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Mon Sep 17 19:14:44 CEST 2007 -
- released KPowersave 0.7.3:
- Changed return value types (uint to int) due to changes in HAL
and our HAL package
- reworked code for mouse wheel events to reuse code for
brightness key events
- When use DBUS_TYPE_BOOLEAN use as variable type dbus_bool_t
to avoid possible trouble on big endian machines
- prepared KPowersave to work also with HAL >= 0.5.10
(handle renamed policy names in HAL)
- updated translations: cs, zh_CN, fi, pt, de, sl_SI
- enable build also for ppc64 (may be usefull for PS3)
- updated NEWS, Changelogs etc due to new release
- fixed bugs:
- b.n.c #307431: (prevent AC notifications if session state
get changed)
- b.n.c #309491: (fix crash if started in GNOME)
- b.n.c #293707: (missing space between text and ellipsis)
Thu Aug 30 18:13:28 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070830 (r3066):
- fixed bugs:
- b.n.c #302493 (don't use kdFatal() befor call exit(-1), it
would only look like a crash)
Mon Aug 27 19:36:37 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070827 (r3065):
- force update detailed dialog on AC events to get always e.g.
the correct scheme info in the dialog
- fixed bugs:
- b.n.c #301692 (fix again detection of session state, fixed
possible segfault on ix86)
Sun Aug 26 17:48:51 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070826 (r3063):
- fixed configure to undef ENABLE_YAST_ENTRY if the Yast entry
should not get added to the applet menu
- fixed spec-file to don't use --enable-yast-entry as configure
option on openSUSE >= 10.3 (b.n.c #299577)
Sun Aug 26 00:44:14 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current SVN HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070826 (r3062):
- translation files:
- updated: ar,bg,cs,el,es,fr,ja,nl,pa,pt_BR,tr
- removed largely untranslated files: sk,sl_SI
- added new: hi,lt
- fixed configure script to detect if we should use HAL to get
information about policies instead of PolicyKit
- fixed bugs:
- b.n.c #301692 (no scheme switch on AC event because of
missdetected Session state)
- b.n.c #303963 (fix segfault if XDG_SESSION_COOKIE is not set)
Mon Aug 20 18:10:39 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current SVN HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070820 (r3057):
- fixed/cleaned up brightness handling/code
- dimm brightness up if user get inactive in 750ms instead of
- added new DCOP functions to get, set up/down brightness
- fixed typo to show up the logviewer dialog if suspend fail
- added new dialog shown up 30 seconds before autosuspend call
the suspend to warn the user and allow chancel the suspend
- don't show yast module applet entry for openSUSE >= 10.3
- added code to work with new PolicyKit/ConsoleKit/HAL combi
to check if the user is privileged
- added code to check if the current desktop session is avtive
and handle if the session get inactive (for more see Changelog
of the pacakge)
11 years ago
- added code to release/acquire org.freedesktop.Policy.Power if
the session get inactive/active to allow powersaved or other
active KPowersave instances to handle powermanagement
- fixed parameter types for call of SetPowerSave() on HAL
- comment out calls of getSchedPowerSavings(), the needed HAL
interface didn't make it into HAL yet
- fixed several compiler warnings
- removed Portuguese version of the help, since only one
paragraph was translated
- updated translations: da,de,el,fi,hu,it,km,nb,pa,pl,pt,ru,sv,uk
- fixed bugs:
- b.n.c #298332 (crash, fixed typo)
- b.n.c #299577 (Yast module)
- b.n.c #282640 (brightness up/down handling)
- b.n.c #182609 (autosuspend warn dialog, feature request)
- b.n.c #301692 (fix switch schemes on AC events)
Tue Jul 24 19:16:13 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current SVN HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070724 (r3000):
- reworked brighness support detection to workaround a bug in
HAL on some DELL laptop machines if laptop_panel.num_levels
is 1 which mean in fact the machine don't support brightness.
- set more useful default values for autoDimmTo in config file
- use float for internal calculation of battery values
Tue Jul 24 15:54:27 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current SVN HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070724 (r2998):
- added new feature: autodimm (see b.n.c #274705)
- added some initial base code for planed new features:
- get-/setSchedPowerSavings
NOTE: not available to the user atm
- call setPowerSave() always depending on the AC state if a
scheme get set. This should fix problems on startup.
- Added new config variable (callSetPowerSaveOnAC in [General]
section) to disable call SetPowerSave() on HAL.
- Fixed Segmentation Fault from b.n.c bug #284622.
- added arabic po-file from Youssef Chahibi <>
- fixed laptop panel/backlight device handling to react if a
device get added/removed to/from HAL
- use now kdebug/kdDebug() functions to debug instead of own
macros, added --dbg-trace option to allow trace function entry
and leave points.
- fix code to guess if a 6-hour-timeout occours while suspend/
resume or if there was really a error
- fixed return value handling for SetPowerSave() on HAL
- make also AC Adapter events intependent from QT3/D-Bus event
- code cleanups
Wed May 9 18:29:53 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current SVN HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070509:
- added more debug messages to trace function calls
- fixed detection if brightness is really supported by the system
- change default timeout to fake keyevent for locked screen to
2.5 seconds
- don't fake key event after locked screen and lidopen if config
variable timeToFakeKeyAfterLock < 0
- Added support to handle brightness key events if the machine
not already handle this in the hardware directly (as e.g.
IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads). The events get directly translated to
change the brightness level +-1 per key event.
Tue Apr 24 16:53:13 CEST 2007 -
- updated to current SVN HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070424:
- changed set CPU Freq governor to reuse code and integrated
patch for b.n.c #229234
- fixed b.n.c #266243: check if info.capability contains
laptop_panel instead for info.category
Wed Apr 18 20:38:47 CEST 2007 -
- Updated to current SVN HEAD v0.7.2_SVN20070418:
- fixed wrong unit for power consumption (removed 'h' from unit)
- removed old powersave daemon related code and strings from
actual messages
- added new dialog to show logfiles if a suspend/resume fail
(need a patch for pm-utils to return not always 0) and allow
the user to save the log
- added wodim to autosuspend blacklist
- force settings for current battery warning level if they
get changed via config dialog
- fixed problems with usage of enum cpufreq_type: don't assign
integer values to a enum (lead to segfault since enum is a
8bit char object)
- changed logic for resume if a timeout happen
- only suspend on button events if we resumed (successful) to
avoid double suspends
- several fixes to make Q_SIGNALS from HAL/DBus idependent from
the QT eventloop due to problems with the QT3 DBus bindings
(should also fix Debian bug #413811)
- several fixes realated to segfaults/crashes
- moved unused strings to new dummy class/file
- cleanup code and removed doubled code
- patches from Mandriva (
- fixed problems with formated messages from KDE media manager
- avoid double translate strings/msg
- Make moc files being included to speed up build and to fix
some parallel build issues
- fixed several memory leaks
- fixed bugs:
- Debian #413638: if config dialog is minimized and the user
try to start config dialog via applet reactivate the dialog.
- Debian #413811
- (K)Ubuntu: stop autosuspend
before suspend
- b.n.c #257326: ignore battery warnings if on AC
- b.n.c #256372: make HAL events independent from QT eventloop
Wed Feb 14 18:26:34 CET 2007 -
- released new version 0.7.2:
- changes (for more see NEWS/Changelog file in the source):
- extended configure dialog to provide this functionality:
* schemes settings:
- add new and delete existing (no default) schemes
- define a CPU Frequency policy for each scheme
* general settings:
- define battery warning levels and actions if a level
reached as e.g. Suspend to disk, Shutdown or change the
display brightness
- configure actions for button events (Power/Lid/Suspend/
Sleep buttons)
- define the default AC and battery schemes
- show the power consumtion of the battery in the detailed info
- umount external media before suspend (need a patch of the KDE
media manager) to avoid data loss and remount on resume
- reset the CPU Freq settings on resume to avoid different
settings for the CPU governor on multicore machines
- call now SetCPUFreqConsiderNice(), SetCPUFreqPerformance() on
dynamic CPU Freq policy (as poweruser setting only changeable
via config file), and also SetPowerSave() with true on
battery and false otherwise.
- support also conservative governor as DYNAMIC fallback
- fixed brightness handling in the configure dialog if not
- removed accelerator tags from i18n() strings. KDE handle this
by itself. Improved config GUI to be better accessible via
- code and code documentation cleanups and updates
- fixed bugs (from if no other comment):
- #245081: KPowersave does not set (ondemand) governor on
- #244052: Close lid of a laptop and suspend to ram cause
100% CPU usage
- #229960: CPUFREQ_DYNAMIC_PERFORMANCE seems to be ignored
during boot and scheme change
- #230686: KPowersave need to be restarted to apply changed
DPMS settings
- #230965: puzzling battery state info
- #231709: kpowersave-0.7.1-12: comparison with string literal
- #231184: KPowersave crashes due to uninitalized LibHalContext
- #229234: KPowersave does not fall back to userspace governor
- #215262: Suspend to disk with attached usb storage not
- #223164: After suspend, second core has performance governor
- #223517: Powersave: CPU scheme "dynamic" reduces speed if
only nice -19 processes run
- #223637: kpowersave crashes in first login
- #225212: KPowersave crash on ThinkPad X60s
- #221715: Functionality for configuring lid close event etc.
missing in KPowersave
- #223922: System not shuting down on pressing power button
- updated translations:
- german: Danny Kukawka
- danish: Stefan Skotte
- turkish: S.Çağlar Onur
- chinese: Zhengpeng Hou
Mon Nov 20 19:17:11 CET 2006 -
- released new version 0.7.1:
- closed bugs (b.n.c): #220271,#220222,#220212,#220553,#167919
- KPowersave should now basicly provide the same major functions
as last stable version of KPowersave. For more read NEWS and
Mon Nov 6 21:03:53 CET 2006 -
- release new version 0.7.0:
- changes:
- depends no longer on powersave, use now only DBUS/HAL
- known issues/bugs:
- scheme switching does not work (also not on AC events)
- currently no reaction if battery reach a warning state or
is emptry !!!
- complete brightness support untested
- lock screen (on lidclose/suspend) untested
Sun Jun 11 17:00:30 CEST 2006 -
- released offical update version 0.6.2 with following changes:
- KPowersave depends now on powersave >= 0.12.18
- fixed bugs:
- #1483392/ SUSE #177792: set changes for autosuspend
state via DCOP back to the applet menu, added DCOP functions
to set the current scheme, the current CPUFreq policy and to
open/close the detailed dialog.
- #1483392/ SUSE #177788,180000: added workaround to
fix two bugs in the DPMS- and Screensaver extension of X,
related to autosuspend and detect user inactivity, which
prevent autosuspend within the timeout escpecially if the
autosuspend timeout is longer than a DPMS timout.
Problems: DPMS timeouts are abstracted from current idle
time, but shouldn't and DPMS timeouts are currently additive,
but the spec say they should all start together at zero.
- SUSE #168619: changed errorhandling if HAL, DBUS or the
powersave daemon is not running or if the user has not the
needed rights to access the powersave daemon via DBUS.
Added new errormessages and translations.
- SUSE #182515: Changed configure dialog to respect rules for
DPMS timeouts (a timeout must be larger than the prior state)
- SUSE #176782: patch from Timo Hönig <> to
allow (if hardware supported and enabled in the scheme)
change brighness via mousewheel over the applet icon.
- SUSE (SLED) #183745: fixed detection of SUSE Linux/SLES/SLED
and added configure option to force SLES/SLED as distro
with --enable-suse-sles. Fixed bugzilla link for SLED/SLES
- SUSE #184076: fixed wrong command to start dbus daemon in
- added additional check before autosuspend if this was
disabled via applet to avoid autosuspend if it was temporary
disabled by the user
- added new configure check to detect Ubuntu/Kubuntu
- changed link to Ubuntu bugzilla to and use now
the same link for applet menu entry "Report a bug ..." if
compiled for Ubuntu/Kubuntu
- updated default blacklist for autosuspend with gmplayer,
- updated translation: cs, de, es, fi, fr, hu, it, km, pl, pt_BR,
- updated (cs) and fixed translation of eventsrc for KNotify
- fixed and updated code documentation
Mon Apr 24 17:50:44 CEST 2006 -
- released official update version 0.6.1 with following changes:
- fixed bug #168838; event for resumeFromSuspendToDisk displayed
twice in knotify dialog (typo and translation issue in eventsrc)
- updated russian translations including desktop files and
eventsrc from Anton Farygin <>
Tue Apr 18 15:27:12 CEST 2006 -
- released SUSE update version 0.6.1 with following changes:
- fixed SUSE bug #167296: fixed tooltip and removed unneeded
checks for battery related infos. Should fix display wrong
remaining time on charging with APM
- fixed SUSE bug #165462: removed utf8 tag from eventsrc which
results in "unknown source ..." message in knotify dialog
- fixed detailed dialog for multiprocessor/-core machines without
CPUFreq or throttling support and offline CPUs/Cores
- updated transaltions (fi,km,pl)
- added configure check for dbus-1-qt3-devel headers
Sun Apr 9 20:23:26 CEST 2006 -
- rereleased official stable version 0.6 with this changes:
* fixed bug #164683 (fixed detailed dialog for machines without
CPUFreq support and more than one CPU/Core and/or throttling)
* reduced unneeded calls of getCPUNum()
* added fix from Daniel Gollub to be able to fake CPU info from
/proc and /sys for development and QA tests
* fixed compiler warnings
Tue Apr 4 21:12:37 CEST 2006 -
- released official stable version 0.6 with this changes:
* added german version of the handbook
* added support for lock screen via gnome-screensaver (only under
* added fake keyevent (shift) after resume if machine was locked
before suspend, to show the login dialog automatically
* fixed errorhandling for YaST power management module
* fixed bug report address in the about dialog (to
* changed timeout for recheck powersave on startup from 10 secs
to 20 to avoid annoying messages on slow machines or autologin
* changed address to report bugs if distro is SUSE, which is used
via the applet menu, to wiki page.
Tue Mar 28 16:44:03 CEST 2006 -
- fixed UTF-8 in desktop files
Mon Mar 27 23:19:38 CEST 2006 -
- updated to new stable release 0.6.0:
- changed powersave dependency to stable version >= 0.12.7
- reduced the size of the package by optimize the size of
included png files. The size off all png files is now reduced
by ~709KByte.
- fixed processor bar in detailed dialog to set correct for the
first call.
- fixed tooltip for machines which always report charging also
if 100% charged and on AC
- fix notify about autosuspend after resume and a remove no
longer needed check from configure
- translation updates
- updated README with install/compile and help/bugreport
- updated code docu (added planed features/enhancements for
0.7/0.8 tree)
- updated spec files for packaging
Mon Mar 13 19:45:41 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.11-rc5:
* added function to check if the machine is a laptop to allow
hide laptop specific widget items if the machine is a
workstation (in this case: 'Lock screen on Lidclose'-checkbox)
* changed brightness settings to allow only to change to min
defined brightness level. This should avoid off the display
on schemeswitch e.g. on new pmu brightness interface
* reworked some parts of the code, cleanups
* added patch from Holger Macht to allow root always s2ram
* translation updates
* replaced TRUE, which is deprecated with QT4, with true
* code documentation adds, updates and fixes
* fixed file attributes for several files from SVN
Mon Mar 6 21:46:37 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.10-rc4:
* KPowersave depends now on: powersave >= 0.12.2
* fixed lidclose handling: added call xset to off the backlight
of LCD displays and reset DPMS settings on lidopen
* fixed read throttling state for multiprocessor machines
(patch from Daniel Gollub <>)
* fixed display processor infos on multiprocessor/-core machines
dislay now values for each CPU/core also on non CPUfreq and
non-throttling machines
* fix to display battery infos only if at least min. one battery
slot is available
* translation updates (po files and handbook) from SUSE/Novell
translation team and Dawid Wróbel <>
* added and updated screenshots for handbook
* added missing icon on non-SUSE distributions
11 years ago
* autotools related fixes: better detection of Mandriva, use
now pkgconfig from powersave for checks and linking, read
name/location of dbus system socket from pkgconfig.
* added rpm-spec file for Mandriva 2006.1
* pics cleanups (removed no longer files)
Tue Feb 28 11:26:32 CET 2006 -
- removed patch from on ix86 and x86_64. Note: this
patch is not correct/complete and unsupported
Mon Feb 27 23:12:59 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.9-rc3:
* fixed APM battery and processor info support in the information
dialog and the applet tooltip (need a fix in powersave)
* fixed battery state in the info dialog if no battery is
available (need a fix in powersave)
* translation and handbook fixes/updates
Mon Feb 20 21:47:12 CET 2006 -
- fixed problem with pidof on Fedora Core 4. Removed path to pidof
from call because pidof should be in PATH of user env.
Mon Feb 20 18:14:47 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.8-rc2:
* removed sound settings from configure dialog and added KNotify
support and more events, KNotify config dialog is available via
applet menu and in the configure dialog
* added dcop function to open configure dialog
* fixed path to powersaved in code and translations to be more
portable (Michael Biebl)
* fixed cpu info in the info dialog to display also for machines
which only support throttling (Daniel Gollub/Danny Kukawka)
* fixed battery part in the info dialog to have same sized
* fixed strings in the code, fixed sting in tooltip if charging
(see #146492)
* removed no longer needed parts from handbook
* updated translations related to the changes
* cleanups (code and files)
Mon Feb 13 18:42:45 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.7-rc1:
* fixed bugs:
* fixed again problems write text if CPU Freq Policy not
11 years ago
* autotools related fixes (Michael Biebl)
* added brightness support and battery state info to detailed
dialog overview
* updated translations: bg,cs,es,fr,it,ja,pt,nb,pt_BR,zh_CN,zh_TW
* added translation: km
* added new handbook: Finnish
Mon Feb 6 18:54:20 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.6:
* fixed bugs:
- detailed dialog:
* removed connect setProcessor() to Q_SIGNALS from powersave
because of excessive CPU usage
* fixed problems write text if CPU Freq Policy not supported
* cleanups (removed unneeded enum defines and replaced with
defines from powersave)
* fixed autosuspend (replace path to pidof and added error msg
if call of pidof fails to be more portable)
* added ifdef'd header for Slackware 10.2
* fixed auto-tools related issues
* added summary battery progress bar if more than one batterybay
is available
* updated translation files (nb,nl,pl,pt,zh_CN)
* added new helpfiles for Czech and Portuguese (not complete
translated), removed some pics to reduce package size
Mon Jan 30 12:44:43 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.5:
* complete reworked detailed dialog, plus:
* fixed problems with offline CPUs (Daniel Gollub)
* changed interval for refresh CPU infos to powersave default
* fixed battery handling
* added new help menu to the applet with a about dialog and a
link to report bugs back to developers
* Updated language files, finished german translation
* added new icon for 'Advanced Powersave' scheme
* fixed scheme related autosuspend page in configure dialog to
prevent unneeded resize of the dialog
* added new dir with spec/build files (currently for SUSE and FC)
* some cleanups
Sun Jan 29 16:32:22 CET 2006 -
- Require dbus-1-qt3-devel for build.
Wed Jan 25 21:44:25 CET 2006 -
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
Mon Jan 23 18:11:12 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.4:
* added new information dialog to left mouse button with:
- CPU, Batttery, AC status info (by Daniel Gollub)
- additional powersave related infos (Danny Kukawka)
* removed currently CPU Freqency from the applet tooltip
11 years ago
(maybe add later CPU related infos)
Wed Jan 18 21:09:47 CET 2006 -
- readded help files to spec file
Tue Jan 17 16:12:21 CET 2006 -
- release 0.5.3-3 for
* added capability for brightness to tell powersave daemon that
KPowersave do this, patch from <>
* changed scheme 'Aggressive' to 'Advanced' Powersave
* added default config/settings for 'Advanced Powersave' scheme
Tue Jan 17 00:51:07 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.3:
* added set scheme specific brigthness settings to kpowersave
and the configuration dialog
* added patch to fix compiler warning from Daniel Gollub
* updated translation (nl) and code documentation
* replaced usage of QString::null with QString()
* added warning if 'Agressive Powersave' scheme is selected
* updated version strings
Tue Jan 10 16:40:11 CET 2006 -
- updated to new release 0.5.2:
- updated to new powersave (>= v0.11.2)
- fixed bug #121965: added new dialog/error message if powersave
is not running, with 'Don't show again' checkbox
- changed handling with not available connection to powersave on
startup of KDE (special for autologin)
- added popup if HAL is not running (and also powersave not
available) and kpowersave get no battery/AC information
- changed settings of sounds filedialog to be more portable
- removed old and not needed qt1/qt2 includes
- updated help files and added new Norsk and Hungarian help files,
added language specific screenshots
- updated translation files and code documentation
- code and file cleanups
Wed Dec 21 00:34:53 CET 2005 -
- fix build with current powersave
Mon Dec 19 12:00:40 CET 2005 -
- use dbus-1-qt3
Thu Oct 13 14:59:23 CEST 2005 -
- updated to current CVS version:
- added admin dir to src for easier port to other distributions
- added ru and fi translation files
- updated doc, help, readme and changelogs
- removed unneeded variables for icon names
- fixes from KDE fixuifiles script
- several fixes to respect KDE user interface style guide
- several typo fixes in i18n stings and related fixes in
translation files
- added powersave-libs and powersave-devel to needforbuild and
powersave-libs to Requirements
Mon Sep 12 10:34:47 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #116079: added function to parse for translation in the
suspend progress dialog
- fixed bug #116353: wrong translation in hu.po
- fixed bug #116438: added missing Polish translation file
- fixed bug #116439: added updated translations [sv,tr,uk,sk,ru]
- fixed bug #116440: added missing space [de,fr,it,pt_BR]
- updated code documentation
Fri Sep 9 14:12:51 CEST 2005 -
- fixed and merged german translation
- fixed ui file for configure dialog: removed direct keyboard
accelerators from strings, which break all translation files
Fri Sep 9 10:43:28 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #116079: fixed translation of suspend progress dialog
- fixed bug #115903: hide scheme menu if not connected to daemon
- fixed bug #115914: prevent overlay of widgets in the blacklist
edit dialog and fix resizeing
- fixed bug #115584: added new signal to differ between service
terminated from powersave and dbus. Display error message now
only for signa dbus.terminate
- fixed applet menu: added a new seperator above help menu entry
- fixed/updated code documentation
- added new configure option --enable-yast-entry to remove need for
build dependency on suse-release
- removed no longer needed need for build dependency on resmgr
Tue Sep 6 22:23:48 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #78953: added option --force-acpi-check to dektop
file and added a new file for autostart
- fixed command line options and information
- changed version from 0.5.0-RC1 to 0.5.0
Mon Sep 5 22:06:56 CEST 2005 -
- fixed makefile fro build
- changed Requires to new powersave version
Mon Sep 5 15:55:27 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #95250: added help entry to the applet menu and a
help button to the configure dialog
- removed bo longer needed include
- updated tranlations
- tweaked debug messages and removed some debug messages
- several cleanups
Sat Sep 3 10:49:31 CEST 2005 -
- Fix to build with changed powersave interface.
Thu Sep 1 10:54:59 CEST 2005 -
- merged DBUS_INTEGRATION branch back to cvs-head and use now for
this package
- fixed and updated code documentation
- fixed bug #95250, now KPowersave have a online help
- removed several debug messages
- fixed redefinition of DBUS_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE
Mon Aug 29 17:36:24 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #106177: use now scaling_cur_freq
- fixed activaton of widgets in configure dialog
- added and changed english helpfile (from
- fixes to prevent crash of kpowersave if connection to D-BUS lost
- fixed bug #113559 for autosuspend after a resume
- fixed store changes of time for autosuspend in the configure
- changed configure: detection of distributions and changed to
pkg-config to find the includes and libs for dbus
- translation updates
Mon Aug 22 18:55:11 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #105555
- updated translations
Mon Aug 15 13:27:56 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #104382 and some memory leaks
- fixed bugs #104603, #104445 and #104338
- merged 64bit fix to CVS
- updated translations: cs, hu, nb, pa, de
- added new translations: pt
Thu Aug 11 22:06:31 CEST 2005 -
- ported to the new DBUS interface, removed old socket code
- removed dependency on obsolete powersave_daemonlib
Sun Aug 7 10:50:39 CEST 2005 -
- fix 64bit build
Sun Aug 7 07:59:53 CEST 2005 -
- Add hal libraries to neededforbuild.
Fri Aug 5 13:12:52 CEST 2005 -
- ported KPowersave to new powersave dbus structure (hmacht and
- updated version to 0.4.100, final will be 0.5.0
Wed Jul 20 09:15:10 CEST 2005 -
- added dbus and dbus-devel to neededforbuild
- enhanced the configure dialog to preselect the current scheme
within the list of schemes
- added fix to blacklistedit dialog to display the name of the
current scheme or to display "General Blacklist" in the dialog.
- corrected typo of i18n-strings and merged en_US.po changes to
the source code
- updated de.po
- fixed bug #95279, now the suspend/progress dialog is
Qt::WDestructiveClose and kpowersave connect to the destroyed()
signal of the dialog
- changed workflow for schemes to enable/disable autosuspend.
(added new checkbox and new config key)
- added misc-icon to configure dialog (scheme part)
- some documentation updates and code cleanups
Tue Jul 5 11:40:36 CEST 2005 -
- added ppc to buildarch
Fri Jun 24 17:34:19 CEST 2005 -
- implemented new feature:
- configurable sound for battery warning states, ac events and
- fixed bug within parsing messages for progress dialog.
- updated (code-)documentation
- updated README for compile kpowersave on other distributions
Thu May 26 21:45:58 CEST 2005 -
- added new menu entry to disable autosuspend trough applet-menu if
autosuspend activated on the current scheme, if not the menu-item
is not visible
- fixed bug with initalise import of global blacklist to scheme
blacklist. Now the imported blacklist is maked as changed.
- cleaned up and changed size policy related values in the
configure dialog
Wed May 25 10:30:12 CEST 2005 -
- added suse-release to neededforbuild to detect the correct
distribution in autobuild system
Tue May 24 14:40:37 CEST 2005 -
- added scheme specific autosuspend blacklist
- changed and improved config dialog:
- added autosuspend blacklist edit dialog and button to general
- added enable scheme specific autosuspend blacklist and edit
- redesigned scheme settings page
- added icons to schemes in scheme settings page
- added fix/workaround for bug #85611
- changed params of autosuspend->start() to QStringList
Fri May 13 03:34:47 CEST 2005 -
- implemented blacklist for autosuspend (if a program in the
blacklist is detected as running autosuspend is stopped)
- added dcop interface function to stop/start autosuspend
- updated documentation
Tue May 10 21:38:36 CEST 2005 -
- implemented autosuspend (detect userinactivity from X-Server)
Tue May 10 10:36:08 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #82880
Sun May 8 22:04:13 CEST 2005 -
- additional fix for bug #81681
Fri May 6 19:23:47 CEST 2005 -
- fixed bug #81681:
- added a new suspend dialog which is now toplevel
- added icons to dialog for the related suspend/standby
- updated documentation
Wed Apr 13 14:18:18 CEST 2005 -
- fixed for gcc 4.0 (tested with i386 and ia64)
Mon Mar 21 14:02:59 CET 2005 -
- added updated translation file
- fixed string in en_US
Fri Mar 18 12:31:03 CET 2005 -
- fixed bug #73810, now we restart XScreensaver to be shure that
the user default settings are set
- fixed bug #73805 (closed file descriptor leak)
- updated Changelog and code doc
Thu Mar 17 17:33:06 CET 2005 -
- implemented progressbar for powersave suspend
- removed 'Disable Screensaver' from menu (and also all related
functions and variables) because this is not needed anymore since
the user can change scheme related screensaver settings
- updated documentation
Wed Mar 16 17:35:17 CET 2005 -
- fixed bug #72939, now on quit reset KDE settings
- fixed setSchemesettings(), now we check for KDE befor reset to KDE
- updated documentation, Changelogs and version strings
Tue Mar 15 19:13:45 CET 2005 -
- added new [zh_CN, zh_TW] and updated translation files
- fixed blocker bug #72846
- fixed bug within the activation of widgets in the configure dialog
- fixed text on labels in configure dialog
- fixed bug in load KDE settings from configfile, to prevent wrong
settings if user changed KDE settings in Trinity Control Center while
KPowersave is running
Mon Mar 14 17:13:31 CET 2005 -
- updated icon for kmenu (now 16x16 and 32x32 the same)
- added new [en_US, pa, uk] and updated translation files
- fixed lable width in configure dialog
- fixed bug, now kcmdisplayrc is loaded for KDE DPMS settings
Fri Mar 11 11:55:10 CET 2005 -
- undo change in QPowersaveClientSocket::connect() depends on
undo in last powersave fixes
Thu Mar 10 18:40:37 CET 2005 -
- fixed bugs #71955 and #71875 (kpowersave related part and needed
adaptations to changed powersave)
- removed unneeded functions and declarations
- added errormessages to do_setSpeedPolicy() and
Wed Mar 9 18:57:34 CET 2005 -
- Fixed bug #71192, changed sequence of enable/disable the
widget/items for DPMS settings.
- added new functions to dcop interface: allowed_sleepingStates()
and list_schemes()
Mon Mar 7 17:47:33 CET 2005 -
- fixed bug #71016
- added dcop interfaces for lock screen, suspend/standby and
to get information about current scheme and CPUFreqPolicy
- fixed bug: now the configure entry in kpowersave isn't displayed
if the powersavedaemon is not running
- fixed message strings
- updated documentation
Fri Mar 4 20:33:03 CET 2005 -
- Added enterEvent( QEvent * ) eventhandler to reduce polling. Now
the tooltip updated only if this event is triggered for the
kpowersace systray/kicker icon.
Fri Mar 4 14:16:05 CET 2005 -
- implemented 'AutostartNeverAsk' to quell the dialog on exit
- added and implemented configure entry for 'lock screen method'
Now the user can configure which method (KScreensaver,
XScreensaver, Xlock, or autoselected) used for lock on suspend/
standby and lid closed
- full implementation of powersave client notification, we now
need only poll active for information if powersave died
- different cleanups
- updated code documentation and additional doc files
Sun Feb 27 23:16:23 CET 2005 -
- removed unneeded config values from kpowersaverc
- implemented all functions to read the general, scheme and KDE
settings from the kpowersave/KDE configuration file(s)
- added functions for 'lock screen' and 'blank only screen'
- integrated screensaver and lock settings to tdepowersave.cpp
Fri Feb 25 14:00:46 CET 2005 -
- fixed configure dialog for better look with bigger fonts
- fix/workaround for the kpowersave related part of bug #66502 on
- fixed dialog bug, now the user can open only one configure
dialog at the same time
- changed displayed application name from kpowersave to KPowersave
- added function to load the general settings in the dialog
- added 'user-inactivity-actions' to dialog, configfiles and menu.
This is atm only 'dummy' and not visible for the user.
- added autostart options to dialog and a new option to prevent the
dialog on exit kpowersave
- updated the default config file
- updated strings for translation
Tue Feb 22 10:45:45 CET 2005 -
- updated configure dialog
- changed configure dialog, renamed widgets, integrated schemes and
general config section
- changed call of the configure dialog, now kpowersave not blocked
while dialog is open
- added different Q_SLOTS and logic to disable/enable widgets
- added load and store the configuration
- added configoptions and funtions to make 'lock screen'
configureable by user
- added default configfile
- updated documentation
Mon Feb 21 21:48:09 CET 2005 -
- enable notification popup through daemon
Tue Feb 15 00:34:42 CET 2005 -
- update to 0.3.10:
- added configure dialog to make user specific configuration
Sat Jan 22 01:23:15 CET 2005 -
- added resmgr to neededforbuild
Mon Jan 17 14:09:08 CET 2005 -
- remove some xscreensaver related (unneeded) code in screen.cpp
- remove some unused variables and function declaration in
- added full code documentation for doxygen and changed the settings
in the Doxyfile
- fixed bug #49844 user selected 'disable screensaver' prefered if
the AC adapter is plugged out
- fixed bug #49845 now XScreensaver also detected under KDE
- fixed bug #49632 in po-files (correct a wrong path in translation
Tue Dec 21 11:59:15 CET 2004 -
- added new cs-translation. File was empty (since SUSE 9.2final)
in the cvs-tree (unknown why) Bug #49445
Wed Dec 15 12:45:09 CET 2004 -
- added new icons to the applet for stand-by, suspend* and
the different schemes
- modified kpowersave desktop icon
- changed some code in kpowersave, fixed some little bugs
(not reported), removed some unneeded or unreachable code
Mon Dec 13 12:06:08 CET 2004 -
- implemented new icons/iconfunctions for better better user
interaction if the battery is in the different states WARNING,
LOW, CRITICAL. Now the icon background flashes every second
orange [WARNING,LOW] or red [CRITICAL]
- changed Icons (removed some white pixel)
Sat Dec 11 17:15:19 CET 2004 -
- fixed Bug #48202
Tue Oct 12 20:14:54 CEST 2004 -
- fix Bugzilla #47113 (hopefully), remove some debug messages,
change version
- fix problem from Bugzilla #46685, now kpowersave check really if
scheme is successfully set by powersaved
Mon Oct 4 12:58:04 CEST 2004 -
- fixed bug in screensaver menuentry, now only checked on start if
screensaver and dpms off or if screensaver off and no dpms
support by machine -> see: Bugzilla #46728
Sat Oct 2 20:12:40 CEST 2004 -
- fixed bug (Bugzilla #46685): now the real scheme names (not i18n
version) are sent to powersaved
Fri Oct 1 15:42:43 CEST 2004 -
- added new an revised translationfiles
- make a workaround to reduce systemload if powersaved not present
and kpowersave need to get systeminformations from /proc/
Wed Sep 29 15:54:35 CEST 2004 -
- correct redrawPixmap so that now kpowersave correctly func under
- added new translations (jp, sk), added revised translations (bg,
Mon Sep 27 23:01:39 CEST 2004 -
- added 2 lines in update() were falsely removed by last changes
Mon Sep 27 21:10:45 CEST 2004 -
- correct charging state, when requesting daemon
initialise has_DPMS
xscreensaver enable/disable support
update translations
Wed Sep 22 12:59:10 CEST 2004 -
- added screensaver options (disable screensaver and DPMS) to menu
do not poll for scheme changes -> only update on right mouse clck
Mon Sep 20 19:55:37 CEST 2004 -
- changes from to faster start kpowersave through
Tue Aug 31 14:11:02 CEST 2004 -
- disk<->ram typo which prevented suspend2ram to be enabled
Mon Aug 23 17:35:54 CEST 2004 -
- renamed suspend/standby to suspend2disk and suspend2ram
introduced new sleep state standby
Tue Jun 29 17:55:37 CEST 2004 -
- switch schemes, enable/disable screensaver and dpms
proper update functions
Mon May 17 21:22:14 CEST 2004 -
- color of remaining capacity always green when on ac power
(Version 0.2.2)
Fri May 14 16:22:03 CEST 2004 -
- modified message:
system group is not mentioned in popup any more (#40473)
- introduced sub-version nr. (Version 0.2.1)
Thu May 6 17:27:46 CEST 2004 -
- added battery charge information to Tooltip
fixed fd leak
Thu Apr 29 17:48:40 CEST 2004 -
- added cpufreq speed to Tooltip
corrected color when on low level and recharged (was red, should be green)
merged diffs after 9.1
Wed Apr 7 15:48:15 CEST 2004 -
- changed Autostart to AutoStart (#38075)
Mon Apr 5 17:12:34 CEST 2004 -
- increase AC adapter polling interval to 2.5 seconds
Sat Apr 3 16:39:51 CEST 2004 -
- do not rely on daemon but read AC infos right away
- cleanly fixing double start
- disabling suspend/standby menu entries if not available
Fri Apr 2 16:02:49 CEST 2004 -
- avoid double start of kpowersave
added italian and russian translation
Wed Mar 31 17:51:14 CEST 2004 -
- delay window that daemon is not running (possible restart of daemon)
no battery capacity on workstations
Mon Mar 29 18:09:14 CEST 2004 -
- rcpowersave to rcpowersaved
open notification window when on low battery and when requesting info from daemon
fixed 0:02 mins remaining bug
ask user to restart on next login when exiting
Mon Mar 15 17:32:03 CET 2004 -
- added several languages
Thu Mar 11 17:22:09 CET 2004 -
- * Mon Mar 11 2004 -
- a lot of little fixes for usability
- corrections of translators and some translations
by :
- fix linking (no non-mt qt needed anymore)
- fix multiple packaging of files
Tue Mar 9 18:07:00 CET 2004 -
- do not use non-mt
Wed Mar 3 17:01:24 CET 2004 -
- call correct yast2 module
Wed Feb 25 12:20:07 CET 2004 -
- use bz2 instead of gz archive
Mon Feb 23 18:14:33 CET 2004 -
- corrected .spec -> file inconsistence
Mon Feb 23 17:59:51 CET 2004 -
- cleaned up
Mon Feb 16 14:56:57 CET 2004 -
- initial build