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* support for 65MHz
* double click options for tray icon: select window to open
* remove time/size from recording monitor when recording is not running
* fix status display for recording monitor
* speed up tderadio start
* inet-stream-out plugin
* make file operations compliant with non-ascii-charsets (e.g. cyrillic)
* tooltips in config dialog
* option for display window type (entry in taskbar or toolbar window)
* background pixmap for display
* internet radio streams
* automatic station icon scaling
* remote-tderadio: run v4l plugin on remote machine, transfer data to
local machine
* client-server concept: run tderadio in background, make client gui individual
* RDS support
* Hotkey support
- devices (radio, mixer, dsp)
- mixer settings for recording
- artsd
* tooltips complete?
* --done-- Bugfix: Window on other desktops remain hidden when hideall is selected
* --done-- make ALSA support conditional/configurable in configure script
* --dropped-not-used-by-tderadio-- check for libflac in configure
* --done-- 48kHz-Support
* --done-- translations
* --done-- prepare for translation: check for missing i18n translations?
* 48kHz support // DONE
* support for PVR radio cards, (/dev/video24...) // DONE
* streaming basic plugin, lateron extendable for internet radio // DONE
* indicators in docking icon for recording // DONE
* fix station editor dialog // DONE
* fix hang/high cpu load when licq is restarted (broken pipe?) // DONE
* define final single/doubleclick tray icon behaviour // DONE (configurable now)
* warnings if permissions are not set correctly // DONE
* GUI improvements for pause function // DONE
* use size_t instead of unsigned ints for all sizes!!! (was reason for
problems in pointer arithmetic on amd64) // DONE
* gui-errormessages // DONE
* if first run => less error messages, ask user for configuration,
station scan, etc... // DONE
* alsa support // DONE
* mediacontrol applet integration
* dcop interface
* just grep for FIXME and TODO...
When implementing these keep in mind to only use KDE API <= 3.2.
* SystemTray button should show / hide the main window on left click // DONE (configurable)
* /tmp/tderadio* should use offical KDE tmpdir instead // really necessary? it is configurable
* more use of KStdGuiItem
* sort out the KDE hicolor / crystal / SVG icon mess
* Buildsystem: manpage generation
* Buildsystem: apidocs
* KDE uses l10n instead of i18n now
* Autohell: configure checks for dependency libs, pkg-config
* Get svn2dist (used for kdeextragear) to work with TDERadio. This will
give us nice tderadio.src.gz tarballs.
* ?!?!
* ????