TDE personal information management applications
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In this file:

* What you find here
* What it is
* Mailing List, Getting involved

What you find here

Anything relating to the KDE-PIM project. See also

The KDE-PIM project aims to bring together those who wish to help design,
implement, test, etc. anything that's to do with personal information

This rather broad scope encompasses mail clients, addressbooks, usenet news,
scheduling and even sticky notes.

What it is

* kaddressbook: The KDE addressbook application.
* kandy: sync phone book entries between your cell phone and computer
("kandy" comes from "Handy", the german word used for a cellular)
* kmail: the KDE mail client
* kmailcvt: tool for importing mail related data from other programs
* knode: news client
* korganizer: a calendar-of-events and todo-list manager
* kpilot: to sync with your PalmPilot
* kalarm: gui for setting up personal alarm messages, emails and commands
* kalarmd: alarm monitoring daemon, shared by korganizer and kalarm.
* kontact: Integrated PIM application
* karm: Time tracker.
* kitchensync: Synchronization framework, still under heavy development.
* tdefile-plugins: vCard KFIleItem plugin.
* knotes: yellow notes application
* konsolecalendar: Command line tool for accessing calendar files.
* korn: mail checker
* akregator: Feed reader

There is also quite an amount of infrastructure in this package:

* calendarsystem: library for handling of non-gregorian calendar systems
* libtdepim: Common code for different tdepim apps
* libtdenetwork: Common code for apps previously being in the tdenetwork CVS
module (KMail, KNode). This will be merged with libtdepim.
* mimelib: MIME messages library
* libkcal: C++ api for the iCalendar and vCalendar formats
* libkcal/libical: a basic iCalendar protocol implementation, see RFCs 2245,2246
* libkpimexchange: connecting to Exchange2000 servers
* tdeabc/frontend: A GUI frontend for libtdeabc, not intended for end users.
* kgantt: lib to display and manage Gantt diagrams used by the project view
plugin of KOrganizer
* kdgantt: alternative lib for Gantt diagrams, used by the free/busy view of
KOrganizer (yes, we should decide for one of the Gantt libs)
* tdeioslaves/sieve: Sieve tdeioslave
* ktnef: handling of tnef data

The following subdirectories have been moved to kdenonbeta/tdepim:

* empath: a modular e-mail client, designed for reuse, needs a Qt
with threading support
* twister: another personal information manager, needs empath
* kab2: another design for the KDE addressbook

* ldif: a parser for LDIF, the LDAP Information Interchange Format
* libdif: dito, one of them is superfluous
* libimap: IMAP handling
* librmm: an Internet mail message parser (RFC 822 -> Class hierarchy)

Mailing List, getting involved

If you'd like to get involved with the project, subscribe to
with an email to with the subject line:
subscribe my@email.address

If you have questions relating to development of this module please post them on
the developers mailing list ( If you have user questions,
please use

If you are interested in kmail development use the mailing list