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Currently we porting KPowersave to use HAL instead of the powersave daemon.
For more information read this:
or in general about the current state of development:
or the powersave-devel mailinglist archive:
or at
Currently TODOs: (except as TODO marked issues in the code)
* related to new PolicyKit/ConsoleKit/HAL combination and 'Session'-handling:
- fix scheme handling (don't set scheme if inactive, force correct scheme if
active session again)
- the running KPowersave instance can may not react as configured on empty/
low battery if the session is inactive. May only a shutdown via KDE is
Think about this possible solutions:
- fall back to shutdown via KDE on lowest battery level
- drop org.freedesktop.Policy.Power interface and let powersaved to the
* fix suspend workflow, including:
- handle errors (50 % done)
* add code to react if KPowersave could not claim the
org.freedesktop.Policy.Power interface from D-Bus
* update doxygen files, remove/update tasks etc.
* testing and bugfixing (always!)
* check if there is room of improvment for:
- reduce calls and set/force settings (partly done)