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2007-09-17 Danny Kukawka <>
Tagged new release v0.7.3
2007-09-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* ChangeLog.package: updated for 0.7.3
2007-09-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* packaging/openSUSE10.3.kpowersave.spec: added new SPEC
file for openSUSE 10.3
2007-09-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* po/de.po: Added missing space between text and ellipsis
(...) (see b.n.c #293707)
* NEWS: Updated news file.
2007-09-17 Danny Kukawka <>
Updated language files with min 75% from :
* po/fi.po:
* po/pt.po:
2007-09-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* po/sl_SI.po: added now complete Slovenian po-file from
Jure Repinc <>.
2007-09-17 Danny Kukawka <>
Prepared v0.7.3 release:
* ChangeLog.package: Updated package changelog with the
Changelog from the SUSE package
* NEWS: Added news for 0.7.3 release
* README: updated recommended dependencies, updated bugzilla
2007-09-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* po/sl_SI.po: added new (not complete) Slovenian po-file
from Jure Repinc <>.
2007-09-12 Danny Kukawka <>
When use DBUS_TYPE_BOOLEAN use as variable type dbus_bool_t
to avoid possible trouble on big endian machines:
* src/dbusHAL.cpp: Replaced int variables with dbus_bool_t.
* src/dbusHAL.h: included dbus/dbus.h
* src/hardware.cpp: Replaced int variables with dbus_bool_t.
2007-09-11 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/screen.cpp: Fixed b.n.c #309491. Fixed code to free
TDEProcess object if gnome-screensaver is running (which
mean unfortunately GNOME is running).
2007-09-11 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fixed handleACStatusChange(), notify
only if notifyEvent == true. Print notifyEvent on debug.
2007-09-05 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Fixed b.n.c #307431: prevent
send events about AC status change on changes of the
session state.
2007-09-05 Danny Kukawka <>
Prepared KPowersave to work with HAL >= 0.5.10 and the
changed policy/privileges names which KPowersave use to
lookup what is allowed for a user:
* Added detection of HAL >= 0.5.10
* src/ added privileges.h
* src/hardware.cpp: use now privileges.h defines
* src/privileges.h: New file with defines for the policy
names depending on the HAL version.
2007-09-03 Danny Kukawka <>
Updated language files with min 75% from :
* po/cs.po:
* po/zh_CN.po:
2007-09-03 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Changed function to set the
brightness up/down on vertical wheel events over the applet
icon to use also do_brightnessUp/Down with 5-percentage
steps to avoid problems with machines with a high number
of brightness levels.
2007-09-03 Danny Kukawka <>
Changed return value types due to changes in HAL
* src/dbusHAL.cpp: Changed for suspend calls.
* src/hardware.cpp: Changed for GetBrightness and for
SetPowerSave() calls.
2007-08-30 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fix an other case of use bool to get
DBUS_TYPE_BOOLEAN variables in currently unused code.
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Don't use kdFatal() before exit
in kpowersave::kpowersave() otherwise DrKonqi get called.
2007-08-27 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/detaileddialog.cpp: Call setInfos() on AC events
to force update of e.g. scheme and CPU Freq information.
2007-08-27 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fixed checkConsoleKitSession() again.
Don't use boolean to get DBUS_TYPE_BOOLEAN variables from
D-Bus. This lead to strange results on ix86 (the stange
is: it fails only on free local variables if leave the
function, but only on ix86 and not on x96_64).
2007-08-26 Danny Kukawka <>
* Cleaned up configure to undefine
ENABLE_YAST_ENTRY if the Yast entry in the applet should
not added as e.g. at openSUSE >= v10.3.
2007-08-25 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fixed b.n.c #301692 again, but with an
other source of the problem: fixed parameter for D-Bus
call to ConsoleKit to get info if the session is active.
2007-08-25 Danny Kukawka <>
Merged unmerged files with kpowersave.pot:
* po/[ar,bgi,el,es,fr,ja,pt_BR,tr].po:
Removed largely untranslated files from SVN:
* po/[sk,sl_SI].po:
2007-08-25 Danny Kukawka <>
Updated language files with min 80% from :
* po/[cs,nl,pa].po:
New translations from the same repo:
* po/hi.po: Hindi (220/69/27)
* po/lt.po: Lithuanian (243/23/50)
2007-08-24 Danny Kukawka <>
* Don't check any longer for PolicyKit
>= v0.4, simply check if libhal provide the following
function: libhal_device_is_caller_privileged() to check
if KPowersave should use libhal or the old PolicyKit
D-Bus interface.
2007-08-23 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fixed possible segfault if the
XDG_SESSION_COOKIE isn't set. Set sessionIsActive to true
in this case and skip the rest of the checks.
2007-08-20 Danny Kukawka <>
Updated language files from :
* po/[da,el,fi,hu,it,km,nb,pa,pl,pt,ru,sv,uk].po:
2007-08-20 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.[cpp,h]: Added function to check if the
org.freedesktop.Policy.Power has an owner (new function
is isPolicyPowerIfaceOwned()).
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Added helper to call
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Added active session handling
for schemes (don't react on AC state changes if the
session get inactive and apply default schemes based on
AC state if the session get active again).
Changed handleActionCall() to check if the current session
is active and deny request if not. If there is no owner of
org.freedesktop.Policy.Power allow shutdown on battery
critical events.
TODO: Think about the situation if the session get inactive
and there is no owner of org.freedesktop.Policy.Power
2007-08-20 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: If the desktop session (if detected
via ConsoleKit) get inactive call releasePolicyPowerIface()
10 years ago
and if the session is active again try to acquire the
org.freedesktop.Policy.Power interface again.
This should happen:
- the session get inactive:
- release org.freedesktop.Policy.Power:
powersaved or if there is an other desktop session
10 years ago
an other KPowersave instance can acquire the name and
handle powermanagement.
- the session get active again:
10 years ago
- the current active KPowersave instance acquire the
interface/name from powersaved (if there is an other
KPowersave instance holding the name it should release
the name ...) and handle powermanagement again.
2007-08-20 Danny Kukawka <>
Added code to detect if we get a NameOwnerChanged signal
from DBus for org.freedesktop.Policy.Power and check if
this KPowersave instance caused the signal.
* src/dbusHAL.[cpp,h]:
* src/hardware.cpp:
2007-08-20 Danny Kukawka <>
10 years ago
* src/dbusHAL.[cpp,h]: Split up the code to acquire the
org.freedesktop.Policy.Power name service to a new own
function. Added new function to release the service
name again. Call now dbus_bus_release_name() if close()
get called.
2007-08-19 Danny Kukawka <>
Updated svn:ignore for src/ to ignore new files.
2007-08-19 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fix b.n.c #301692, switch schemes
correctly on AC plug in/out events.
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
Update TODOs (about tasks for new ConsoleKit session
* src/tdepowersave.cpp:
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Don't emit events for: power, sleep
and s2disk button if the session is inactive.
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fixed commit r3046: really ignore
the brightness up/down key event if session inactive.
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Handle desktopSessionIsActive()
signal from class HardwareInfo:
- stop/start autosuspend and autodimm depending on the
session state
- don't call may configured actions for the lidclose event
if the session is inactive.
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Added new function to get the
private sessionIsActive.
Ignore brightness up/down key events from HAL if the
session is marked as inactive.
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
Implemented code to check on ConsoleKit vi D-Bus if the
current desktop session is active and monitor if the
state change.
* src/dbusHAL.[cpp,h]: Listen to D-Bus if the state of the
session change and inform class HardwareInfo about the
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Added new function to get the name
and the state of the current Session from ConsoleKit.
Added code into the DBus event filter function to detect
if the state change and send a new signal if this happen.
TODO: Integrate this into class kpowersave to stop e.g.
autosuspend and autodimm if the session get
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
Comment out variable names of unused function parameters
and remove no longer needed checks to prevent compiler
* src/dbusHAL.cpp:
* src/inactivity.cpp:
* src/tdepowersave.cpp:
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* po/de.po: Updated german language file.
2007-08-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/countdown_Dialog.ui: removed include hints
2007-08-16 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fix parameter types for call
SetPowerSave() on HAL.
2007-08-16 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Comment out calls of
getSchedPowerSavings(), the needed HAL interface didn't
make it into HAL yet.
2007-08-16 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.cpp: Show some debug messages only if
kpowersave started with --dbg-trace.
2007-08-16 Danny Kukawka <>
Finished work on new Autosuspend warn/countdown dialog
to fix bug/feature request from b.n.c #182609:
* src/config/kpowersaverc_default: Added new config
variables to enable/disable the dialog and to set the
time how long the countdown should be.
* src/settings.[cpp,h]: integrate them into general
* src/countdown_Dialog.ui: Fixed dialog to resize
* src/countdowndialog.cpp: Init Progressbar before show
up the dialog, set dialog caption, adjust the size and
call show().
* src/dummy.cpp: removed no longer in this file needed
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Integrate the dialog in the
logic for start/setup and handle autosuspend.
2007-08-15 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fix code to set brightness up/down
and add some debug code. This should fix b.n.c #282640.
2007-08-14 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/configuredialog.cpp: Fix pB_resetBrightness_clicked()
to use hwinfo->setBrightness() correctly (set level and
not percentage with level).
2007-08-14 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Change type of parameter of
SetPowerSave() on HAL to from DBUS_TYPE_BOOLEAN to
2007-08-14 Danny Kukawka <>
Extended and added new debug message for CPU code in the
detailed dialog to trace problems within Virtualbox.
* src/detaileddialog.cpp:
* src/hardware_cpu.cpp:
2007-08-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Maked isCpuFreqAllowed() not
const to be able to check the Policy on each call directly
from libhal.
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Don't enable 'CPU Freq Policy' entry
in the applet menu if we know KPowersave isn't allowed to
call the interface on HAL.
2007-08-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.[cpp,h]: Extended isUserPrivileged()
depending on USE_LIBHAL_POLICYCHECK to ask HAL if the
user is privileged to call a interface.
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Ported existing calls of
dbusHAL::isUserPrivileged() to changed function param.
Added new checks for Brightness/SetPowersave HAL calls
if USE_LIBHAL_POLICYCHECK is defined (because they didn't
exist in the old HAL < 0.5.10)
2007-08-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* Changed detection if we need to call
new PolicyKit/HAL instead of PolicyKit D-Bus daemon to
check for libhal_device_is_caller_privileged() in libhal.
2007-08-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* Added checks for HAL >= 0.5.10 and
PolicyKit >= 0.4 to check if we have to ask HAL if the
user is privileged instead of the no longer existing
PolicyKit D-Bus daemon.
2007-08-13 Danny Kukawka <>
Moved code to set brightness a step up/down from class
kpowersave to HardwareInfo.
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Use new function to set brightness
up/down on keyevents.
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Forward on dcop call to new
functions in class HardwareInfo.
2007-08-12 Danny Kukawka <>
* Fix detection of the SUSE distributions
to fix value of ENABLE_YAST_ENTRY. Since openSUSE 10.3 there
is no longer a powermanagement module in Yast.
This should fix b.n.c #299577.
2007-08-12 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/ Added countdown dialog related files.
* src/countdown_Dialog.ui: Added Pixmap object and changed
Progressbar from QProgressBar to KProgress.
* src/countdowndialog.[cpp,h]: Finished code for the
countdown dialog.
2007-08-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/eventsrc: Added new events (autodimm down/up, brigtness
key up/down) for translation we may use in the future.
2007-08-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* po/kpowersave.pot: Updated pot file from current code.
2007-08-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dummy.cpp: SUSE 'string freeze' for 10.3 is comming.
Added some new strings we may need later for some planed
2007-08-09 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Added missing '<< endl' to a kdDebug()
call to prevent crash of KPowersave directly before exit(-1).
This fix b.n.c #298332
2007-08-09 Danny Kukawka <>
Added initial files for new dialog shown (30 sec) before the
machine go into autosuspend. The code is not running atm.:
* src/countdown_Dialog.ui:
* src/countdowndialog.[cpp,h]:
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: added missing debug call.
2007-07-30 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fixed show suspend log for SLED/SLES,
show the powersave related logs. This go not into the CODE10
branch for now.
2007-07-29 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fixed typo which prevented show up
the logviewer dialog if suspend fail and pm-utils return
a value != (0|INT_MAX).
2007-07-29 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fixed typo to use correct variable.
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Added three new dcop functions to
get the current brightness (in percentage) and to set the
brightness up and down. For the new brightness up/down
functions the default step is +/- 10%, but you can change
this via the function parameter. If the step not change the
brightness level the default is +/- one level to have a
2007-07-26 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Speed-up dimm brightness up if the user
get active again. Try to dimm up within 750 ms instead of
2007-07-26 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.h: Code docu update.
2007-07-25 Danny Kukawka <>
* doc/pt/*: removed Portuguese version of the doc to reduce
package size since the doc only contain one translated
2007-07-25 Danny Kukawka <>
Replaced s/char */const char */ of function parameter types to
prevent compiler warnings:
warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'
* src/dbusHAL.[cpp,h]: in dbusMethodCallSuspend()
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: in setCPUFreqGovernor()
2007-07-25 Danny Kukawka <>
Removed <includehints/> tags from UI files (caused warnings).
* src/detailed_Dialog.ui:
* src/log_viewer.ui:
* src/hardware.h: Fixed typo in code docu.
2007-07-24 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.h: Make checkBrightness() to a private SLOT.
2007-07-24 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Reduce calls of checkBrightness() in the
setBrightness() function. Only call the check if brightness
is currently not supported (as fallback check).
Added code to monitor if a laptop_panel* property get changed,
e.g. if key get removed. Call checkBrightness() in this case
to prevent problems with state of brightness support.
2007-07-24 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Cleanup setBrightness() to check always
the current brightness before return.
2007-07-24 Danny Kukawka <>
Fixed brightness handling. HardwareInfo::brightness is now
only true if laptop_panel.num_levels >= 2. This should fix
some reported problems with DELL machines which have only one
brightness level available.
* src/configuredialog.cpp:
* src/configuredialog.h:
* src/detaileddialog.cpp:
* src/hardware.cpp:
2007-07-24 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/config/kpowersaverc_default: set autoDimmTo=50 as
default value for: default-scheme, Performance and Acoustic
* src/hardware_battery.cpp: Cast to float for internal
calculation to avoid false values.
2007-07-24 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/autodimm.cpp: Added missing code documentation.
2007-07-24 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/autodimm.cpp: Fixed QTimer start parameter and moved
some code around.
* src/autodimm.h: make startCheckForActivity() public to
handle this from outside the class.
* src/configuredialog.cpp: Activate autodimm feature in the
configure dialog.
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fixed dimm level handling (use float for
calculation to avoid invalid values). Reset autodimm if the
user is active again.
2007-07-23 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: added new function setAutoDimm() and
integrated autoDimm feature into the workflow.
NOTE: This feature is complete untested at the moment.
2007-07-23 Danny Kukawka <>
Make stop autosuspend before suspend/after resume more robust:
* src/inactivity.cpp: Be sure that timeToInactivity has a
usefull value (> 0) before check for inactivity. This should
force to stop every running check if stop() was called, where
timeToInactivity was set to 0 after stop the running QTimer.
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Added additional call of stop() if
2007-07-23 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fixed autodimm related signacl connect
and added new connect for the case if the user get active
* src/kpowersave.h: Added code documentation.
2007-07-23 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Added new functions do dimm up
and down the brightness, needed for autodimm.
2007-07-03 Danny Kukawka <>
Added autodimm settings to the configure dialog and the
settings class.
* src/config/kpowersaverc_default: added default settings
* src/configure_Dialog.ui:
* src/configuredialog.[cpp,h]:
* src/settings.[cpp,h]:
* src/pics/cr22-action-autodimm.png: added new icon.
NOTE: This is currently disabled in the configure dialog
until the real autodimm functions are integrated.
TODO: Add functions to autodimm the display brightness down.
2007-07-02 Danny Kukawka <>
* kpowersave.tdevelop: Changed settings to abort on errors.
* src/ Fixed typo to compile autodimm class.
* src/autodimm.[cpp,h]: Added new code to autodimm to check
if the user is active again. Currently the code poll each
second the XScreenSaverInfo extension to detect if the user
start again to use the mouse/keyboard.
TODO: Check if 1 second is the correct/useful intervall.
2007-07-02 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/inactivity.cpp: SILENT: moved code within the file.
2007-07-01 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp:Changed get-/setSchedPowerSavings() to use
bool instead of int for parameter and return values.
2007-07-01 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/ Added new files to make.
* src/autodimm.[cpp,h]: Added new empty files for new planed
autodimm feature.
2007-07-01 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: removed TODOs and replaces with info about
possible values for the new get-/setSchedPowerSavings()
functions. The kernel only allow 0/1 as parameter.
TODO: Discuss with <> about change the
type of param/retval of the HAL methodes to boolean
2007-06-30 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Added basic functions to support
'mc/smt power savings sched policy' via hopefully upcomming new
HAL functions GetSchedPowerSavings()/SetSchedPowerSavings()
TODO: check the allowed parameter and return values of the
kernel (in sysfs) and may change the existing HAL patch to
work with boolean instead of integer
2007-06-26 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: comment out some code
2007-06-18 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/config/kpowersaverc_default: Added callSetPowerSaveOnAC
with default value true.
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Call setPowerSave() in setSchemeSettings()
to be sure it get set on startup correctly.
* src/settings.[cpp,h]: Added new config variable to enable/
disable call SetPowerSave() on HAL depending on the AC state
(callSetPowerSaveOnAC for [General] section)
2007-06-18 Danny Kukawka <>
Fixed debug messages:
* src/dbusHAL.cpp:
* src/hardware.cpp:
2007-06-17 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/inactivity.cpp: Fix Segmentation Fault from b.n.c bug
2007-06-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: removed one more useless *.latin() from
debug messages.
2007-06-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* po/ar.po: Added new Arabic language file from Youssef Chahibi
2007-06-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Remove laptop_panel entry from the
QDict<QString> udis if no device with laptop_panel found. This
should prevent problems if the laptop panel device get removed
from HAL.
2007-06-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Added code to react if a latop panel device
get added/remove. Added also all device_type values to the
switch of the HAL_DEVICE case.
Removed several *.latin1() calls due to new usage of kdDebug().
* src/hardware.h: Added new value to enum device_type for laptop
panels (for brightness).
2007-06-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.cpp: Make the code easier by group initial checks
for HAL/D-Bus connection and parameter checks, add goto's to
reduce kdDebugFuncOut() codelines before each return.
This include also some whitespace/tab replacements.
2007-06-12 Danny Kukawka <>
* kpowersave.tdevelop: Magic change with new version ...
Moved kpowersave to use functions from kdebug.h instead of own
myDebug() macro. Added some smaller marcos to: trace function
entry and leave points and to add time infos to output of
e.g. kdDebug() (funcinfo). Via kpowersave option --dbg-trace
the user can enable (additional ) function tracing. This should
fix feature request #1721072.
* src/autosuspend.cpp:
* src/configuredialog.cpp:
* src/dbusHAL.cpp:
* src/detaileddialog.cpp:
* src/hardware.cpp:
* src/hardware_battery.cpp:
* src/hardware_batteryCollection.cpp:
* src/hardware_cpu.cpp:
* src/inactivity.cpp:
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]:
* src/tdepowersave_debug.h:
* src/main.cpp:
* src/screen.cpp:
2007-05-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Added code to stop the elapsed time
between suspend call and the resume event. Emit in this case
resumed(INT_MAX) from HardwareInfo::handleResumeSignal() to
allow us to guess better if this was really the much-loved
6 hour D-Bus timeout.
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Changed debug message from myDebug()
to qdebug() and extended the message text if we assume the
resume error is a D-Bus timeout.
2007-05-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.cpp: Added code to check if the returned
* src/hardware.cpp: Changed debug message due to a bug in
HAL or the spec: SetPowerSave() doesn't return a INT32 but
2007-05-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.cpp: added TODO
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Fixed call for SetPowerSave to get
also the returnvalue from the HAL method.
2007-05-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Make also AC Adapter events
intependent from QT3/DBus event loop.
2007-05-09 Danny Kukawka <>
* TODO: updated/cleaned up TODOs
2007-05-09 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Added support to handle brightness
key events if the machine not already handle this in the
hardware directly (as e.g. IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads).
There is no configuration for this feature. The events get
directly translated to change the level +-1 level per
key event.
2007-05-03 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/screen.cpp: Add debug message and code comment.
2007-05-02 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/config/kpowersaverc_default: Change default timeout
to fake keyevent for locked screen to 2.5 seconds
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Changed behavior and timeouts to
fake keyevents if screen is locked and if resume/open Lid
to use activateLoginScreen() function and to check first
if timeToFakeKeyAfterLock >= 0. This allow the user to
deactivate the faked key events by set value for configkey
timeToFakeKeyAfterLock to -1 in the [General] section.
2007-05-02 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.h: set checkLidcloseState() as private slot.
2007-05-02 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/configuredialog.cpp: Fix detection if brightness
changes are really supported. If max. level of brightness
-1 is <= 0 brightness changes are now unsupported. If the
result is > 0 it is supported. Thanks to Dawid Wróbel
<> for report and help to find the problem.
2007-05-02 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/configuredialog.cpp: Add debug messages to trace the
function calls.
2007-04-24 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Fixed b.n.c bug #266243. Check if
info.capability contains laptop_panel instead of check for
info.category=laptop_panel because not all machines which
provide capability to change brightness have info.category
correct set in HAL atm.
2007-04-22 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Added new function to set a CPUFreq
governor via DBus call to avoid code duplication. Added
new QStringList for dynamic CPUFreq and iter about the
list to set a governor.
Ported patch from Andreas Schwab <> for
b.n.c #229234, get return value from call for set CPUFreq
governor (Could not reproduce the problem!).
2007-04-16 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/inactivity.[cpp,h]: Added new function and moved code
from checkXInactivity() to getXInactivity() to be able to
reuse the code in derived classes.
2007-04-13 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Only go to suspend on a button event
if we already resumed successful. This should solve problems
if we get may e.g. a event for the powerbutton if there
machine was waked up via power button which could lead to
a second suspend.
2007-04-12 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fixed resume behavior. If KPowersave
assume that a timeout for the suspend call happend do the
same as on succesful resume including remount, but print a
debug message.
2007-04-12 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Fixed usage of enum cpufreq_type.
Pointed out by Doug Goldstein <>. Enum isn't
int - it's (8bit) char, enum = int would lead to a segmentation
fault. It's not allowed/possible in C++. Added new
'UNKNOWN_CPUFREQ = -1' to the enum and use this instead of -1.
Changed also the type of currentCPUFreqPolicy and the
return type of checkCurrentCPUFreqPolicy() to cpufreq_type.
This should fix problems where we can't access the CPUFreq
interface on HAL e.g. because of the new ConsoleKit.
2007-04-11 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/kpowersave.h: update Copyright header to the same as
the cpp file. Removed not needed include.
2007-04-11 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Removed no longer used code for the
suspend dialog we used to show the progress while suspend with
2007-04-11 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: cleanup doubled code, use existing
function showDetailedDialog() to show detailed dialog on
2007-04-10 Danny Kukawka <>
Cleanup class kpowersave - moved code to reset XScreensaver
to class screen where already also all the screensaver stuff
is located:
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]:
* src/screen.[cpp,h]:
2007-04-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Removed notifyAutosuspend() and moved
code to do_autosuspend() this should prevent two connects to
the same event - can do this all better in one function.
Call delete() also for autosuspend on destructor.
2007-04-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/logviewer.cpp: Include moc file. Fixed possible file
descriptor leak.
2007-04-10 Laurent Montel <>
Fixed several memory leaks and removed checks for pointer which
are NULL before call delete(), because this is waht delete()
also do internly:
* src/inactivity.cpp:
* src/tdepowersave.cpp:
* src/screen.cpp:
* src/screen.h:
* src/settings.cpp:
2007-04-10 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/configuredialog.cpp: Applied slightly adopted patch from
Laurent Montel <> to avoid problems with
html tags in KMessageBox dialog text.
2007-04-10 Danny Kukawka <>
Moved all moc includes to end of cpp-files, added some code
comments and smaller code formatting changes:
* src/autosuspend.[cpp,h]:
* src/blacklisteditdialog.cpp:
* src/configuredialog.cpp:
* src/dbusHAL.cpp:
* src/hardware.cpp:
* src/hardware_battery.cpp:
* src/hardware_batteryCollection.cpp:
* src/inactivity.cpp:
* src/infodialog.cpp:
* src/screen.cpp:
2007-04-10 Laurent Montel <>
Make moc files being included to speed up build and to fix some
parallel build issues:
* src/autosuspend.cpp:
* src/dbusHAL.cpp:
* src/hardware.cpp:
* src/hardware_battery.cpp:
* src/hardware_batteryCollection.cpp:
* src/hardware_cpu.cpp:
* src/inactivity.cpp:
* src/screen.cpp:
2007-04-10 Danny Kukawka <>
Moved unused string to dummy class for later reuse.
* src/configuredialog.cpp:
* src/dummy.cpp:
2007-04-10 Danny Kukawka <>
Updated file templates:
* templates/cpp:
* templates/h:
2007-04-09 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.cpp: Slightly changed checkCurrentCPUFreqPolicy()
to avoid problems if the DBus call return something wrong or
nothing (as e.g. NULL).
2007-04-09 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.cpp: make isUserPrivileged() more robust to
avoid possible segmentation faults.
2007-04-03 Danny Kukawka <>
Fixed problems with current battery warning level if the
values for the level get changed via the config dialog:
* src/hardware.cpp: Call refreshInfo() for the primary
battery collection if the warning levels get set/changed and
force the recheck of the current level.
* src/hardware_batteryCollection.[cpp,h]: Added new parameter
to refreshInfo to force recheck the battery warning levels also
if the percentage of the battery not changed. This would help
to get the actual warning level due to changes in the settings
for the level immediately after the change.
2007-04-03 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/hardware.[cpp,h]: Add new helper functions/SLOTS to
forward the events for Power, Suspend and s2disk buttons and the
lidclose event. Changed current code to emit the Q_SIGNALS not
directly but to call a QTimer:singleShot() with the new SLOTS
instead. This should make the eventhandling from QT3 D-Bus
bindings independent from the event loop (including may
blocking dialogs in KPowersave).
This fix hopefully fix b.n.c #256372.
2007-03-26 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Applied patch from Laurent Montel
<> to avoid double translation.
2007-03-26 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Applied patch from Laurent Montel
<> to fix problems with error messages
from the KDE Media Manager, which can be formated with html-
Added comment to code about the change.
2007-03-26 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fixed b.n.c bug #257326. Ignore battery
warnings if the machine is on AC. This case can happen if e.g
the battery charging state is not up-to-date if we get the low
level warnings.
2007-03-22 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Applied slightly adopted patch from to show log of pm-utils on Pardus.
2007-03-22 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/config/kpowersaverc_default: Added wodim to autosuspend
2007-03-22 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Stop autosuspend before call suspend and
also if autosuspend get disabled (this worked also before and
produced no unintentional suspend because this was checked before
the suspend get called). I could not reproduce this bug reported
for (K)Ubuntu:, but it maybe help.
2007-03-16 Danny Kukawka <>
Fixed Debian bug #413811 and display message to the user if the
suspend/resume fail:
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Added new function forwardResumeSignal()
to independent handleResumeSignal() from the event loop to avoid
problems with QT3 D-Bus bindings. Emit KNotify before handle the
error codes. If a error occurs display a KMessageBox::error() to
the user. If the system is a SUSE product offer the user to show
the /var/log/pm-suspend.log file and save the file.
NOTE: - if other distributions want to show the log to the user
they have to provide code.
- pm-utils currently always return 0, also on failure,
need a fixe in pm-utils to get a error code
2007-03-16 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/logviewer.cpp: fixed check if we can use the filename
given by to user to save the logfile. Continue if the filname is
2007-03-16 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: ident changes
2007-03-16 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: s/KPOWERSAVE_CONFIGURE_/CONFIGURE_/
2007-03-16 Danny Kukawka <>
Added new dialog to show log files:
* src/ added new files
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: small cleanups and added pointer to new
* src/log_viewer.ui: UI file of the new dialog
* src/logviewer.[cpp,h]: Implementation of new logviewer dialog
with option to save the logfile to a user-selectable file.
2007-03-15 Danny Kukawka <>
* kpowersave.tdevelop: again a minor tdevelop change
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Fixed Debian bug #413638: if config dialog
is minimized and the user try to start config dialog via applet
reactivate the dialog.
2007-03-12 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/kpowersave.[cpp,h]: Added helper funtion to translate the
type of a suspend to a usefull i18n()-string. Replace existing
code. Added a debug msg if suspend/resume fail.
2007-03-12 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: Applied patch from Andreas Schwab
<> to avoid possible segmentation fault.
2007-03-09 Danny Kukawka <>
Fixed event message for scheme switching.
* src/eventsrc: Removed 'Powersave' from generic and german
message (need new translations for the rest). Removed complete
message event handling for no longer existing "Advanced Powersave"
* src/tdepowersave.cpp: removed 'Powersave' from message
2007-03-09 Danny Kukawka <>
Updated dates in copyright headers:
* src/dbusHAL.[cpp,h]:
* src/detaileddialog.cpp:
* src/hardware*.[cpp,h]:
* src/inactivity.cpp:
* src/tdepowersave.cpp:
* src/main.cpp:
* src/screen.[cpp,h]:
2007-03-09 Danny Kukawka <>
* src/dbusHAL.cpp: emit signal about resume first if the
pending call and the messages get unrefed.
2007-02-28 Danny Kukawka <>