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Power management applet for Trinity
TDEPowersave is a TDE systray applet which allows to control the power
management settings and policies of your computer.
Current feature list:
* support for ACPI, APM and PMU
* trigger suspend to disk/ram and standby
* switch cpu frequency policy (between: performance, dynamic and powersave)
* applet icon with information about AC state, battery fill and battery
(warning) states
* applet tooltip with information about battery fill and remaining battery
* autosuspend (to suspend the machine if the user has been inactive for a
defined time)
* a global configurable blacklist with programs which prevent autosuspend
(e.g. videoplayer and cd burning tools)
* trigger lock screen and select the lock method
* KNotify support
* online help
* localisations for many languages
TDEPowersave supports schemes with following configurable specific
settings for:
* screensaver
* autosuspend
* scheme specific blacklist for autosuspend
* notification settings
You need the following packages to compile TDEPowersave:
- dbus (dbus-devel, dbus-qt3-devel) >= 0.6.x recommended: >= 0.9.x
- tdelibs3-devel recommended: >= 3.4.3/3.5.x
- pkgconfig
- xorg-x11-devel (for detect inactivity and set DPMS)
and maybe also these packages:
- doxygen (for code documentation)
- docbook, trinitysdk (handbook)
other (may) needed packages for run all TDEPowersave features:
- PolicyKit, recommended >= 0.2
If you wish to contribute to tdepowersave, you might do so:
- TDE Gitea Workspace (TGW) collaboration tool.
- TDE Weblate Translation Workspace (TWTW) collaboration tool.
Translations status
### messages
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### desktop files
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