TDE personal information management applications
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KNotes -- Notes for the Trinity Desktop Environment

KNotes aims to be a useful and full featured notes application for
the TDE project. It tries to be as fast and lightweight as
possible although including some advanced features.

KNotes has already reached its second stage and I'm currently
developing the third and probably last one.

The second stage was the complete integration with the new KDE 2.
The third stage will include adding the rest of the features from KDE 1's
KNotes not yet ported and the possibility to edit rich text in all
the notes.

I try to provide code that is very clear and easy to understand and
that can serve as a good example how to use TDE's windowmanager, TWin,
the session management, the XMLGUI and the printing framework.

KNotes can:

* accept drag and drop (even from a remote ftp site)
* mail your note
* print your note (not yet perfect)
* insert the current date
* have arbitrary colors for background and text
* have arbitrary sized notes
* use an arbitrary font for the body and the title
* do auto-indentation

and remembers all this on a per note basis on exit.

To get started, point the mouse pointer on a KNotes note and use the right
mouse button to bring up the KNotes pop-up menu.

A little history:
KNotes was originally started by Bernd Wuebben for KDE 1. The goal was mainly
to test and extend the kwm communications protocol as it was quite limited by
that time.

Wynn Wilkes then did the initial port of KNotes to the next generation of KDE,
KDE 2. Some (hopefully rarely used) features are still not ported yet, see below
for the list.

Because I was using KNotes daily (and still do so - of course ;) I sent in a
bugreport and got to test the fix for KDE 2.0. Since then I got really addicted
to KNotes' code which is expressed by the fact that I'm the maintainer now :-))

Known issues:
* printing is not fully implemented yet

Features not (yet?) ported from KNotes 1.x:
* do two different frame styles
* associate an alarm timer to a note and notify you on expiry

If you have any feedback, suggestions, new features or little enhancements,
please don't hesitate to drop me a mail. I still didn't find the patch of how
to read the users' mind ;-))

Have fun!

Best Regards,
Michael <>