Pacman game for the TDE
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# Translation of Kpacman to Spanish
# Copyright (C) 2003 Quique <>
# Quique <>, 2003
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2002-01-27 22:10+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2003-04-04 09:47CET\n"
"Last-Translator: Quique <>\n"
"Language-Team: Spanish <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 0.9.5\n"
#: kpacman.moc.cpp:42 kpacman.moc.cpp:47 main.cpp:25 main.cpp:38
msgid "Kpacman"
msgstr "Kpacman"
#: painter.cpp:69 status.cpp:43
msgid ""
"The pixmap could not be contructed.\n"
"The file '@PIXMAPNAME@' does not exist,\n"
"or is of an unknown format."
msgstr ""
"No fue posible construir la imagen.\n"
"El fichero '@PIXMAPNAME@' no existe,\n"
"o tiene un formato desconocido."
#: kpacman.cpp:71
msgid "&New"
msgstr "&Nuevo"
#: kpacman.cpp:72
msgid "&Pause"
msgstr "&Pausa"
#: kpacman.cpp:74
msgid "&Hall of fame"
msgstr "Los &Mejores"
#: kpacman.cpp:86
msgid "&Hide Mousecursor"
msgstr "&Ocultar puntero del ratón"
#: kpacman.cpp:92
msgid "&Select graphic scheme"
msgstr "&Seleccionar el esquema gráfico"
#: kpacman.cpp:96
msgid "&Pause in Background"
msgstr "&Pausar a segundo plano"
#: kpacman.cpp:98
msgid "&Continue in Foreground"
msgstr "&Continuar en primer plano"
#: kpacman.cpp:102
msgid "Change &keys..."
msgstr "Cambiar &teclas..."
#: kpacman.cpp:104
msgid ""
"Joerg Thoennissen (\n"
"A pacman game for the KDE Desktop\n"
"The program based on the source of ksnake\n"
"by Michel Filippi (\n"
"The design was strongly influenced by the pacman\n"
"(c) 1980 MIDWAY MFG.CO.\n"
"I like to thank my girlfriend Elke Krueers for\n"
"the last 10 years of her friendship.\n"
msgstr ""
"Joerg Thoennissen (\n"
"Juego de pacman para el entorno de escritorio KDE\n"
"El programa está basado en el código fuente de ksnake\n"
"de Michel Filippi (\n"
"El diseño está fuertemente influenciado por el pacman\n"
"(c) 1980 MIDWAY MFG.CO.\n"
"Me gustaría dar las gracias a mi novia Elke Krueers por\n"
"los últimos 10 años de amistad.\n"
#: kpacman.cpp:133
msgid "Configuration Error"
msgstr "Error de configuración"
#: kpacman.cpp:134
msgid ""
"There are no schemes defined,\n"
"or no scheme is selected."
msgstr ""
"No hay esquemas definidos,\n"
"o no se ha seleccionado ninguno."
#: referee.cpp:89 referee.cpp:90 referee.cpp:1257
msgid "GAME OVER"
#: referee.cpp:151 referee.cpp:152 referee.cpp:1059 referee.cpp:1077
msgid "PLAYER ONE"
msgstr "JUGADOR UNO"
#: referee.cpp:155 referee.cpp:156 referee.cpp:1060 referee.cpp:1085
#: referee.cpp:1090
msgid "READY!"
msgstr "PREPARADO!"
#: referee.cpp:159 referee.cpp:160 referee.cpp:808 referee.cpp:811
#: score.cpp:149 score.cpp:150 score.cpp:506
msgid "PAUSED"
msgstr "EN PAUSA"
#: referee.cpp:874
msgstr "PERSONAJE"
#: referee.cpp:875
msgid "/"
msgstr "/"
#: referee.cpp:876
msgid "NICKNAME"
msgstr "APODO"
#: referee.cpp:880
msgid "-SHADOW"
msgstr "-SOMBRA"
#: referee.cpp:882
msgid "\"BLINKY\""
msgstr "\"PARPADEANTE\""
#: referee.cpp:886
msgid "-SPEEDY"
msgstr "-VELOZ"
#: referee.cpp:888
msgid "\"PINKY\""
msgstr "\"ROSADO\""
#: referee.cpp:892
msgid "-BASHFUL"
msgstr ""
#: referee.cpp:894
msgid "\"INKY\""
msgstr "\"TINTADO\""
#: referee.cpp:898
msgid "-POKEY"
msgstr ""
#: referee.cpp:900
msgid "\"CLYDE\""
msgstr ""
#: _translatorinfo.cpp:1
msgid ""
"Your names"
msgstr "Quique"
#: _translatorinfo.cpp:3
msgid ""
"Your emails"
msgstr ""
#: score.cpp:69 score.cpp:74 score.cpp:169
msgid " 1UP "
msgstr ""
#: score.cpp:78 score.cpp:79
msgid " HIGH SCORE "
#: score.cpp:83 score.cpp:88 score.cpp:172
msgid " 2UP "
msgstr ""
#: score.cpp:107 score.cpp:108
msgstr " ENHORABUENA "
#: score.cpp:111 score.cpp:112
msgstr " HA CONSEGUIDO "
#: score.cpp:115 score.cpp:116
msgid " A SCORE IN THE TOP 10. "
#: score.cpp:119 score.cpp:120
msgid " "
msgstr " "
#: score.cpp:125 score.cpp:126
#: score.cpp:468
#, ycp-format
msgid ""
"You're going to create the highscore-file\n"
"for your maschine, that should be used systemwide.\n"
"To grant access to the other users, set the appropriate rights (a+w)\n"
"on that file or ask your systemadministator for that favor.\n"
"To use a different directory or filename for the highscores,specify them in "
"the configfile (kpacmanrc:highscoreFilePath)."
msgstr ""
"Va a crear un fichero de máximas puntuaciones\n"
"para su mátquina, que será usado en todo el sistema.\n"
"Para garantizar acceso a los otros usuarios, asigne los permisos "
"adecuados (a+w)\n"
"a ese fichero, o pídaselo a su administrador de sistema.\n"
"Para usar un directorio o nombre de fichero diferente, especifíquelo en "
"el fichero de configuración (kpacmanrc:highscoreFilePath)."
#: score.cpp:481
#, ycp-format
msgid ""
"You're using a private highscore-file, that's mostly because of\n"
"missing write-access to the systemwide file\n"
"'%1' .\n"
"Ask your systemadministrator for granting you access to that file,\n"
"by setting the appropriate rights (a+w) on it.\n"
"To use a different directory or filename for the highscores,specify them in "
"the configfile (kpacmanrc:highscoreFilePath)."
msgstr ""
"Está usando un fichero de máximas puntuaciones privado, debido "
"principalmente de que no hay permisos de escritura para el fichero "
"'%1' .\n"
"Pídale a su administrador de sistemas que le dé permiso para acceder "
"a ese fichero,\n"
"asignándole los permisos adecuados (a+w).\n"
"Para usar un directorio o nombre de fichero diferente, especifíquelos en "
"el fichero de configuración (kpacmanrc:highscoreFilePath)."
#: score.cpp:534
msgid "@YY@/@MM@/@DD@"
msgstr "@YY@/@MM@/@DD@"
#: status.cpp:47
msgid "Initialization Error"
msgstr "Error de inicialización"
#: board.cpp:55
msgid ""
"The levelmap could not be constructed.\n"
"The file '@LEVELNAME@' does not exist,\n"
"or could not be opened for reading."
msgstr ""
"No fue posible construir el mapa de nivel.\n"
"El fichero '@LEVELNAME@' no existe,\n"
"o no se puede abrir para lectura."
#: kpacmanwidget.cpp:101
msgid ""
"The bitfont could not be contructed.\n"
"The file '@FONTNAME@' does not exist,\n"
"or is of an unknown format."
msgstr ""
"No fue posible construir la fuente en mapa de bits.\n"
"El fichero '@FONTNAME@' no existe,\n"
"o tiene un formato desconocido."
#: keys.cpp:23
msgid "Ok"
msgstr "Aceptar"
#: keys.cpp:29
msgid "Defaults"
msgstr "Predeterminados"
#: keys.cpp:86
msgid "Change Direction Keys"
msgstr "Cambiar las teclas de dirección"
#: keys.cpp:99
msgid "Undefined key"
msgstr "Tecla sin definir"