rotation;
bool acc;
bool bullet,mine;
//what to do when
int rotateFramesNumber,accelerateFramesNumber;
bool shoot;
double score;
int playerNumber,opponentNumber;
ShipSprite *ship[2];
TQPtrList<BulletSprite> *bullets[2];
TQPtrList<MineSprite> *mines[2];
TQMemArray<AiSprite> *shipsNextPositions[2];
TQMemArray<AiSprite> *aiMines[2];
int mineNumber[2];
//possible Hits
TQPtrList<Shot> myShots;
TQPtrList<Hit> objectsHitByShip;
TQPtrList<Hit> minesHitByShot;
int borderTime;
int sunTime;
//SpriteField width and height
double sfwidth,sfheight,sfwidth_2,sfheight_2;
static int calcFrameIncrement[Options::EnumAiDifficulty::COUNT];
static int calcPositionNumber[Options::EnumAiDifficulty::COUNT];
static int calcShotDirections[Options::EnumAiDifficulty::COUNT];
static int calcCollisions[Options::EnumAiDifficulty::COUNT];
static int calcNextShot[Options::EnumAiDifficulty::COUNT];
static double calcShotRandom[Options::EnumAiDifficulty::COUNT];
int calculateCollisions;
int waitShot;