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TDERadio - a comfortable radio application for TDE


  • v4l or v4l2 enabled kernel
  • libsndfile (development package or header for compilation, library for execution)
  • libmp3lame (for mp3 encoding)
  • oss support (mixer, dsp/pcm) ??
  • radio card ;)

Configuration files

gui, alarms, etc.: .trinity/share/config/tderadiorc

stations (xml-format): .trinity/share/apps/tderadio/stations.krp

systemwide presets (xml-format): /share/apps/tderadio/presets//-.krp

lirc support

lirc support is realized by the lirc_client lib. This library is used to translate the remote control key names to names used by tderadio, and may additionally be used for state management (tv, etc).

Names used by tderadio:

TV powerOff, give tv program a chance 0..9 numerical station selection CH+ frequency increment CH- frequency decrement VOL+ volume increment VOL- volume decrement CH-SEARCH beachward station search CH+SEARCH forward statino search POWER power tderadio on/off RADIO power tderadio on SLEEP enable sleep countdown NEXT next station in list PREV prev station in list QUIT quit tderadio application



If you wish to contribute to TDERadio, you might do so: