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emw - lirc output to stderr in case kde redirects other logs not to
console but to some log file. users had been irritated before.
- don't write preset file if <= 1 presets in list and issue warning.
very rare non-reproducible corruption of preset files has been
- insert information in sound stream file name attribute if no real
file is behind that stream (i.e. everything except real recording)
- fixed libvorbisenc typo in
emw - switched tderadio repository to SVN
- changed directory structure for tderadio3/src
emw - fixed further hideall/showall bugs
- added russian translation, thanks to Alexey.Kouznetsov
- fixed problems with min frequency < 87 MHz
emw - fixed a lot in Made alsa, oss, mp3lame,
ogg/vorbis and lirc configurable
- translation number fixes
- i18n fixes
- fixed quite a lot hideall/showall bugs
emw - adjusted translation structures for to be ready for plugin
- adjusted icons files and dir structure for plugin structure
- updated german translation
emw - fixed build system for src directory and inside libs
- fixed plugin loading error message if lirc is not available
- fixed $libdir issues for SuSE 10.1/x86_64
- fixed alsa segfault if no mixer is present
emw - fixed lirc bug: broken pipes caused 100% CPU load
- made plugin-loading-progress-bar configurable in plugin config
- if #instances was stored with an invalid value (< 1 | > 10)
this value will now automatically fixed
- check #libraries for good range (>= 6) otherwise load all
available libraries
- fixed bullshit in RawStationList that prevented correct
functioning of insert/append/replace/... no idea why anything
ever worked
- fixed totally mad behavior of station setup dialog
- 48kHz support
- fixed handling in recording in case mp3/ogg is not available
- fixed notifyPlayback/CaptureChannelsChanged in streaming.cpp
emw - fixed initialization problem of playback device combobox in
alsa configuration dialog
- fixed disappearance of alsa capture mixer settings after
- introduced dirty-flag in configuration dialogs in order to
reduce unnecessary delays on click of cancel/ok
- fixed wrong warning if station icon load was canceled in
configuration dialog
- fixed excessive station icon growth in configuration dialog
e.g. when station name was typed
- fixed enabling/disabling of up/down buttons in station list
configuration dialog
- added recording indicator for tderadio icon, e.g. used in
docking menu
emw - streaming device configuration dialog
- additions to noti(ce|fy)SoundStreamData interface:
size_t &consumed_size added for feedback
emw - added new plugin: basic streaming device, e.g. for /dev/video24
emw - fixed ":" problem in recording file names e.g. on fat file
systems. Thanks to Ignacio Feijoo for the Patch.
- fixed v4l config balance problem ?? at least not reproducible
any more
emw - fixed typo in that resulted in wrong
installation directory for plugins
emw - fixed typo in include hint in tderadio3/src/libtderadio-gui/stationselector-ui.ui
emw - fixed alsa-config-dialog-toooooo-big problem with QScrollView
- added memory profiling feature to profiler
- reduced memory consumption by removing lots of about config
pages (GPL Tab requires about 1MB per instance!)
- fixed missing libprefix in
2005-08-28 (1.0beta3b)
emw - more saveState fixes
- split config pages of alsa,recording, v4l into several tab
- initial drag&drop support in station selectors, quickbar,
- v4l power off behavior (mute, volume=0) is now configurable,
some cards need mute/volume, some others don't
emw - FIX: modifications of stations failed. Was a faulty != / ==
operator in StationList class.
- FIX: saveState was not called if tderadio was closed by kde
session exit
- FIX: use current time for new alarms
- FIX: reduced caption length for config dialog, error log
- FIX: reduced icon-item names in config dialog
2005-08-21 (1.0beta3)
emw - little SuSE 9.2 compilation fix
- one more buffer handling fix that resulted in clicks during
- pre-recording & recording now works completely also for
timeshifted signals
- made behaviour of LeftMouseClick on TraySymbol configurable
- ALSA mixer setup fix
emw - quite a bunch of serious buffer handling fixes that lead to
unusable recordings/delayed playback/etc.
- added multibuffer class (was originally part of encoder thread
internal buffer handling)
- initialization order fixes
- recording encoder split into class tree (before, pcm,ogg,mp3
was mixed within a single class)
- ALSA initialization fixes
- mixer channel handling fix in ALSA plugin
- more intuitive recording monitor default stream selection
- static logging functions
- pre-recording - Never be upset anymore about pressing the
recording button too late!
- active playback implementation (capture from radio pcm device,
playback on your soundcard)
emw - adjusted SoundStreamClient interface for SoundFormat queries
- v4lradio is ready for active playback (capturing from some
device, playback on pcm)
- improved ALSA buffer handling (separate HW and SW buffer
emw - enhanced ALSA configuration dialog by individually selectable
capture mixer presets
- consider lirc repeat counts
- provide logging outside of classes
emw - big lirc fix, lirc was not working for some time due to makefile
- lirc configuration improvements
- little bit lirc auto setup (default-dot-lirc)
- little bit v4l device autodetection
- no message box if stations.krp is not readable on first start
- reduced default alsa buffer size. Resulted in internal alsa assertion failures
2005-08-12 (1.0beta2)
emw - fix for --enable-final
- partial fix for renamed icon tderadio-zzz.png to tderadio_zzz.png
- small GUI improvements for pause and sleep buttons
mcamen - fix srcdir != builddir
- more cleanups
mcamen - do not install libtderadio-interfaces; use a convinience
lib instead
mcamen - resorted src/ to make the linker happy
- use unversioned libs for the plugins
- link all plugins with
- rename dev_urandom in radio-stations/radiostation.cpp
(namespace pollution, --enable-final fix)
emw - profiling support - we need to improve startup time
needs to be commented out for release
- big mixer channel handling fix
- inconsistencies in restoreState process fixed
- added releasePlayback/Capture as complementary function to
- alsa event handler fix
- gui margin/spacing reduced
mcamen - added apidox Makefile target
- RadioConfiguration::slotSelectPixmap():
get rid of hardcoded list of supported image formats;
enable image preview in file KFileDialog
emw - added ALSA-Plugin
- removed debug logging in recorder
- fixed missing volume=0/mute in timeshifter
2005-05-22 (1.0beta1)
emw - fixed amd64 pointer arithmetic problem in
- fixed recording configuration combox index problem if
mp3 support is missing
- fixed typo in Radio::noticeAlarm that prevented
scheduled recording
- auto power-on if recording starts
mcamen - centralize version definition via src/tderadioversion.h
mcamen - added XDG Categories entry to .desktop file
- replaced deprecated Terminal line in .desktop file
("0" vs. "false")
- removed deprecated MiniIcon line in .desktop file
- fix #include syntax in main.cpp (<...> vs. "...")
- require KDE 3.2 in
- added preset for Tuebingen (cable)
emw - fixes of wrong location for soundstreamclient interconnect
handling. The bug resulted in failed interconnects and segfaults
due to non-released interconnects
- fixed problem with notification about soundstreamid creation (v4lradio)
- fixed ampersand handling of station names in gui-docking-menu
- renamed libraries in src, now we have a consistent prefix:
- consistency fixes for some plugins: member function
name(), call of inherited notice(dis)connected
- config->sync() call to TDERadioApp::saveState
- removed deprecated and unused -configuration.ui files for
QuickBar and Docking Menu
- configuration page for LIRC
0.3.0 cvs revive
emw - major rework on sound backend
- plugins as dynamic libraries
- timeshifter plugin
- ogg/vorbis recording
mcamen - got rid auf the outdated KDevelop buildsystem
- got rid of the admin dir
- renamed tderadio subdir to src
- renamed and moved some icons to src/icons according to the (fdo) icon theme specification
- rewrote files to take adavantage of the KDE CVS
build system
- added proper moc #include statements to a lot of files
0.3.0 alpha 3
emw - kde 3.0 & include file fixes
- segfault fix that occured after station scan
- polish translation
- mp3 recording
- fix for recording configuration save/restore
- alarms configurable for weekdays
- no more unnecessary redraws in recording monitor
- improved behavior of quickbar: poweron/off
automatically if necessary
- only redraw necessary parts in recording monitor
- split kapplication & pluginmanager
- enable multiple "instances":
We have now a (very simple) method to play more
than one radio source at once: Set the configuration
variable in tderadiorc "instances" to the required value.
- cleanup IErrorLog usage
- use threading for recording/encoding
- fix several annoyances in configuration dialog, such as
a reasonable minimum size of that dialog
- recording buffer management is now configurable
- preset file storage location is now configurable
- finally managed to fix segfaults that occurred when calling
virtual methods in destructors of template classes
(application exit and scan-dialog closing), see
- add button for sleep countdown to display plugin
- open /dev/dsp is no more blocking
- set correct PCM_ENABLE_INPUT flag when starting recording
- recording: replaced QSocketNotifier by polling/nonblocking
IO with QTimer. Some sound drivers do not support select()
- fixed nebulous recording error logging/reporting
- fix of tderadio.pot generation
- Use TDEListView for radio stations instead of TDEListBox
- removed dependency to deprecated qlist.h (Thanks to G.Runf for the hint)
Rafael Rodriguez
- spanish translation
0.3.0 alpha 2
emw Compilation & Compatibility
- trinity.0 compatibility fixes
- replace round -> rint
- correct missing video_dev forward declaration
- v4l2 support, usable for older and bleeding edge
releases of V4L2
- v4l configuration improvements: device volume controls
in v4l configuration page
- respect device volume control min/max values
- fixed device-volume-set2zero-problem after mute/unmute
(radio cards do reset volume controls on mute)
- recording
- select recording source and igain automatically
- recording monitor
- recording doesn't restore monitoring state on startup,
tderadio might be blocked if another app uses /dev/dsp
- store-preset-file button in station configuration page
- move widget geometry saving/restoring to class
- finally fixed the nasty positioning/sticky problem when
window is restored
- fixed "changes-ignored"-problem in preset-about page
- sensefull names/descriptions for plugins
- upper case in show/hide docking menu entries
- fix pixmap/text usage on quickbar buttons
- font selector for display
- choosable inactive text color
- error loggin plugin
- recording button: +menu for recording/monitoring
- symbol for station search button
- about dialog
Preset File Format
- encoding detection for preset files (Locale->UTF8)
- convert preset files to new format
- converter: add xml-encoding-line
- translation preparation
- german translation
- credits in about dialog
- remove dependency on kalarm
- use special mail-adress for preset files
- country/city in preset file mail
- debianization
Klas Kalass
- some more include file fixes
Will Stephenson
- radio-configuration.cpp: fix for pixmap selection dialog
Andreas Pour
- fix for math and STL issues
0.3.0 alpha 1
Update Information:
Due to the new station list format you will have to rebuild your
station selections for the quickbar and the docking menu. The
stations should be read without problems. As soon as you quit
tderadio and the configuration files are written, any versions 0.2.x
will not be able to read the station list and configuration files.
emw - major rewrite (interfaces, plugins, ...)
- AM/FM readyness
- display redesign
- new station list format
0.2.8 (beta)
emw - setupdialog: fix cancel button behaviour
- configurable scanStep for station search
- made frequency setting independent from device quantisation
- min/max Frequency config in kHz (before in MHz)
- display Frequency in kHz if < 10 MHz
- fix min/max settings in station configuration page
- quickbar fixes (wrong use of button IDs vs. station IDs)
- redesign tderadio gui. new class tderadiodisplay
- make tderadio AM-ready (hopefully)
0.2.7a (beta)
emw - fix missing xml quotings
- fix for disabled alarm volume
- use frequency instead of (changable) stationID for alarms
- implement a "contribute preset file to tderadio project" function via KDE standard mail client
0.2.7 (beta)
emw - added pseudo lirc key "QUIT"
- fixed some more quickbar bugs
- make "good signal" level configurable, sometimes autoscan did not find all stations
- fix ugly setup dialog layout frame problem
- fix "alarm-enable is unset on restart" - problem
- setupdialog: use kdialogbase to get usual kde like configuration dialog
- setupdialog: make it non-modal
- setupdialog: "about" tab for station preset lists
- setupdialog: fix update of station info after preset load
- setupdialog: use current volume for alarm volume of new alarm
- setupdialog: fix tab order
kalass - fix min/max typo
- add germany/hamburg-antenna preset file
0.2.6 (beta)
emw - activate station in setupdialog by freq, not stationId
- add "unknown station" to tderadio->cbStations
- fix alarm inconsistencies
- make alarm management independent from radiobase: new class TimeControl
- make xml-config independent from radiobase: tderadioapp is now responsible for it
- remove alarm configuration from xml file, put to standard kde/tderadio config file (downward compatibility kept)
- sleep countdown function, countdown stopped by poweron/off, accessible via lirc/docking menu
- make tderadioapp responsible for lircHelper
- make use of <TDEDIR>/share/apps/tderadio/presets possible
- include first station preset file in dist (germany/aachen-cable.krp, still a bit incomplete;)
kalass - fixed config autosave bug
Release notes:
* ~/.tderadiorc is still read for compatibility, but only if ~/<dot-tdedir>/share/data/tderadio/stations.krp does not exist/contain valid data
* alarms are now in ~/<dot-tdedir>/share/config/tderadiorc, ~/.tderadiorc is read for compatibility
* I'd like to provide ready-to-use-tderadio preset files within the dist.
I'd be pleased if you like to contribute your personal preset file to this project.
0.2.5 (alpha)
emw: - configuration dialog part 3: alarms
- frequency range override
- improve alarms by station/volume preset
- only selected stations in docking menu
- restore power/frequency after station scan
- activate stations in setup by double-click/<return>
- fix volume preset
0.2.4 (alpha)
emw: - qt 3.0.x compatibility fixes
- quickbar/buttonflowlayout fixes
- configuration dialog (part 2)
- radiobase poweron/off fixes
0.2.3 (alpha)
emw: - added configuration dialog (part 1)
- added station scan
- improve station/alarm list handling
0.2.2 (alpha)
emw: - small fixes concerning window restoring
- gcc 3.2 ready
- further fixes in stereo/signal quality display
kalass - trinity port
- quickbar makes use of buttonflowlayout
- fixes to conform with kde styleguide
- make tderadio/docking/quickbar independent
- many other improvements, see CVS
rizsanyi: - added lirc option RADIO (which turns tderadio on)
- further small fixes
0.2.1 emw: - added alarm clock functions
- line in volume monitoring
- About-Dialog
- new icon
0.2.0 emw: - docking menu, correct hide/show behaviour
- lirc support
- save/restore current window state (sticky vs Desktop) && position
0.1.3 emw: - change GUI a bit
- add Power On/Off functions (=> tderadio may still run while watching tv)
- simplify "class Radio"
0.1.2 frank: - fixed float/integer conversion on set frequence (stationbutton)
- seek will end on all over frequence change button
- balance set included in volumesetting
0.1.1 frank: - changed Frequence Range to 87.00 (min) and 109.00 (max)
- tray for panel added
0.1 frank: - initial Release