TDE games
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#ifndef __MY_MAIN_VIEW_H
#define __MY_MAIN_VIEW_H
#include <tqwidget.h>
#include <tqimage.h>
class TDEToggleAction;
class TDEActionCollection;
#include <krandomsequence.h>
#include "sprites.h"
#include "dialogs.h"
class Ai;
#ifdef sun
#undef sun
class MyMainView:public TQWidget
MyMainView(TQWidget *parent=0);
static TDEToggleAction *pauseAction;
void setActionCollection(TDEActionCollection *a);
public slots:
void newRound();
void newGame();
void togglePause( );
void pause();
void resume();
void start();
void stop();
void gameSetup();
void closeSettings();
void readConfig();
void writeConfig();
void hitPoints(int pn,int hp);
void energy(int pn,int en);
void wins(int pn,int w);
void setStatusText(const TQString & str,int id);
virtual void resizeEvent(TQResizeEvent *event);
virtual void timerEvent(TQTimerEvent *event);
virtual void keyPressEvent(TQKeyEvent *event);
virtual void keyReleaseEvent(TQKeyEvent *event);
SConfig modifyConfig(SConfig conf);
TQCanvasPixmapArray* loadOldPixmapSequence(const TQString& datapattern,
const TQString& maskpattern, int framecount=1);
void moveShips();
void moveBullets();
void moveMines();
void moveExplosions();
void calculatePowerups();
void collisions();
TDEActionCollection *actionCollection;
TQCanvas field;
TQCanvasView view;
SConfig customConfig,config;
int timerID;
bool playerKeyPressed[2][PlayerKeyNum];
bool bulletShot[2];
bool minePut[2];
bool waitForStart;
double gameEnd;
double timeToNextPowerup;
// sprites
TQPtrList<TQImage> shipImages;
TQPtrList<TQPoint> points;
TQImage bulletImage;
TQCanvasPixmapArray *bulletsequence[2];
TQCanvasPixmapArray *shipsequence[2];
TQCanvasPixmapArray *explosionsequence;
TQCanvasPixmapArray *minesequence[2];
TQCanvasPixmapArray *mineexplosionsequence;
TQCanvasPixmapArray *powerupsequence[PowerupSprite::PowerupNum];
ShipSprite *ship[2];
SunSprite *sun;
TQCanvasText *textSprite;
TQPtrList<BulletSprite> *bullets[2];
TQPtrList<MineSprite> *mines[2];
TQPtrList<ExplosionSprite> explosions;
TQPtrList<PowerupSprite> powerups;
KRandomSequence random;
Ai *ai[2];